The Front


The Nazis weren’t just put on this planet to slaughter millions, create new colonies in South America and attempt world domination by any means necessary; they liked to dress their ladies up nice, too. But nothing Hitler and co ever did was completely innocent. As Houston historian Irene Guenther’s new book reveals, the German state spent just as much energy pushing the notion of an ideal female image in line with the Master Race propaganda. The chilling story of fascist fashion is told in this book, accompanied by 32 pages of images from an evil, if elegant, past.

I Nazi Chic? Fashioning Women in the Third Reich by Irene Guenther is published by Berg on Wed 5 May priced £55 h/b, £17.99 p/b. Copies of the book are available with free p&p through

8 1'". LIST 15—29 Apr 2004

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