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; _ SEVENDECADES orruuw Kal - A Gypsy band from Valijevo, Serbia V Wednesday 21 April 7.30pm V £11.00 (£8.00)

Harmonic Romanian folk music“ combined with exciting & vibrant Serbian rhythms.

Beyond Phantom Monday 26 April 7.30pm £12.00 (£9.00)

Highlights from West End musicals and light opera. Songs of love, heartbreak and passion.

The Rae Sisters Saturdayl May 7.30pm £11.00 (£8.00)

Beautiful jazz standards combined with original N G A D E MY, G I

songs. "Gorgeous harmonies and bucket loads of we d n e s d ay 3 01 h J u n e guts" Sunday Mail

TICKETS: '5‘24IIRS: 0870 169 0100 & 0870 771 2000 (ticketleb)

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