Studio Projects #1 l'niil Sat 17 Apr. Market follow up last year’s studio projects with a residency for two tip and coming artists. Jim Ramsay and (‘hloe Julien. Ramsay works in large-scale installation tising materials to hand while Julien works in animation. The public will be able to view the work-in-progress on 2. I). I3 & Io Apr from noon 6pm. I’rll'! (if/(xiii? Rr'rl/ :lrl Ili'r'k‘.


270 Sauchiehall Street. 565 4l00.

Mon Sat 10am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. Art Treasures of Kelvingrove l'ntil .\'ov 2005. As the Kelvingrove Museum & Art (iallery has now closed its doors for major refurbishment. over 200 paintings from the Kelvingrove collection take tip residency at the McLeIIan (ialleries. The display includes Thomas I‘aed‘s The Last oft/iv ('lun and Rembrandt's .rl .lrlun in Armour. plus work by- ('harles Rennie Mackintosh. Dutch and Flemish art.


47 Parnie Street. 552 5027. Tue Sat lIam 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Hi 30 Apr. A mixed show of work by gallery artists.


73 Robertson Street. Suite b. I-‘Ioor I. 248 37] I. Tue I-‘ri noon 5pm. Anselm Reyle Hi 2 Fri 30 Apr. I.arge foil paintings on canvas by- (ierman artist Anselm Rey le. NEW SHOW.


22I West (ieorge Street. 248 ()755. Mon l-‘ri I0am 5pm.

Glasgow Boys 8: Glasgow Girls lfntil Sat 3 Apr. An exhibition of work by the (ilasgow Buys and (iit‘ls including works by IiA Ilornel. James Paterson. liA Walton. Stuart Park. DY (‘aineron and Katharine ('ameron.

Scottish Paintings Mon 5 l‘ri 30 Apr. A selection of Scottish paintings from I880 to present day.


Iliin Street. 88‘) 3I5 I. Tue Sat

10am 5pm; Sun 2pm 5pm. Intermission l‘niil I-‘ri In Apr. A display of Paisley Museum and Art (iallery‘s new acquisitions of contemporary art featuring works by (‘Iaire Barclay". limily Bates. linrico David and Jonathan ()wen. Weaving Stories l-‘ri () Apr Sun 27 Jun. A touring exhibition of contemporary crafts by It) innovative designers working in Britain today. exploring the many forms of weaving.


36 Washington Street. 221 2 I 23.

Mon l-‘ri 9am 5pm.

Exhibitivn I'ntil Hi 14 May. An exhibition of new work by four artists. Mark ('ampbell shows large digital prints examining themes of fear. threat. greed and Inst. (‘raig Peacock depicts landscapes of place and personal identity. John Perry's work are poetic explorations of landscape and Iirnesto \‘ax explores colour and light through the medium of paint.


('entre I‘or Developmental Arts 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon I‘ri I0am 5pm.

Pop Idols I'ntil Hi 2 Apr. A multimedia show comprising paintings. prints and collage of lainous celebrities. A Slice of the City l‘ri ‘) Thu 2‘) Apr. An exhibition documenting six public art proposals for the 'I‘rongate. I’url (if/(All? Real Ar! ll'w’k.

RGI KELLY GALLERY 1 I8 Douglas Street. 248 (i386. Mon Fri l0.30am 5pm; Sat l0.30am Ipm.

The Paps of Jura Sat 3 Sat 17 Apr. A series of new paintings by ('ornish- based artist Kurt Jackson capturing the changing light and mood on May and Jura.

SORCHA DALLAS 5 St Margaret’s Place. 078l2 (305745. 'I‘huSat 1 75pm.

Alex Frost Sat 3 Apr Sat 8 May. Founder of Switchspace Sorcha I)allas opens her new commercial gallery with an exhibition of sculptural works and photorealist drawings by Alex l‘rost. See An I‘orum and llitlist. I’ur! (if/(Ali's Rm! Arr lli'rk. NEW SHOW.


300 (ireat Western Road. 337 28(32.

Mon Sat 10am 5pm.

Presence l'ntil I-‘ri ‘) Apr. Paintings by Peter IIowson. featuring Stations oft/14' ('mss. are shown alongside contemporary works by six emerging Scottish artists. The show encompasses sound and light installations and includes Aileen ('ampbell. ('ath Keay. Alan Keane. ('iara Phillips. Mark Neville and Michael Stumpf. LAST Cl lANCl l0 SH:


26 King Street. 552 2I5l. Tue Sat

I0am 5.30pm.

Beverley Hood: Doppeldanger l'ntil Sat 8 May. Iidinburgh-based artist Beverley Hood's first major solo show featuring seven portraits of artists created by 31) character modelling software and a 31) interactive web-based environment. There's a special RAW opening event on Sun 18 Apr from noon and a workshop for Io I8-year olds from lpm. l’url of RAW: Rr'rl/ sift lli'r'k. NIMVv/ Si'l()‘v"‘.’.


I22 I24 Sword Street. toff Duke Street). I)ennistoun. 078l2 005745. l)aily

I 6pm.

