I Flatmate wanted to sharc big l'ricndly‘ flat in l’ollockshiclds. (i(’ll. all mod cons. handy for shops & trans- port. to sharc with 2 othcrs and cat. £250 pcm including hills. 'l‘cl: 014] 424 I053. (Mariam. I Shawlands double bedroom in 2 hcdrootn llal.

sharing with I tnalc. (}('ll. fully

furnished 6’; coml'ortahlc loungc. ncar shops 8; transport. stiit .studcnt/y'oung prol'cssional. £250 pcm includcs hills + deposit. 'l‘cl: 07070 002 004. . I Huge sunny room in lan- tastic Wcst lind llat. closc to Byrcs Road. Suit non-smoking professional to sharc with l othcr. Ay'ailablc immcdiatcly. £300 pcm

+ bills 8; ("[1 Id: 07067 073 580.

I Shawlands room avail- able in 2 hcd llat. ncar shops. transport 8; park. £270 pcm includes ('1‘ + hills. not ph l. 'I‘cl: 078l2 162 I55.

I Southside, nice room ayailablc in n/s modcrn llat. sharing with malc owncr. largc lounge/dining room. with South lacing balcony. £260 pcm + bills. 'I'cl: 07785 5| I 464.

I Friendly, easy going prol'cssional l'cmalc. wanch to sharc bright. clcan. modct‘n tIat. just off Kclyin way with 2 othcr l‘cmalcs. £250 pctn + ("l’ + hills. Tel: 07760 I77 046.

I Light south facing room in largc. quict. n/s flat. 5 minutcs walk from Botanics. ayailahlc April 25th. £340 pcm. all hills includcd. 'l'clz 0700| 5 I6 088.

I Merchant City, large bright room with doublc hcd in I‘ricndly llat. sharing with tidy

l‘cmalc. suit n/s prolcssional. £300 pctn + hills. 'l'cl: 077l8 I62 230. I West End beautiful Ilat in llyndland. largc sitting room. largc douhlc hcdroom. lat'gc kitchcn & sitting arca. prolcs- sional pt‘clcl't'ul. ayailahlc immc diatcly. £300 pcm. 'l‘cl: 07708 663 064 or 0l4l 337 3832.

I Flatmate wanted for spacious llal. to sharc with young prolcssional. n/s l'cmalc. would suit somconc similar. closc lo spol'ls ccnlrc ck \Vcsl lind. £220 pcm + hills + ("II ‘l‘cl: 07063 060 302.

I New Gorbels - One largc room in hcautil'ul modcrn duplcx llat. ayailahlc Ist Junc. |0mins walk to city ccnlrc. 'l‘o sharc with young lilm makcr. £300 pcm + hills. 'l‘cl: 07734 I57 ||7. I Friendly flatmate wanted in city ccntrc l'or ncw l‘lat. l‘ully rcl'urhishcd & lur— nishcd to high spcc. l.oungc. ty. yidco. broadband & phonc. modcrn kitchcn. |)(i. ('ll tk powcr show cr. n/s. must hc clcan. £205 pcm. ’l'cl: 0|4| 552 7l88 or 07800 058 I80.

I Double room available I'rom .\|ay. ncar \Vcstcnd. lilat includcs spacious loungc. mod kitchcn and bathroom. parking. gardcn and grcat transport links. £250 + hills pcm. ('all: 0|856 874 436.

I Flatmate for Dennistoun singlc room in y’cry smart l‘urnishcd lilat. idcal for city ccntrc. suit protcssional. bargain rcnt £200 pcm including ("1‘ and hills 'licl: 07765 258 573. I Glasgow West End.

Warm and hcautil'ul sunny largc

douhlc room ayailahlc lst .\lay. |‘or onc pcrson. ()wn cloak- room. sharc bathroom. kitchcn. l.argc ground floor dctachcd mansion. liy'cry amcnity & gar- dcns. Iiasy parking. l5u|| rcl's rcquircd. ()wncr abscnt 2/3 days w cck. Quict sccurc corti- l‘ort for thc right pcrson. All inc. “01:28.5 pcm. Id: 0141 357

l 1 l6 / 07084 05.5 070.

I Large furnished room in llyndland llat ol' 3 Icinalc young prol‘cssionals sccking lilatmatc. (‘losc to public trans- port and shops. Availahlc from May. cht £250. ('all 07020 l73338 or 07762 l8 l 206.

I Excellent room avail- able in \Vcsl [ind llal. lo sharc with lricndly l'cmalc graduatc. idcal location. closc to supcrmar— kct k l’artick undcrground. ncw ly rcl'urhishcd to high standard. all mod cons. Minimum 6 months lcasc. l'cmalc n/s. £250 pcm + ("l' + hills. 'l‘cl: 0780] 852 675.


