23 l'nion Strcct. 557 247‘). Tue Sat lllain (ipm .

Catherine Stewart - Copernican Notes Sat 3 Apr Sat 22 Ma}; An c\hibition of photo-ctchings inspircd b_\' ('opcrnicus' trcatisc it) which hc L‘stttltlisltc‘d that thc sun “as thc L‘Clttl'c o1. planctar} motion. NEW SHOW. Norman Ackroyd - The Celtic Islands Sat 3 Apr Sat 22 Ma}; litchings of thc \s'ild landscapcs from thc ('cltic islands of Scotlaitd and lrcland. NH“! Sl~lOW.


(‘orstorphinc Road. 33-1 9171. 9am (ipm. Natural Selection l‘l'l 2 Apr Sun 2 Ma}. Annual cxhibition of \\ol‘ks by staff and \oluntccrs at lidinburgh Zoo.


4() 4-1 'I‘histlc Sti'cct. 225 1 181. Mon l-‘ri lllam 5.30pm.

Rethink l‘ntil Thu 22 Apr. Art cshibition of work by 13 graphic dcsigncrs from liclinburgh ('ollcgc of Art.


SS l.othian Road. 22‘) 5932.

Bruce Percy t'ntil Sat 24 Apr. A sclcction of imagcs from Scotlartd. Patagonia and liastcr Island by trawl and landscapc photographcr Brucc l’crc).


~15 .\larkcl Strcct. 225 2333. Mon Sat

1 Iain (ipm: Stilt noon 5pm.

0 Louise Bourgeois: Stitches in Time l'ntil Sun () .\la_\. l‘rcc. 'l‘hc first major [K sur\c} of work b} thc icortic l-i'cnch artist Louisc Bourgcois curach b} l‘ranccs Morris and fcaturing a group of lifc-si/c scxs n fabric busts and two major suitcs of clchings. Born in Paris iii 19] 1. llourgcois mo\cd lo .\'css York (‘it} in 1938 \shcrc shc continucs to li\ c and work. llcr bcginnings \scrc as an cngraxcr and paintcr but b} thc I‘Hlls shc had turncd hcr attcntion to sculptural work. for w hich shc is now rccogniscd as a 211th ccnlur} lcadcr. B) thc 1‘)(i()s. shc bcgan to c\ccutc hcr \sork iii rubbci'. bron/c arid stonc. rcfcrcncing to w hat has bccomc thc dominant thcmc in her work. hcr childhood. Although shc has bccn sltcm ing hcr art for man} dccadcs. shc has onl} bccn full} rccogniscd latcr in lilc. In 1082. shc bccamc thc first woman to lta\ c a rctrospcctn c at .\'c\t York's .\ltiscum of Modcrn Art. .\lorc rcccnl \sot‘ls’ iltcltttlcs / 1);). I l'm/U. / Rl’tlr’. tltL‘ inaugural installation in thc 'l‘urbinc Hall of 'l'atc .\lodcrn in 2()()(). Scc rcvicu and llitlist.


lidinbttrgh’s Boutiquc llolcl. 2 (irccnsidc l’lacc. 525 S21)“. hail} 9am 8pm.

Be Surreal l'ntil Thu 22 Apr. The first in thc scrics of cxhibitions organiscd b} lidinburgh ('ollcgc of Art fcaturing ncu \sorks b} \ttidcnts front thc award-

\\ inning dcpartmcnt of fashion.


22a l)undas Strcct. 55(i 2131. Mon l'i'i 11am (ipm; Sat ll).3llam 4pm.

Art from Ukraine t‘niil Sat 3 Apr. 'l‘hc tcntlt annual cxhibition of l’krainian arl lcaturing landscapcs. scascapcs. still lifc. animals and ligtiratiw works by

(1r) gori) Sh} shko. l’ctro .\lagro. l’anas 'l'}tcnko and l.conid Ktidr}a\tsc\. Spring Mixed Exhibition (Part 1) Sat ll) Apr Sal l Ma}. A sclcclion of paintings and original prints b} gallcr} artists from Scotland and abroad plus ccramics. icucllcr}. cngrmcd glass. sculpttu'c. tcstilcs arid Rttssian craflwork.


3-1 .-\bcrcromb} l’lacc. 558 0872.

Mon l‘ri Illam (ipm1Sat lllani 4pm. Lucian Freud Sat 3 Tue 20 Apr. lo coincidc with thc major cxhibition of ctchings b} l-rcud on shim at thc National (iallcr) of .\lodcrn Art lscc listings for morc information). a small

sclcction of prints from thc 1980s onwards. NEW SHOW.


(i ('arlton 'l‘crracc. 55o 4-141. 'l‘tic Sat lllam 5pm.

