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Dead By Dawn All Nighter ( )8) (Various. Various. 2001 ) The horror Iilttt festival's infamous all night screening session which includes sortie films old. some films new. some films short and many films with an extremely hiin gore content and weird-out factor. Iixtreme cinetna at its best. I-‘ilmlinusi'. Edinburgh.

The Decameron l 18) 000 (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1972) Ninetto Davoli. Franco (‘itti. I I 1min. The first part of Pasolini's 'I'rilngy‘ (if/.17? is based on eight lively tales by 14th century Italian writer Boccaccio. Pasolini's vision of Boccaccio becomes an extraordinary medieval landscape inhabited by magicians. priests and artists and featuring much naked romping. 'I'Iu' (‘unu'rbiujv 'Iii/m and The Arabian Nights conclude the trilogy. Part of the Pasoliiii season. ([157. (iluxgnw;

The Dreamers ( 18) O... (Bernardo Bertolucci. I'K/I’rance/Italy. 2003) Michael Pitt. l.ouis (iarrel. liva (ireen. Robin Renucci. Anna (‘hancellor 1 15min. 'I’wins Isabelle ((ireen) and Theo ((iarrel) first meet American student .Matthew (Pitt) at a protest rally surrounding the sacking of the director of the cinematheque. Ilenri I.anglois. The trio bond through their shared love of imitating their screen idols and recreating scenes from their favourite films. Much of this elegantly shot film unfolds in a rambling Parisian apartment. in which the three adolescents can retreat from the outside world and engage in sexual experimentation. A return to forin for this great director. (imsi'i'nm: (i/usgim‘. Easter Parade (1') COO ((‘liarles Walters. I'S. 19-18) l-‘red Astaire. Judy (larland. Ann Miller. 109min. Astaire. true to type. plays a song-and-dance man on the look out for a iiew partner. Iintcr (iarland stage left. and the result is an enjoyable if lightweight musical that brings together Hollywood's top genre stars for the first and oiin titne. A film that lives for its Irving Berlin ntnnbers. SI Bride's ('vnin’. Edinburgh. The Embalmer (L’lmbalsamatore) (IX) (Matteo (iarrone. Italy. 2002) Iirnesto Mahieux. Valerio I-'oglia Man/illo. lilisabetta Rocchetti. l.ina Barnardi. l()|niin. Sparks fiy’ when middle-aged dwarf taxidermist. Peppino. meets tall animal-lover \‘alerio. But when Valerio is seen with a young woman. Peppino becomes grotesquely envious. A dark look at a life struggling in the face of the constant reminder of death. Part of the Italian film festival. (ii-"II (i/usgmr: l'ibnhnuw. Edinburgh.

The Engagement (I Fidanzati) ( IS) (Iirmanno ()lmi. Italy. 1963) (‘arlo Cabrini. Anna (‘an/i. 7(imin. A tale of a young Milanese welder who is dispatched to Sicily separating him from his beloved fiancee. Despite the letters between them. the loneliness and longing grows. An elegant and lyrical film. Part of the Italian film festival. (il'ull (i/usguw; I'i/mhuuy’t’. Edinburgh.

Eugenio (Ti voglio bene, Eugenio) (l2) (Francisco Jose l-‘ernandel. Italy. 2001 ) (iiancarlo (iiannini. (iiuliana De Sio. Arnoldo boa. Jacques Perrin. (lhiara De Bonis. Anna Maria Pctrova. 95min. Based on a true story. this film is an optimistic depiction of a man with learning disabilities. Iiugenio is able to give strength to those around him. in spite of his problems. affirming a life that might seem limited to some. Part of the Italian film festival. (fl-"II (I'luxgmv; Eibnhuuu'. Edinburgh.

50 First Dates ( 12A) 00 (Peter Segal. I'S. 200-1) Adam Sandlcr. Drew Barrymore. Rob Schneider. Sean Astin. I.usia Strus. Dan Aykroyd. 99min. ('harmless reunion of Sandler and Barry more. The dtio were so appealing in The Bidding Singer but this take on l’irandello's Enrico II' fails to recapture past glories. (irnvrul I'(’l¢’(l.\('.

The 400 Blows (Les Guatre Cents coups) (P(i) 0.”. (Francois 'I'ruf'faut.

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Ashton Kutcher gets his wings broken in The Butterfly Effect

l'lrilIlL‘L‘. IVS”) JL'att-l’tet‘rt‘ l.e;ttttl. Albert Remy. ('laire Maurier. l01min. Still amazingly frein after all these years. 'l‘ruffaut's debut about a 13-year-old Parisian boy ‘s odyssey through his depressing family life is intensely moving and startineg perceptive about childhood. Time has revealed this to be a masterpiece. (ii-"II (i/uvgnn.

