Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries continued


I5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7545. Mon—Fri ‘)am— 5pm (except local bank holidays). Keppie Design: 150 Years in an Architectural Practice l,'ntil Fri '6 Apr. An insight into the architectural practice. Keppie Design. which was founded in Glasgow in I854.

A Vulnerable Beauty: Earth & Architecture in Iran Tue 2() Apr- Fri l4 May. An exhibition of photographs by Tom Morton of Arc Architects of southern Iranian earth buildings. The works explore the beatity of traditional Iranian adobe construction and were taken at a nutnber of sites during the ‘)th International (‘onfcrence on the Study and ('onservation of Iiastern Architecture in Yazd. NEW SHOW.


2 Roxburgh Place. 556 ‘)222. Daily llatn 5pm.

Centralita’ delle periferie: Antonio Ria Thu 22 Apr Sat l5 May. Antonio Ria’s photographs of the hinterland of .Milatt.

Reconnecting Thu 22 Apr Sun ‘) May. Rick I'lman returns to Scotland for the first time since the ()()s with an exhibition of oils on board. drawings and photographs.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Iixhibition Hall. Inverleilh Row. 552 717]. Daily l0am 5pm.

DNA in the Garden l'ntil Sun 27 Jttn (lixhibition Ilall ). An exhibition exploring how the discovery of the DNA double helix has altered our knowledge of plants. George Forrest - A Life and Legacy l'ntil Sun 27 Jun (Iixhibition Hall). An exhibition exploring the life of Scottish plant hunter George Forrest who dttring his travels to the mountains and valleys of (him. discovered many plant species.


The Link Gallery. Morningside Terrace. 22‘) 3555.

For a Moment Then I Though we Were in Trouble t'ntil Wed 2 Jttn. Digitally altered panoratnic landscape photographs by Paul Gray.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE Grindlay Street. 248 4848.

John Byrne Sat l7 Apr Sat 8 May. To coincide with John Byrne's new play ('m‘li' lill'it‘k. an exhibition of paintings including two self-portraits on loan frotn the ()pen Iiye Gallery.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. l00 Princes Street. 225 l50l. Mon Fri l()atn 6pm.

Glasgow - Mumbai: Prints from the Link Exchange 2000/2003 l'ntil Fri l4 May. An exhibition of prints resulting from a exchange between six printmakers in Mumbai and six printmakers in Glasgow who enjoyed visits to their respective cities over four years. Artists include Norman Mathieson. Rajan Fulari. Anna Strachan attd Anant Nikam.


'l‘he Mound. 024 0200. Mon \Ved &

Fri Sun l()atn 5pm; 'l'hu l()am 7pm. 178th Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition 2004 (Tntil Thu 20 May. £4 (£2). The Royal Scottish Academy returns to the refurbished RSA buildings with their l78th annual exhibition encompassing architecture. sculpture. paintings. prints. photography and ceramics. See review.


lo Dundas Street. 558 I200. Mon Fri l()am (rpm: Sat l()am 4pm.

Gordon Bryce t'ntil Wed 5 May. New landscape and still life paintings.

100 THE LIST 15> 7‘.) Apr 700/.

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Green Sea, Morar by G Damian Callan t'ntil Wed 5 May. New paintings and drawings depicting family life.

Spring Glass L'ntil Wed 5 May. An exhibition focusing on the vibrant work of Bob (‘rooks of First Glass and (‘atherine Ilottgh. Annica Sandstrotn and David Kaplan frotn Lindean Mill (ilass.

Ruth Tomlinson tintil Wed 5 May. Neckpieces and rings in silver with porcelain elements.


Reiach and Hall Architects. (i Darnaway Street. 225 8444. Mon Fri 2pm 5pm. Helgi Thorgils Fridjonsson l'ntil Fri 23 Apr. A site-specific work by Ilclgi 'l’horgils Fridjonsson. regarded as one of Iceland's leading representatives of ‘new painting'.


23 (‘ockburn Street. 622 ()200. Daily llam ()pm.

Designer Bodies I'ntil Sun (3 Jun. Ih's’igm'r Bur/it's is a new exhibition exploring the implications of genetic engineering and intervention through the artworks of four Scottish artists: (‘hristine Borland. Gina (‘1.arnecki. Jacqueline Donachie and Gair Dunlop. A season of related talks. workshops and an international symposium accompanies the show.


l0 Stafford Street. 226 58l2. Mon Fri ‘).30am (1pm: Sat ‘).30am 5.30pm; Sun noon 5pm.

Delight in Small Things t'ntil Sun 2 May. Jewellery. paintings. drawings and prints by young Iidinburgh artists including Anya Reynolds. Rebecca Fattlding. Dan Stnernicki. Lucy Adams and Jenny Stephens.


2l Lismore Crescent. Parsons Green. (:20 3344.

The Miraculous Revolutionary Waterfall l'ntil Fri 30 Apr. Paul (‘arter and Paul Gray collaborate in this exhibition of collage and montage to explore the romanticism and the landscape through the use of iconic revolutionary Iigures.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY I'niversity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. ()50 2210. Tue Sat l()am 5pm. Modern Scottish Art Sat 24

Apr Sat 2‘) May. A display of the l'niversity of Iidinburgh’s most important acquisitions over the past live decades including works by Alan Davie. John Bellany. Kenneth Dingwall and Talbert McLean.


ryce on show at the Scottish Gallery


3o Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon -Fri

I lam—(3pm: Sat l0.30am~(ipm . Spring Exhibition ITntil Sat I May. An exhibition of work by over ()0 gallery artists and jewellery by Sheana Stephen.