Thomas Joshua Cooper - Rock Water Wood t'ntil Sat 8 .\la_\'. .\'c\\' photographic works b} onc of thc most cclcbratcd landscapc photographcrs. Thomas Joshua ('oopcr. l'sing an antiquc licld camcra. (‘oopc‘t‘ pinpoittts a location on a map. tracks it down and thcii photographs it. This ncw body ol paintcrly. verging on abstract. intang incluclcs picturcs of thc sourcc of thc Rivcr .\'orth Iisk. thc lludson Rivcr and thc sourcc strcam of thc liorth as it spills into l.och (‘hon itt thc 'l'rossachs.


4 (i North Bank Strcct. 'I‘hc Mound. 226 4807. Mon Sat 10am ()pltll Stilt

noon 4pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Wed 14 Apr. Paintings by Janct (lit'istic‘. Ross l‘lcntington and Jacquclinc lliggs. mctalwork b} Aldona Juska and ccrainics b)‘ Karcn .\lacl)onald.


()5 The Shorc. l.citlt. 553 5255. Tue Hi

1 lam 5pm; Sat 1 1am 4pm. Margaretann Bennett and Joyce Borland l'ntil Sat 17 Apr. .\'c‘\\ paintings.

Original Prints t‘ntil Sat 17 Apr. A small Slit)“ of original prints and c‘lc‘ltittgs.

Stephanie Summerhill l‘ntil Sat l7 Apr. qu cllct').


S7 Broughton Strcct. 558 S778. \Vcd Sat noon (iptn.

Mixed Show A changing sclcclion of work by 20th ccntur} artists. (’urrcnt stock inclttdcs \s'orks b_\ l)a\ id Shcarcr. litigcn Jar) ch. ls'atc 1)o\snic. Jo (iantcr and Alan .\lc(io\\ an.


Bulford Road. 62-1 (i200 lrccordcd information 332 220m. .\1on \Vcd ck

l-"ri Sun 1()am 5pmz'I‘hu 10am 7pm. ('afc.

William Gear Thu 1 Apr. A displ;i}' of paintings by l‘ilc-born \Villiam (icar. who scttlcd in Paris in 1947 and bccainc involscd in thc (‘()lsRA inotcincnt.

0 Lucian Freud: Etchings 1946-2004 Hi 2 Apr Stiit 13 Jun. £3 l£2 l: childrcn undcr l2 frcc. 'l‘hc first C\Cl‘ l'K muscum show dcdicatcd to thc lcsscr known printmaking \Vot‘ls’s b) onc of thc world’s gi'catcst rcalist paintcr Lucian l-‘rcud. 'l‘hc cxhibition fcaturcs ovcr on original ctchings dating from thc l‘J-llls which \scrc small irt scalc and \cr} dctailcd. mirroring his paintings at that tirnc to thc morc frccr. morc ambitious prints of thc 1980s onwards. l.ikc his paintings. man} of thc \sorks focus on thc human ligurc bttt also includc studios of naturc. (fun/m in tl'r'nm' bcing an imprcssisc cxamplc. Man} of thc ctchings rclatc to paintings and \ icc \crsa and his approach to thc mcdium is similar to his paintings. handling thc ctching platc likc a CilllVits and draw ittg from thc sittcr in front of him. Scc prc\ icu and llitlist. NFW SHOW.

Lucian Freud Mon 5 Apr. 12.45pm. lircc. (’o-ctit'ator ol‘ Lucian I‘l'r'ml.‘ Ian/tings [94!) 2004 ('raig llal'tlc} cliscusscs tltc work in thc cshibition. Ben Nicholson and the St Ives School hi 2 Apr Sun 13 Jun. lace. An cshibition looking at thc long and prolific cal'ccr of BC!) Nicholson l IS‘M “)321 who is acknowlcdgcd for having had a grcatcr inllucncc on tltc dcwloprncnt of abstract art than any olhct‘ British artist. 'l‘hc silo“ lcaltll'c‘s o\ c‘l' 50 \tol'lss lil'otlt thc gallcr} 's pcrmancnt collcction from throughout his carccr and works by his St l\cs ctintcmporarics. From his sttbllc dclicatc rclicl‘s to scttti-ttltstl‘ac‘l still lilcs

and landscapcs. highlights includc Walton Wood ('ottagc no 1 l 1908) and June [96/ (grunt gob/4'! (lllcl li/ru' .\(/ll(ll'('1. Nl-W SHOW.

Towards the Posthuman Condition: Symposium Sat 3 Apt‘. 1(l.3()am (ipm. {l5 (L'llli. lntcrnational artists. curators and scicnlists conic togcthcr for this s_\ mposium which aims to unravcl thc acsthctics. cthics and futurc of liiosc‘ic‘ltc‘c‘s.


'l-ltc‘ Mound. 624 (i2llll ll'L‘c‘ol‘tlL‘tl information 332 22am. .\1on \Vcd &

l‘ri Sun Illam 5pmz'1’hu 1(lam 7pm. DY Cameron Etchings l'ntil Sun (s Jun. Drawn from thc pcrmancnt collcction. an cxhibition of prints by thc bcst known L'tc‘ltcl‘ ol~ IllL' (ilasgots School. Sir l);l\ id Young (’amcron l 1805 1945 l. 'l‘hc \lltm lcaturcs oxci‘ 30 works including ctchings of thc touns iit \orthcrn l’rancc and

Bclgium. architcctural studics and \ iL‘\\s of

thc Scottiin Highlands.

