V I Saw You I have been see~ ing you fora while in T-Box. [J- Tall. athletic. Sometimes hot choc with cream. Me-tall. blonde. blue eyes. Ask for my number! [J/492/l2

V I Saw You Skinny latte girl with your Anya Hindmarch bag and bagel. Let me be your cat in the hat. PS. I'm not a bird [7492/13

V I Saw You Hey Jug Lugs. I see you lunchtimes in Whistlers Mother with a curly haired stun- ner. Can you get her number for me'.’ Cheers Jim! [1/492/14

V I Saw You Tinderbox roaster wae the lirey heed. Iieeerrrrmmm. (leer. a gobble! [7492/15

V I Saw You Guy chewing coffee stirrer in Tinderbox. come over and chew mine any- time [J/492/lo

V I Saw You Abbye. you said: and Dartmouth (‘ollege Rocks! Keep wearing that sweater and let your curls flow free. Your Tinderbox admirer. [3/492/ I 7

V I Saw You But couldn't remember your name. Now. I doubt that I'll ever forget you. By all means call me sometime next week. [i/492/l 8

V I Saw You Jeannie. Kymbo. Shirley Temple and Frenchie (‘ochon. I love you all. Woo. [I/492/l9

V I Saw You Latin Lover (‘uba Norte. heard you were a rugby player. Why not show me your tackle? [.7/492/20

V I Saw You Sexy big yin. with the red fleece. and the blue fleece and the sexy brown eyes. The lovely Viking! [.‘l492/2l

V I Saw You In Brel. talking to your friend all night in the corner. You had a cap and a beer- that narrow it down? [7492/22 V I Saw You Jillian. your moody face rocks my world! Sweet (‘hild of Mine-want me- A.R. [J/492/24

O I Saw You Miss Tess of the Darbirvilles. Frolick among my briefs any day darlin! [1/492/25 V I Saw You Nine months ago and I fell in love with you and I hope it's forever. Your petit cochon U/492/2o

V I Saw You Beautiful. blonde goddess in upstairs bar of Chip. we all saw you Mon 5th with that divine green top. revealing you know what! Such a talented tease. You smiled at me as you left; I'm definitely available for pampering duties. you naughty girl. [3/492/28

V I Saw You Mr Shack. waiting on the steps looking sexy. When I see your lovely eyes it MAX my day! (‘an I get a closer look'.’ U/492/29

V I Saw You Grant from Musselburgh. ()ptimo. You- dubious neck scarf. great talking point. Me-Fresh off the court. Let's engineer another meeting. Play with me! U/492/30

V I Saw You Dancing with your friend in the corner @‘ (‘athouse 03/04. You-slinky. black hair tied back. white top and jeans. gorgeous. Me-danc- ing begind you with my scary mate. hypnotised. Too drunk to speak to you. but oh how I wanted to! You ruined my night when you left. but I forgive you! [J/492/3l

V I Saw You I know it's not like me to make an arse of myself. . .but C. will you go out with me'.’ Your Bus Buddy. [7492/32


V I Saw You Tall and tanned fashionable guy in the basement of H&M. My girlfriend was try- ing on the clothes but how could I try you? [7492/33

V I Saw You On Tuesday at ligo. Youzslim. scruffy. dark curly boy. Me: Tall. dark. red T-shirt. Too shy to say hello but trapped by your Latin beauty. [3/492/34 V I Saw You Standing at the bar in Baroque. [' lovely thing. "I love the Irish". [7/492/36

V I Saw You Debi Tits. you were my company. I wanted another. that would have lasted longer! Try harder [7/492/37

V I Saw You (‘amel boy and you rocked my carsbah. I wouldn'y change a single sec- ond of it passion dies hard. but friendship dies even harder [l/492/3X

V I Saw You Danny in Planet ()ut. looking (3 foot taller than me. Think I'm going to have to carry my step ladder more often! Drink sortietime'.’ [7492/39

V I Saw You Big load of Irish Langers in Planet Out on St Patrick's Day. You knew every word! I Arrived! (‘heers x [7492/40 V I Saw You Red head in short skirt. arguing about ani- mal rights. Freedom for the beavers! [I/492/4l

V I Saw You Nomee! Looking like lman! Not a man! Bootyful in Planet. Baua! [1/492/42

V I Saw You Naomi Campbell. you are beautiful no matter what they say. words can't bring you down. You just keep your chin up hen. [,7/492/43

V I Saw You (‘olin you stud and I want in your pants [7492/44 V I Saw You Rob you sexy masseuse-in the Regent Bar [J/492/4S

V I Saw You (‘achorra in your little basket in Planet lick- ing your paws. so seductively [I/492/4o

V I Saw You Looking red hot in your snake top. bite me with your venom and let me be a slave to your passion. [.7/492/47 V I Saw You Tosh at the Liquid Rooms. I must say your Beyonce dancing is 'crazy right now'. Must rendezvous soon. [3/492/48

V I Saw You and I thought you were the sleepiest limma in sleepyland. I think all the other limmas would agree!! ()h Spank. [7492/49

V I Saw You (iuy in grey baseball cap in the Traverse on the 27th March. You asked me when last orders were. do you want to come back for them‘.’ U/492/50

V I Saw You [)r Robertson. renewing your membership to

the Rob Thomas fan club. livery

good music editor has to have their muse [’/492/5l

V I Saw You At the Traverse Bar (‘afe lixperience. Poke. Spank. Hickey super-trance- rod-vikkeroo. Badger and Jaylord. you guys rock the bar. In the Pear Tree. oh Brian won't you do the tango with me'.’ [l/492/52

V I Saw You Your name is Susan. Psychology student. We met at (‘ity nightclub on Wed 24th March. I am Andrew. we danced and you went upstairs. Please call me. [7/492/53

V I Saw You in the Pear Tree on the night France won the (T nations. you were were a Navy guy wearing a Tag Huer watch and a white squared shirt. [.7/492/54

V I Saw You The Bartnaid at the Pear Tree-great smile and an amazing pair of eyes-I'll be in soon. Sharpo. [7492/55

V I Saw You At the Pear Tree in your sexy white body warmer. I want to hold those buns to my own. [7492/56

V I Saw You Sargant show us your privates! Want to see you in uniform. lingland rugby boys are sexy. but you top the lot [7492/57

V I Saw You The gorgeous blonde cutie and brunette stun- ner in .‘vladdogs. Me-shy. bald vodka guy ['/492/58

V I Saw You An ageing baldy head man wearing a pink dress and picking his nose. Please call me-l'm desparate [7492/59

V I Saw You Norway spruce tip the A I. Have you had any tree babies yet‘.’ I was gonna do a willow. but there were loads of men inside. [.‘/492/60

V I Saw You With your top off working those sexy muscles in the Pear Tree. .‘vlix tip some cement and let's mix up some lovin. [7/492/(il

V I Saw You posh & pink. sportin' new electro locks (0‘ Booty (Medina) on Sun 28th March. Luvin' the mutual appreciation kidz! [7492/62

V I Saw You in a tight. sexy bunny outfit (0‘ Bootylushous. leasing the girls and boys with your big cleavage and little tail. You know exactly who you are you little minx xx [7/492/63


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