Facing Window (La Finestra Di Fronte) ( 15) (Per/an ()Ipetck. Italy. 2003) Raoul Bova. Massimo (iirotti. (iiovanna Mel/ogiorno. I'ltllippo .\'igro. Serra Yilmal. 106mm. Massimo (iit'olti gives his final performance. playing an old man w ho has lost his memory. lie is taken in as a house guest by a young couple and has to rely on those around him while trying to trace the threads of his past. Part of the Italian film festival. (il'l'li (i/uvgmv.‘ I‘i/mlmuu'. Edinbmfigh.

A Farewell to Beat ( )2) (Lucia i-‘acehini.

Italy. 2003) 70min. l’ei'nanda Pivano's career as a translator began when she translated Hemingway's l'uri'u-vll to Army. for which she was imprisoned by the .\'a/is. After the war she travelled and worked with the Beat w riters and here retraces her footsteps and memories. Part of the Italian film festival. ([17: (ilusgmv; l‘ibnhuuxc'. Edinburgh. Fighting Fishes (Pesci Combattenti) I I2) (Andrea I)‘.-\ttibrosio/ Daniele Di Basio. Italy. 2003) 75min. In Barra. a suburb to the east of Naples. a group of secondary school teachers are participating in a state project called ('hunu' that focuses on children that have fallen by the educational way side. Acclaimed Italian documentary. Part of the Italian film festival. (iI'HE Glasgow.

Flower of the Arabian Nights (ll Fiore delle Mille e una Notte) ( ts) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy/l-‘rance. 197-1) .\'inetto Davoli. l-‘ranco (’itti. Tessa (‘ouche 152mm. Inspired by the ancient and ttty'slerlotts 1ale of the Middle littsl. Pasolini's profound and liberating film is linked together by (t series (if 1ale dedicated to the multiplicity of truth. full of stories of

love. betrayal. loss. demons. slaves and kitigs.

this is the filial part of Pasolini's Trilogy (2/ Life. Part of the Pasolini season. ([151: (ddvgmi.

O The Fog of War(1’(;)eeeee (Iirrol Morris. ISA. 2003) l0()min. Assembled

from archival footage and some 20 hours of one-on-one interviews with Robert McNamara. the former secretary of defence in the Kennedy and Nixon administrations. Morris' compelling documentary presents McNamara's own perspective of his involvement in epochal events such as World War II. the ('uban missile crisis and the Vietnam war. Morris the questioner stays off- screen. and doesn't call on other witnesses. as we watch this still pugnacious 85-year-old recollect the decisions he made which shaped world history. With this frightening and fascinating glimpse into the life of the man who is possibly Donald Rumsfield‘s greatest influence. Morris yet again proves that he is the most vital and important documentary feature filmmaker working in the IS today. I’ibnhuuyi’. Edinburgh.

For One More Hour with you (Un’ora Sola Ti Vorrei) ( 12) (Alina Mara/Ii. Italy. 2003) 55min. Very personal Italian documentary feature in which Alina Mara/Ii tries to piece together the life of her mother who passed away when Alina was seven years old in 1972. Part of the Italian film festival. (il-"I. (i/(lxgnit‘.

From Zero to Ten (Da Zero a Dieci)(lS)(1.uciano l.igabue. Italy. 2002) Massimo Bellin/oni. Iilisabetta ('avollotti. I’ierfranccsco Pavitio. 90min. Four tliit‘ty'sotitetltttig men embark on a wild weekend iii the seaside resort of Rimini where they went as teenagers. ()ld flames are rekindled. dreams lived out and finally put to an end in this comedy of catharsis. Part of the Italian film festival. (ii-"II (i/(Iygmv; I'i/nihuusi'. Edinburgh.

Ghosts of the Abyss 30 (PG) (James (’ameron. I'S. 200-1) 59min. Documentary in which master storyteller James (‘ameron leads an expedition back to the site of his greatest inspiration the wreck of the legendary 'litanic where nearly 1500 people lost their lives over a century ago. l'sing state-of-the-art technology developed Specifically for the film. ('ameron and his team are able to explore the wreckage and bring it to screen in ii). The audience is able to experience an archaeological dive as if they were right iii the dive ships or even as the crew 90 years ago. IMAX. (ilusguw: Ginger and Cinnamon (Dillo Con Parole Mie) ( 15) (Daniele I.uchetti. Italy. 2003) Stefania Montorsi. Andrea

(iiampaolo. Martina Merlino. Alberto (‘ucca. Marco Piras. 105mm. Meggy is on a quest to lose her virginity. The 14-year-old runs away to stay with her Aunt Stefania on a (ireek island for the summer. (iinger and (‘innamon is a spicy comedy borne out of a straight-up view of female sexuality. Part of the Italian film festival. (iI-"I. (iluxgnw; Film/muse. Edinlmrgh.

