Emily Woof in Wondrous Oblivion



Comedy and the Holocaust don’t sit easily. Wondrous Oblivion star EMILY WOOF tells Miles Fielder how she brought them together.

In preparation for her role in Wondrous Oblivion Emily Woof, who refers to the film as a ‘charrning lightweight comedy’, did a great deal of research into the Holocaust. Eh? Ain’t that what they call a non-sequitur?

Not really. Wondrous Oblivion, like Billy Elliot, to which it has been compared, is an upbeat dramatic comedy, but one with an underlying socio-political agenda - in this case a theme of racism and intolerance. Woof, the young English actress whom you may not recognise from, variously, The Full Monty, Pandaemonium and Velvet Goldmine (because she’s a character actress who immerses herself in the parts she’s cast in), plays Ruth Wiseman, a young German Jewish mother living in South London in 1960. The film’s writer-director, Paul Morrison, suggested to his leading lady an avenue of research that would provide Ruth with a ‘backstory’ and Woof with some dramatic motivation for her character.

‘When I first got cast for the part,’ says Woof, who is neither German nor Jewish, ‘I thought, “My god, I’m going to be playing a Jewish mother. I’m not the right person to play this.” I had that doubt. But when I started researching the part I realised there is no such thing as a generic Jewish mother. And the research I did


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threw up really interesting things about who she was and her vulnerabilities.

‘I was shown,’ she says, ‘a film called Into the Arms of Strangers, the testimony of women who came over from Germany before the war as small children and were placed with English families, and their experiences were devastating. I based Ruth very much on the women who were interviewed in these documentaries.

‘When I did the research I felt so crushed. The women who were interviewed, you could feel their hurt. To be bringing that into a film that’s a light comedy was quite interesting. You can’t just sit there crying,’ she says laughing. ‘Of course, Ruth’s hurt has gone beneath; she’s now [in 1960] witty and strong. I did sometimes have to lighten up, though; I’d be playing far more intense than was required. Then you just have to internalise more.’

Woof, who started her professional acting career at the Edinburgh Fringe, where she staged a one-woman show at the Assembly Rooms two years running, takes her work seriously. She’s big on researching her roles, which includes being painstaking about getting accents right, all for authenticity’s sake. So, do the characters, I ask her, fade after filming has finished?

‘Not immediately, no,’ she says. ‘l’m always surprised, because I don’t consider myself a method actor.’

But she is a diligent performer.

I Wondrous Oblivion goes on general release on Fri 30 Apr. See review, page 32.

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I General release from Fri 23 Apr.

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