After Hours - Harp Festival Tho I Apr. ()Pltl. l-"rcc. A programmc of aftcr gallcr} hours cwnts fcaturing highlights from thc llarp l'cstixal.

Discovering Paolo Veronese’s Lendinara Altarpiece Hi 9 Apr. 12.45pm. l-"rcc. l’ctcr llumfrc} from St Andrcus l‘niscrsit} gi\cs a talk.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY QtlL‘c‘ll Sll‘c‘c‘l. (L24 (i2lll) ll'c‘L‘ol'tlL‘tl information 332 22am. .\1on \Vcd ck

l-'ri Stiii lllam 5pm; 'lhu Illam 7pm. (iéllt‘.

Clan: 21st Century Clans in Focus l'ntil 'l‘uc 13 Apr. ('oniniissioncd b} thc lligltland l‘cstixal in 21103. a touring photographic c\hibilion which c\plorcs \Kltc‘lltc‘l‘ lltc‘ c‘ltllt \} \lc‘llts still lt;t\ c rclctancc in thc Highlands in thc 21st ccntur}.

listings Art

Patrick Geddes: The French Connection l’ntil Sun I8 Apr. An c\hihition cxploring through works of art. hooks. manuscripts. photographs and

\ idcos. tltc \\a_\s in which Patrick (icddcs (135-1 W32 1. ottc of Scotland's tnost inspircd artists and thinkcrs. forgcd artistic links bcttsccn Scotland and lirancc. Below Stairs: 400 Years of Servants’ Portraits l'ntil .\lon 3| Ma}. £4 (£3): undcr 12s frcc. Arinc 1‘rcnch and (iilcs \Vatcrticld curatc this c\ltibition of mu Ul) paintings. draw ings and photographs which focuscs on thc portraiturc of scr\ants from thc carl} ITIh ccntur} to thc prcscnt da}. liirsl show it at thc National Portrait (iallcr) in London to grcat acclaim. thc clispla} includcs Kcnncth .\1acl.ca} 's \satcrcolour of ()ttccn Victoria's scr\ ant John Brown. the fourth Dukc of Bucclctrch's lircnch chcf Joscph lilorancc. painch by lidinburgh artist John Ainslic. and thc Scottish National (iallcr_\ ‘s rcccnt purchasc. ‘l‘lu’ Lain/R l-im/ by Richard \Vailt.

Working Women: Catherine Sandeman, Mrs Ruddiman, Mrs Waterson and Anne Smith \Vc-cl l4 Apr. l2.-15pnt. lircc. .\'ico|a Kalinsk} gi\cs a talk.

After Hours - Budsambee 'l‘liu 15 Apr. (rpm. l‘rcc. A programmc of aflcr gallcr} hours c\cnts fcaturing songs from around thc world \\ ith lidinbtirgh's cotnpan} of singcrs. Ruclsambcc.


2| St l.conard's l.;tllc‘. (ib2 lltl2. .\lon Sal lllam 5pm: Stiii noon ~1pm.

Tutu: Modern Designs in Primitive Shagpile l'ntil Still 25 Apr. An c\hibition of primitix c long haircd rugs which ha\ c bccn dcsigncd b} Maggic Struckmcicr in collaboration \\ illi a \Htl‘ksltttp in ’l‘urkc}. inspircd b} thc paintings of abstract c\prcssionist .\Iark Rothko.



specifically drawing.

Pamela Robertson, Cultural Co-ordinalor, The Woodstock Centre, Woodstock Street, Kilmarnock KAI 28E

§9®®090© SPA CES


is a proiect that aims to provide children and young people with enhanced access to and participation in contemporary visual arts.This outreach proiect, which will take place in schools, will provide an opportunity for innovative collaboration between contemporary artists, children, young people and teachers.

We are looking for three artists who will work closely with student groups for 20 weeks, spread across a lull school year, to create contemporary artworks for an exhibition at The Dick Institute Art Gallery and Museum in

Applications are welcome from Artists who are established in their fields, who see the potential in collaborative practice with non prolessionals and enioy bringing out the best in those they work with.

Freelance lixed term part time positions are available lor: C l x Artist working in New Media with experience of creating virtual

Total lee for approximately 40 days work {8,000

O lx Artist working in Sculpture or Installation. Total lee for 20 days $4,000

0 l x Artist who works in a contemporary manner in traditional media,

Total fee for 20 hall days 522,000 Deadline for applications Friday 23rd April

For further inlormation and an application pack, please contact:

East Ayrshire

For an informal discussion about the post, please contact Pamela on 01563 555650

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