3 Bristo Place. 220 4538. Daily

noon— l()pm.

Aurora L'ntil Sun 30 May. Artist-run initiative Aurora presents a two-person show of works on paper by Ruth Beale and (‘atherine Street.


(‘ambridge Street. 228 1404. Daily

10am» midnight.

Being There I'ntil Sat 8 May. Photographs by Stanley Reilly depicting the celebrities of the ()Us and 70s including Judy Garland. Iilizabeth Taylor. Peter Sellers and (‘harlton Heston.


16 South Fort Street. 478 7810. Mon~Sat I lam- l 1.45pm; Sun l2.30—-I l.45pm. City of Tiny Lights lfntil Sat 24 Apr. Photographic portraits by Marc Marnie.


4 Dundas Street. 558 ‘)544/5. Mon Fri l()atn ~(ipm; Sat l lam 4pm.

Mixed Show l7ntil Fri 30 Apr. A selection of Scottish sporting. military and landscape paintings.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see City Life, page 104.

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH (fortnerly lluntly llottse). I42 (‘anongate. 52‘) 4143. Mon Sat l()am- 5pm. Free. Bringing the Page to Life: Papermaking on the Water of Leith ITntiI Fri 7 May. An exhibition telling the story of papermaking on the Water of Leith. examining the lives of the mill employees.


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 42 l‘). Mott-Sat l()atn 5pm (Tue 8pm); Sun noon 5pm. Cats . . . The Ultimate Predators l’ntil Sttn 30 May. £4 (£2.50 £3); family ticket L'l2. Iiverything you ever wanted to know about wild cat frotn the rusty spotted cat frotn India and Sri Lanka to the largest of them all. the lion. Aimed particularly at children. the exhibition explores how it feels to be a cat. how cat's claws work and how to identify cat smells. And if that all gets

too much. you can rest in a giant's cat‘s basket in the Cat Nap Zone.


University of Dundee. 13 Perth Road. 01382 345330.

What Appears to Be Yours Until Sun 18 Apr ((‘ooper Gallery). Glasgow- based artists Katie Iixley and Jane Topping examine the process of exhibition production and the language of the logo. Iixley has produced a series of video works that document the hidden inner workings of exhibition production while Topping has created two sculptural works which adopts and recustomises the language of logos.

Other Trace Evidence Until Fri 23 Apr (Lamb Gallery). An exhibition exploring how women have gone from being the ‘investigated' to the ‘investigator‘.


I52 Nethergate. 01382 ‘)()‘)‘)00. 'I'ue-Wed. Sat & Sttn I0.30am~5.30pm; Thu 8.; Fri l0.30am—8pm.

6 Richard Wright Sat 24 Apr-Sun l3 Jtut. For over ten years. Glasgow- bascd artist Richard Wright has painted directly onto the surfaces of the buildings in which he exhibits. Meticulously and precisely rendered. his motifs range from gothic ornamentation to hold stripes of colour. resembling commercial logos. tattoo designs or computer graphics. In this. his Iirst major solo show. Wright will be creating new. site-specific wall drawings which engage with the DCA‘s architectural features along with a selection of new and recent works on paper. See feature and Ilitlist. NEW SHOW.

Sanna Huttunen: Your Heart is Where Your Home Is Until Sun 2 May (Print Studio). A series of images made using traditional woodcut and litho printing by Finland-based printmaker Sanna Huttunen.

It is Hard to Touch the Real Until Fri 30 Apr (Information Room). A broad range of works by over 40 artists who use documentary video in their artistic practice.


Albert Square. 0l382 432084. Mon—Wed & Fri-Sat l0.30am»-~5pm; Thu 10.30am—7pm: Sun l2.30-—4pm. Snapped! Dundee People and Places Until Sun 25 Apr. Dundee Photographic Society celebrates its l25th anniversary with this exhibition of over l00 images from I880 to the present day. Photo-Opps: Open Public Forum Thu 22 Apr. 4.30—6.30pm. Free. An informal discussion on the present and future roles of photograph in recording local history.

Outside the Cities


Various venttes. Scotland-wide. For an itinerary call 52‘) 3930/3682.

Ross Sinclair - The Real Life Rock Opera: Volume 1 Until Fri 4 Jttn. Glasgow artist Ross Sinclair continues his investigation in what constitutes the real in a society in this latest Travelling Gallery exhibition. The exhibition includes sculpture. performance. humour. text and a (‘D of songs sung and prodttced by Sinclair including Amazing (irm‘c' and the self- penned Real Life is ( 'uming Round the Bend. The gallery tottrs to the Aubigny Sports (‘entre. Iladdington (15 Apr): Seabird (‘entre. North Berwick ( lo Apr); 'I'esco (‘arpark. Penicuik ( l‘) Apr); Penicttik High School (20 Apr); Loanhead Primary School (21 Apr); Dalkeith (‘ampus (22 Apr) attd Dalkeith High Street (23 Apr).