The Girl Next Door ( 15) oo

(Luke (ireenfield. I'S. 200-1) Iimile Ilirsch. lilisha ('uthbert. 'I‘imothy ()ly'phant. James Retnar. 91min. See review. page 30. General release.

Girl with a Pearl Earring (12A)

0. (Peter \Vebber. I'K/I.uxembourg. 2003) Scarlett Johansson. (‘olin I‘irth. Tom Wilkinson. Judy Parfitt. (‘illian Murphy. 95min. Adapted from the book by Tracy Chevalier. Webber's sumptuously upholstered film deals with the story behind the creation of \I'ermeer's famous painting. Dominion. Edinburgh.

Good Morning, Night (Buongiorno, Notte) ( 18) (Marco Bellocchio. Italy. 2003) Piergiorgio Bellocchio. (iiovanni ('alcagno, Luigi l.o ('ascio. Roberto llerlitlka. l0()min. A well crafted and thoughtful film based on the real-life kidnapping of President Aldo Moro by members of a terrorist organisation in 1978. The film effectively gets under the skin of the kidnappers and the victims. Part of the Italian film festival. (ii-“II Glasgow; I'i/nihuuyt'. Edinburgh.

Gothika (15) O. (Matthieu Kassowitl. IS. 2004) Ilalle Berry. Robert Downey Jr. (‘harles Dutton. John (‘arroll Lynch. Bernard llill. Penelope Cruz. 98min. When criminal psychologist Dr Miranda (iray (Berry). awakes in the psychiatric ward of the Woodward Penitentiary. incarcerated with the very inmates she Used to treat. she claims she saw the ghost of a distressed young woman and can‘t remember anything after that; the police say she stabbed her husband to death. What is logical'.’ What is sane‘.’ .\'ot this plot. that‘s for certain. ller close colleague and would-be lover. Dr Pete (iraham (Downey Jr) tries to get through to her while her husband's lifelong friend. Sheriff Ryan (lynch) investigates her truly violent crimes. Quite why recent Oscar- winner Berry would have signed tip for (int/iiku is a mystery. although her role as tortured heroine offers plenty of scope for her trademark histrionics. This silly B-movie is the latest disappointment from director Matthieu Kassowit/ who has yet to fulfil the promise of his debut feature. [11 Maine. (it'lu'ru/ I't'lt'us'r‘.

Gozu (Gokudo Kyofu Dai-Gekijo: Gozu) (tbc) ('Iiikzislii Miike. Japan. 2003) llitleki Sone. Slio Atkaw‘a. Kimika Yosliino, Shahei IIino. Keiko 'I'omita. 130mm. ()zaki. a member of the A/amawari ('rew. is killed off by its chairman when his eccentric behaviour starts to disturb crew members. including his brother Minami. When ()zaki's corpse can‘t be found. Minami goes on a frantic qtiest to find it. 'l’akeshi's new tilm sees him back in business with ultra violent gangs. bi/arre levels of cruelty and virtuoso film making. Part of Dead by Dawn. see Rouin (’uts. page 28. l-‘ibnhuuse. Edinburgh. Grand Theft Parsons ( 12A) .00. (David (‘affrey. IS 2004) Johnny Knoxville. (iabriel Macht. (‘hristina Applegate. 88min. This oddball road movie dramatises (with pitch-perfect offbeat humour) the immediate aftermath of the death of miisic legend (iram Parsons. 'l'he ex-Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers singer made a pact with his road manager. Phil Kaufman (played with wonderful swaggering grace by Jackass" Knoxville). that whomever shook off his mortal coil first would be ritually cremated in their beloved Joshua Tree National Park. When Parsons took a fatal tequila and morphine cocktail overdose in 1973. Kaufman stuck to his word. Most of the laughs come from the pairing of odd couple Kaufman and Larry (Michael Shannon). a spun-out. drtig-addled hippy whose bright yellow ('adillac hearse provides the road movie with its wheels. (‘hristina Applegate revs things tip as the bitchy. bitter ex of Parsons. who remains the absent dead centre of this thoroughly entertaining film. (iE'IZ (ilusguw: