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Siobhan Davies Dance Company

triple bill + romeo and juliet 4-8 May

bird song

Triple Bill

a fantastic ITIiX Of dance

4 May

Christopher Hampson's Saltarello; Javier De Frutos' Milagros, and Mark Baldwin's FrENZy, a quirky homage to the music of 805 pop icons Split Enz.

Tickets 23-228 ,4 Intense, intimate, R°me° and “met world-class, award

music by Prokofiev

performed by ' ' The Orchestra Of Scottish Opera WI Hm I n8

5-8 Inspired by the (all of a bird. this production brings rho niidmnro strikingly dose to the company's extiaordumry dancers and is presented 'in the round'

Experience an exciting interpretation of this timeless iOVQ Story, With inventive LS4; fxflRil ,n choreography and elegant ' designs, by award-winning TRAVERSE THEATRE, EDINBURGH classical choreographer J H “a; ,t, D, Christopher Hampson. ...'(‘)/’ M '( gm 9 “’1'

Tickets £3-E33

Box Office 0141 332 9000 @i wit-i- BOOK Cniine at WWW.theatrerOVaigiangW.C0m w w 'w u '1 i;- , Vii-3,784, “uni-5}.”

Wt“! li’tili f.) ifl/Ui' WE: ‘J‘f‘v‘J-fiJJ’rt‘v'tff Ut'f ’,


The Nest

by Alan Wilkins

A wry, intriguing play about our obsession with taking to the hills, conquering mountains

Ch.le theatre ' (IT'S _ V - and collecting Munros. O o o f. “3:; CIIIeIIICI - Inns“: ' leisure h" I a ' PREVIEWS . ' ' i ' “r 3'" in" tourism - attractions F“ 1‘“ M ‘8‘"

DATES Tue 20 Apr - Sun May (8pm)

o I 3 I 5 5 s ‘I s 9 1 ~ news 8. INFORMATION - w w W. e CI e . c 0 . I! k , 0131 228 1404

publicity distribution nationwide WWW-traverSB’CO-Uk

'. THE LIST 41