Originally from Poland or the Ukraine. this stew of

lamb. beef. anchovies and baked potatoes is now something of a national dish. Main courses here start at around 35 so maybe keep this one for a special occasion. but they are more than happy to allow us tourists to have a look round when it's quiet.

Out past the Stockmann department store. the huge Kiasma Museum is possibly the most impressive modern building in Finland. Kiasma. taken from chiasma meaning crosspiece or anatomical intersection opened in May l998 and was built with the full support and backing of the Finnish authorities as it would house their national Museum of Contemporary Art. the Central Art Archives and a public theatre. as well as hosting many other exhibitions. It really is a breathtaking experience walking around the place. and that's before you see any art. Until the 2 May 'Faster than history‘ is a perspective on the future of art in the Baltic countries. Finland and Russia. Twenty artists from Estonia. Latvia. Lithuania. Finland and Russia are showcasing their work. From the Finnish perspective. the exhibition looks at the visible impact new Europe is having on their liastern culture. Vision & Mind runs from 2‘) May until September. and shows pieces concerned with the changes taking place in art and media. such as how film is replacing canvas.

Finnish companies work well together as teams. The famous ‘wave‘ vase design Aalto created for Artek is made by iittala. the international glass and ceramics company across the road. Through iittala. award-winning glassware designers like Harri Koskinen design and produce glassware for other locally based brands. including ‘Finlandia Vodka‘ James Bond 007's vodka of choice which. through this collaboration. now wins awards for their bottles.


I Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Mannerheiminaukio 2. FIN- 00100 Helsinki. Finland +358 9 1733 6501 wwwkiasmafi I Artek Etela'esplanadi 18 FIN-00130 Helsinki Tel +358 9 613 250 Fax +358 9 6132 5260 www.artek.fi I Savoy Etelaesplanadi 14 00130 Helsinki

+358 9-684 4020 www.royalravintolat.com/s avoy/index_eng.asp I Findlandia Vodka www.1inlandiavodkacom I Marimekko www.marimekko.com Main Shop: Etelaesplanadi 14 00130 Helsinki

+358 9-170 704

Or try the FactOry Shop: Factory Shop: Kirvesmiehenkatu 7 00880 Helsinki


+358 9 758 7244


Internationally fashionable print and textile manufacturer Marimekko was introduced to the UK by the girlfriend of the chap who was importing Artek's designs. and then opened its first stand alone store in London in 2002. They are very proud of these successful cross brand relationships. even supporting each other at international trade events like this year‘s Milan Fair. Being some of the country's largest employers. this Finnish export community appears powerful. The vodka they‘ve distilled from the local natural spring since l888 has its price centrally controlled at lo a bottle. and all measures are 40ml. 50‘}? more than all but the most generous of Scottish measures. but you can‘t buy doubles here. Moving on to some of the bars in Punavuori. Helisinki’s answer to Soho. the martini glasses are triple shots.

Watering hols aplenty and an array of designs at your fingertips. What more could you want‘.’


I How to got there

Flights from Scotland to Helsinki start from £120 so it's a perfect place for a city break see www.cheapflights.co.uk for more information. Hotels in Helsinki start from £28.50 per person per night and go up to the five-star Hotel Kamp, www.hotelkamp.fi/ en/lndex/— from $276.75 per person per night. All prices include breakfast and taxes and are subject to availability but for the widest availability check out leading online hotel reservations website www.octopustravel.com. which can also arrange sight- seeing tours.

I Worth a look

If you want to eat overlooking Helsinki's harbour. try the Nokka restaurant on +358 9 6877 330 where you can try traditional foods like reindeer and perch. The rye breads are highly recommemded. Weekday nights here are quiet: Saturday nights are busiest. but on Sunday most people just stay at home. Punavouri. an artistic and funky quarter full of little bars and cafes, is also a great place to have look at some of the oldest architecture in Helsinki and see some of the cities many antique shops.

I Got cash to spare?

Then make sure you fly to remote lvalo in Lapland in the nonh - non—stop internal flights are operated by another super stylish Finnish expon. airline Finnair (www.finnair.com). Check out the nearby town of Saariselka (http://www.saariselka.fi/eng/ serviceshtml) for a place to stay and a list of the many great clubs and restaurants. One place worth recommending is Restaurant Petronella. If you are more inclined for a spot of pool. a dance or a drink with the fire- breathing locals (101 new things to do with vodka) then they are out and about most of the night at bars like Kultahippu (wwwkulta hippuhotelfi). if you make it to lvalo contact Lapland Safaris (wwwlaplandsafariscom), you can hire snowmobiles and go reindeer sledding or have a go with the husky dogs. Panorama cafe/restaurant Huippu (+358 16 668 803) is also in a fabulous location 437 metres above sea level and has views over the mountains towards Estonia.

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