Exhibitions are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to art@llst.co.uk, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


Io-l Woodlands Road. 332 0028.

Mon Fri I0am 5pm: Sat

I()ani I2.3()pm

Spring Collection Unit Fri 30 Apr (closed I I3 Aprl. Paintings by regular gallery artists including Helen M 'I’urner. I)a\'y Brown. James ()rr. .Marie Hart and Robert Iigginton plus oId (iIasgow photographs.


253 Argyle Street. 565 1033. Mon Sat I0am~ lllpin: Sun noon l0pm. Artists in Exile Glasgow t‘niil Sun 25 Apr. An exhibition showcasing the work of I I artists from all oy'ei‘ the world as part of Artists in lixile (ilasgow. a new network for professional artists of all disciplines.

RAW Club Wed I-l Sat I7 Apr.

9pm lam. liree. As part ol’ RAW: Real Art Week. a chilled out club night with global sounds and a line-up of" guests including \\'.»\I)AI)A (Stltis oI Arqa) f H Apr); Artists in Iixile (ilasgow Musicians (‘ombo ( I5 Aprl; Latin set from the I-‘unk Room [Us l Io Aprl and Kttshi f I7 Aprl. I’url ol'Rxlll'x Rr'u/ sir! lii’r'k.


1‘) I’arnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon Sat noon 5pm.

Portfolio Hi 2 Tue 27 Apr. A mixed show of works including gallery artists Alan King. Jacqueline Marr. ('herylene I)yer. Judith Bi‘idgland. Mary Batchelor and introducing Alex I)ewars and Lydia l’arrelI.


I3‘) Bath Street. 07703 232323. I)ain' IIam 7pm.

Suite Art I-‘ri 3 Apr 'I‘hu l3 .May. A series of fortnightly exhibitions showing the work oI up-and-coming artists with an opening night on l-‘riday from 6pm. Red I’honiex show work from 2 I5 Apr. followed by Lucy Iidward f to 3‘) Aprl and the (ilasgow l’l‘int Sttldio Schools (’ompetition 3004 (30 Apr l3 Mayl.


IS5a Bath Street. 333 2830. Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition line (i Apr Sat I5 .May. l-'igtii'ali\'e and landscape paintings by Annette King. Alexander (iardner. Ila/cl .\'agI and IiIena Konrnekoya.

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART I34 lilylltsyyood Street. 532 4027.

Mon I‘ri 9.30am 530me Sat l0am lpm. RGls l'ntiI Tue 30 Apr. An exhibition of paintings by members ol' the Royal (iIasglm Institute of" the I‘ine Arts including Shanks. Blackadder. Iidgai'. llotlston. McQueen attd \Voodside.

Disa Allsopp l'ntil Tue 20 Apr. New jew ellery.

Wild I'ntil Tue 20 Apr. ('eramic animals by Nick Mackmann. Zoe \Vhiteside.

()Iiy ia Brown and Anna .\'oeI.

THE BRICK SPACE GALLERY ()ne \Vorld Shop. l00 Byres Road. 357 I567. Mon Sat I0am 5.30pm. Guatemalan Experience t'niil Wed 7 Apr. The (iuatemalan Solidarity Network presents an exhibition ol photographs. labrics. arts and crafts depicting (iuatemalan IiI'e.

Fair Trade Exhibition Thu 3

Apr Wed 5 May. A display highlighting lair trade through photographs and text.


I0 King Street. 553 0733. Tue Sat

I I.30am I Ipm.

Armen Vehramian t’niil I‘ri t) Apr. A debut show for this Armenian painter

w hose works are based on ancient traditions of' Armenian arts using specialist techniques ol‘ graphic art.

New paintings by Anselm Reyle at the Modern Institute

Reportage l'i'l 9 Fri 30 Apr. Photographs of ey'eryday “lie in Rtlssia and Scotland by Andrew Murray. with an opening on Sun I l Apr from ()ptit. l’url iii Rxllli’ Rr'u/ :il‘! lli’r'k.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900.

Tue Wed A; I‘ri Sun Ilam opm; 'I‘hu IIam Spin.

Ouroboros: The Music of Spheres l'ntil Sun -l Apr. John (‘alcutt curates his first exhibition at the (’(‘A taking as its starting point the circle. the square and the spiral. The show features work by international and Glasgow-based artists and includes a film documenting Robert Smithson's Spiral .li'lly. a domineering wall piece by Jim l.ambie. monochrome paintings by Peter Lynch and tiny paintings of album covers on cream crackers by Day id AIker and Peter I.iddeII. IAST CHANCT TO Sill] Ouroboros: Panel Discussion 'l‘ue I3 Apr. 7pm. I‘ree. Artists. critics and astronomers discusses the ()urolxii'ous exhibition.

