Answer machine

As the reunited Pixies prepare to unleash their post-punk pre- grunge genius again, FRANK BLACK (aka Black Francis, nee Charles Michael Kittredge W Thompson) muses over names, the 18003 and veggie sausages.

It’s ten years since Kurt blew himself away. Considering that Nirvana probably would never have happened without the Pixies, do you think that you’ve been given the credit you deserve?

From a showbiz point of view. nobody really deserves credit for success. People can write reviews and give out awards but really. what else can y0u do? Are we going to have some government agency that decides whether someone deserves recognition? YOU get it or you don't. and life's not fair. When did you last dance?

You're the second j0urnalist today that's asked me about dancing. That's kind of interesting. Strictly speaking. I've danced in the last few months. along with the woman. It was a slow dance. as it were. What’s your lucky number?

I did have one. but I kind of retired it. I can't really say what it was.

Do you have a favourite girl’s name?

I like the made-up ones that I use. Like Velouria: that's kind of a nice name.

Are you cooking right now?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

That’s OK, I was just intrigued by the

constant sizzling sounds. What is it?

Well. it's a product that's pretty good actually. It‘s a product called Soyrizo and it's a vegetarian version of the Mexican sausage chorizo. This is a healthier version of it. it's lighter and doesn't have any organs in it. I've prepared it with onions. peppers and garlic. l‘m not a vegetarian. though over last five months. I've turned into what I'd call a fishetarian. When I take my meat. it's from the sea.

So, you’re in a room and someone from the left shouts ‘Charles’ and simultaneously, someone at your right yells ‘Frank’. Which one would you reply to first?

If I'm walking down the street and I hear the word ‘Frank' I walk faster. Say it's after a gig and I'm getting my things together and there may be some kids shouting out ‘Frank! Frankll Hey. Frank!!!‘ A few of them will be clever and they‘ll know that my given name is Charles. 80. then they‘ll be like 'Charles! Hey. Charles!!' thinking that they'll fool me and I'll be like. ‘Oh. it's my real name. that must be someone l know.‘ So. I don't look either.

Are you a cat or dog man?

I like them both actually. but maybe I'm more of a dog guy. I don't have a problem with doggy destruction: they're dogs. they don't know that they're destroying a shoe. To them. it's a piece of animal leather left ar0und by this idiotic human. What time in history would you have liked to have lived?

I'll take the 18008. If I was to go back too far. it might just be overload.

Who would you like to see playing you in the film of your life?

Let's go for Crispin Glover. He doesn't look like me. but I know he'd rise above that.

I Wave of Mutilation compilation CD and Best of Pixies DVD are released on 4A0 on 3 May. The Pixies play T in the Park on I 7 July.

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