I Double room available in spaciotis. Iricndly llat on (iardncr's (‘rcsccnt 5 minutcs walk l'rom |,othian Road. ('ool \icw. Sharing with two othct's. :\\ai|ahlc 28th May or sooncr il' rcquircd. Suit prolcssional. £287 pctn + ("I' + hills. ’l‘cl: 0| 3| 477 5624 ot' 0770.5 032 076.

I The Shore. Double room in an attractiyc. spacious lilat situatcd in art csccllcnt location & ayailahlc now. \Vould sttil young pt'olcssiolttll. £285 pcm + ("l‘ + hills. 'l‘clz 07000 00.5 700.

F latshare Hotline 09070

Howto place a Flatshare advert

I Large single room with cnsuitc bathroom in sunny 2 hcd- rooni llat oycrlooking Watcr oi l.cith. suit prot‘cssional non-smoking Icmalc. .v\yai|ahlc lst .\|ay. £300 pcm + ("l’ + hills. 'l'cl: 0|3| 5544470

I Sunny double bed- room in ncwly dccoratcd llat. sharing with l prolcssional l'cmalc. £250 pcm + hills + ("II 'l'cl: 07020088 663.

I Bruntsfield flat share, 2 double rooms ayailahlc in loy‘cly spacious flat. I ycry largc. l small. for Ms prolcs- sionals. £270/£200 pcm + biIIs. 'l‘clz013l 2284l07.

I Montgomery Street double room in largc bright llat. lo sharc with cotlplc & 2 cats. ayailahlc l Junc. £275 pcm + bills. 'l‘cl: 07041 886 354.

I Lovely double room in Dickson Stt'ccl. sccond lloot'. (i(’|l. l)(i. sccurity cntrancc. sharcd bathroom. kitchcn ck liy- ing rootn. suit young pl‘olcs— sional. £300 pcm including ("II 'l‘clz 07767 386 5l6.

I Superior double room in modcrn llal with parking in Dairy. soclttlilc cltick. looking |or likc mindcd llat matc. £300 pcm or £400 lor 2 sharing + ("l' + hills. 'l'cl: 07700 llll 757.

I Lovely room in opcn. Ii‘icndly. spacious ccntral llat. sharing with 2 malcs & 2 l’cmalcs. suit young. outgoing prol'cssional. £260 pcm + ("l‘ + bills. 'l‘cl: 077|7 436326.

I Bright large double room in Marchmont llat with largc kitchcn 8; liying room. sharing with 2 othcrs. £300 pcm + hills. 'l’cl: 0|3l 447 5320.

201 610

I Friendly flatmate wanted for singlc room. ayail- ahlc in l-‘orcst Road |‘lat. room has raiscd cabins. l'lat tk study arca. largc liy ing arca. £230 pctn includcs ("IL c\c|udcs bills. 'I‘cl: 07710 682 I42.

I Bright double room in Marchmont lilat. largc kitchcn & 0an room sharing with 2 othcrs. £300 pcm + hills. 'l'cl: 0|3l 447 5320.

I Polwarth - Double room with study hos room in sharcd Ilat. suitahlc l‘or non-smoking prol‘cssional lcmalc only. £260 pcm. 'l'clz 07750 6|5 467 or 0| 3| 220 477]. (cycningl.

I Small room available in loycly l’olwarlh llat. sloragc includcd. to sharc with 2 Icinalcs (V l (ill. 5 lllllllllL‘s litls l‘ltlL‘ locin ccntrc. n/s prclcrrul. £ I40 pcm + (“li + lillls + tlt‘posll. 'lt‘li 0| 3| 228 42ll ot‘ 07774 l4l 826.

I Large double room in l‘ricndly \Vcst lind l'lal. (ircat |ocation. all mod cons tk acccss to priyatc gardcns. lo sharc with 2 othcrs. £300 + ("l‘+ hills. 'l‘cl: 07786 l06 042.

I Double room available in l‘t'icndly ccntral flat at top ol |.cith Walk. l5 minutcs walk from l’rinccs Strccl. ('ll tk l)( i. would suit non-smoking prol'cs» sional I'cmalc. £250 pcm includ ing ("ll c.\cluding hills. 'l'clt

0| 3| 478 080.5

I Room available in l)can \'i||agc llal with grcat y icw. non-smoking [ll‘tilt‘sslttllttl prc l'crrcd. Sccond room ayailahlc short-tcrm. £250 pm cscluding hills. 'l‘cl: 07748 256 35 or 07834 I64 480.

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reliable and successful way of finding a new flatmate. It is simple to use and here’s what to do.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address, postcode and daytime number, including dialling code 2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought 3. A contact number for would-be-flatmates to ring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for flatshare is 12pm on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes.

Calls from non-BT and mobile phones may cost more.

If you need help or are concerned about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870 120 3034.

Please note that Flatshare is only for people seeking a flatmate. If you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

Only those looking for a flatshare should be using this service and as an advertiser you are advised not to give out personal details

when receiving enquiries about your flat. Always ensure you have someone with you when showing people your property.

15> 1"." Aiv 204.1 THE LIST 123