Jane Topping and Lynn Hand Thu 8 Sun I8 Apr. .\'ew works by (ilasgow artists Jane Topping and Lynn Iland. ()pening night is on 7 Apr from opm and the artists w ill be talking about their work on I8 Apr at 3pm. l’url (if RAH? Rt'tl/ Ar! lli't'l. NI \.r'-/ SI l()\.'~.’.


778 Pollokshaws Road. 424 0858. Padraic Reaney t‘niil Wed 3| Apr. Paintings and prints by Irish artist Padraic Reaney exploring Irish history and myth.


28 King Street. 552 48l3. Tue Sat Ilam 5pm.

Karla Black and Cheyney Thompson t'ntil Sal to Apr. for this exhibition. Karla Black creates an installation for the space featuring floor pieces and sculptures made from domestic cleaning products. ('hey‘ney Thompson shows I0 to l5 acrylic paintings organ/a. IASI CHANCE" TO ‘EE


(i3 'I'rongate. 552 4207.

Being There l'ntil Sun 4 Apr. Photographs by Stanley Reilly depicting the celebrities ()l' the (tits and 7(Is including Judy (iarland. liIi/abeth 'l‘aylor. Peter Sellers and ('harlton lIeston.


I8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l-‘ri I0am 5pm.

Source l'ntil Fri 2 Apr. A show by members tising hi and low-tech equipment to explore new media.

No Regrets In t) Apr l‘ri 2| May. A solo show of drawings and paintings by 'I‘rongate Studios member John McLean. I’url (if/{Ali's Rr'u/ Ari ili‘r’k.

273 273 High Street. 07747 l0538l. Tue Sat llam 5pm.

Red Bus Go I'ntil I-ri ‘) Apr. In a former vacant shop unit. SliAM (set up by Anne-Marie Watson and Lil. Shannon) presents the second in a series of exhibitions. This one featuers new work by Nick Iivans and Laurence



Vacant shop front. l8 Woodlands Road. 07947 749818.

Illusion l'ntil Sun 4 Apr. limergel) presents a collaborative show of new work by lidinburgh-based artists Kim ('oleman and Dave Maclean. In the vacant shop front. they have constructed a mock stage set with scenery and performers. tising found objects and lighting. l’url o/‘RAII': Real :lrl ll'm'k. Danny Holcroft Sun 4 Sun I I Apr. As part of a series of exhibitions organised by artist-run limergel). Danny llolcroft creates a new work for the vacant shop front.


Various galleries. (ilasgow.

0 RAW: Real Art Week Sat

l0 Sun l8 Apr. Nine days of exhibitions. events and openings in this collaboration between I8 key organisations in (ilasgow including the (‘('A. the Arches. 'I‘ramway and (ilasgow School of Art to coincide with the (ilasgow Art l-‘air. See individual listings and llitlist.

Spin Around the City Thu I5 Sun l8 Apr. 2pm. l’ree. To book email

raw (0 ti/events.coin. As part of Real Art Week. Spin present guided bus tours to art venues across (ilasgoyy'. Informal discussions with artists and curators about the works on display take place in each venue.

WELLINGTON FINE ART I I5 \Vest Regent Street. 22I ‘)I(l‘). Tue I-‘ri I0.30am 5pm.

See Turner

listings Art

General Stock t'ntil I-‘ri 30 Apr. A selection of Nth and 20th century paintings.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see City Life, page 100.


The ('ross. Kirkintilloch. 578 0I44.

Tue Sat I0am Ipm & 2 5pm. Woodhead Art Club l'ntil Sat l0 Apr. Paintings and drawings by members of this art group.


20b0 Pollokshaws Road. 237 2550.

Mon Thu & Sat I0am 5pm; I’ri & Sun llam 5pm.

Turner: The Late Seascapes t'niil Sun 23 May. A rare chance to see oy er 40 HI 'I'tll‘llcl'Is late seascapes in oil and watercolour created in the later half of his life. The paintings. which have been brought together frotn collections throughout the [K and the ISA. include Rru'kr’ly (HUI lilm' lie/us l( ‘lust' u! Hum/i. ll'lm/r'rs (Ii/Iv ll'lm/t' Slit/H and Sunrise will: Sea Monsters. See review.

Turner and the Impressionists Stm 4 Apr. 2pm. I‘ree. Vivien llamilton. research manager at (ilasgow museums giyes a talk.

Living with the Sea: Scotland and the Sea in Turner’s Time Sat to Apr. 2pm. liree. A lecture from I’rofessor John Iltnne of the Institute of Maritime Studies at St Andrews t’niyersity. Curator’s Favourites Wed 7 Apr. I2.30 le. liree. .\'oorah Al-(iailani. curator of Islamic ciy ilisations. discusses his favourite object on display. a Turkish pray er rug from I.adik.

at the Burrell

A programme of free lectures and workshops accompanies the exhibition

For details visit

Tumor: The Late Seascapes has been organized by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Williamstown. Massachusetts.

and Manchester City Galleries.

Van Tramp Going about to Please His Masters. Ships a Sea, Getting a Good Wetting, tau (deuillcfliell’wlaettyumm LosAngeles

(for FREE)


Pollok Country Park 2060 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G43 1AT Phone 0141 287 2550

Free admission, wheelchair access, cafe, restaurant. gift shop, free daily guided tours of the museum.

Open daily 10 am. - 5 pm. except Friday and Sunday 11 em. - 5 pm.

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