0 Ghazel: Me 'I'hu I Hi 30 Apr.

Screenings oI Iranian artist (iha/el's .lIl-j autobiographical films inspired by her eyery'day life and obseryations in which she juxtaposes eastern and western elements. See llitlist. I’rll'l (if/(rill: Rt’tl/ .rlri IIi'UA. NL-W SHOW.

Art: Speak - Ghazel Thu 8 Apr. 7pm. Free. Iranian artist (iha/eI discusses her autobiographical film works currently on show at the (‘('A.

The Scottish Design Awards Tue 6 Sun I I Apr. 'I‘he yery best in Scottish design created oyer the last 13 months is showcased in this annual exhibition. NEW SI K)\N.


l'niy'ersity of Strathclyde. 33 Richmond Street. 548 3558. .Mon I-‘ri I0am 5pm: Sat noon 4pm.

Riches of Stitches Sat 3 Sat 24 Apr. An open exhibition oI work by members of the Iimbroiderers' (iuild.


I78 West Regent Street. 23] (i370.

Mon Sat l0am 5.30pm.

Shared Space Sat .‘s Wed 23 Apr. Abstract. Scottish landscapes by Marian I.e\ en and works by Will .Maclean who ttses Iiittltd objects to create rich layers ol~

meaning and symbolism. NFW SHOW


3| (‘hisholm Street. (entrance through salonl. 553 7I00. Mon Sat I0am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

Below the Root Mon 5 Sttn IS Apr. .-\l'tist coIIectiy'e Volume show photographic and yideo works exploring themes ol' relationships. identity and

0 er} day obsessions. Kate Jo. Betty Meyer. Barbara Wilson. Kate Robertson. John ()'(‘onneII and (‘eline Mcllmunn feature in the line-up. l’url (l/‘RXIIIZ' Rail .rlrl Il'm'k. NEW SHOW.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 33‘) 19%. Mon \Ved & Sat l0am 5pm: 'I‘hu 10am 8pm; I-‘ri & Sun Ilam 5pm.

Love Over Gold l'ntiI Stilt 35 Apr. A selection of works drawn from the Scottish National (iaIIery of" Modern Art's collection of" contemporary art with a locus on artists based iit Scotland. (‘hi‘istilte Horland. .Martin Boy ce. Roderick Buchanan. Jim I.ambie. Victoria Morton and I)a\id Shrigley feature in the selection. I’url (II-RAIL} Rr'rl/ :lrl lli'c'k. Glasgow’s Art: Prints from the Collection 1960-2004 I'ntil Sun 33 May. I-rom etchings and lithographs to photographs and screenprints. a selection of prints drawn from the gallery 's collection including works by Iiye Arnold. I)a\‘id Shrigley. (’hristine llorland. I’atrick ('aullield. Richard Hamilton. has id Hockney. I’aula Rego. lid Rtischa and Andy Warhol. l’m'l (it Rxlll'] ly’r’u/ .‘lI'I lli'r’k.

listings Art


Lucian Freud: Etchings 1946-2004 A rare chance to see almost the entire output of etchings by the renowned realist painter Lucian Freud. From the 403 to present day. the works. like his paintings. focus on the human form. See preview. National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh, Fri 2 Apr—Sun i 3 Jun.

Glasgow Art Fair and RAW: Real Art Weekend Scotland's annual contemporary art fair returns to George Square bringing together over 50 galleries along with EXTENSION. a pavilion reserved for the more cutting edge art. To coincide with the fair. RAW: Real Art Week encompasses exhibitions. events and openings taking place at various galleries. See listings. George Square. Glasgow. Thu 7 5—Sun 78 Apr.

Designer Bodies The implications of genetic engineering and intervention are explored through the work of Christine Borland. Gina Czarnecki. Jacqueline Donachie and Gair Dunlop. See preview. Stills. Edinburgh, Fri 2 Apr—Sun 6 Jun.

Alex Frost Switchspace CO- founder Sorcha Dallas‘ new commercial gallery opens with new work by Alex Frost. See Art Forum. Sorcha Dal/as. Glasgow. Sat 3 Apr—Sat 8 May.

Louise Bourgeois: Stitches in Time The powerful and original vision of Louise Bourgeois comes to the Fruitmarket Gallery in the first UK survey of her work, featuring life- size sewn fabric busts and two major suites of etchings. See review. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sun 9 May.

" Ghazel: lllle Iranian artist Ghazel's ME series of film self- portraits inspired by everyday life and observations. CCA. Glasgow, Thu i—Fri 30 Apr.

F Incommunicado Samuel Beckett and filmmaker Marin Karmitz‘s rediscovered film Comedie forms the starting point of this touring exhibition exploring the consequences of communication breakdown. See review. City Art Centre. Edinburgh, until Sat 8 May.

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