The Other Side of the Bed ( I5) .0. (Iimilio Martinez Lazaro. Spain. 2002) Iirnesto Alterio. I’a/ \"ega. (iuillermo Toledo. Natalia Verbeke. Alberto San Juan. I 12min. See review. page 31. l'(i(' Ren/ren' Street. Glasgow .' ('(1'('. Edinburgh.

The Passion of the Christ ( IX)

0 (Mel (iibson. I'S. 2004) James (‘avie/el. .Monica Bellucci. .Maia Morgenstern. I26min. As subtle as a spear jabbed under the ribs. and more boring than a lifetime's worth of sanctimonious sermons. (iibson‘s sado-fetishistic account of the last I2 hours of (’hrist's life is a crude. unedifying mess. I-‘eaturing tnore gratuitous violence than the average ‘video nasty". it presents a pick'n'mix selection of the four gospels. plus a pedestrian stumble- through of The Stations of the (‘nm all in the baroque. blood-drenched style of a horror movie. What believers will make of this. (iod only knows. As an atheist I longed for the radical vision of Pasolini's 'I‘he (ins‘pt’l xir‘r'm'diltg In S] .erlllteti’ or the clever ironies of Denys Arcand‘s .lesuv of .Ilmtll’t’ul. (it'nenll release.

Past Perfect (Passato Prossimo) (15) (Maria Sole 'I‘ogna/li. Italy. 2002) Paola (’ortellesi. Valentina (‘ery i. (‘Iaudio Santamaria. Igna/io ()liva. 90min. 'I‘ogna/zi’s filtn portrays a winter weekend in the country with a group of five

twenty somethings. I-‘lashbacks of prey ious holidays illuminate the past as dynamics change and hearts are captured and broken. Part of the Italian film festival. (ii-“II (ilasguw: I'ilmhuuve. Iilinburgh.

Peter Pan (PG) .00 (PJ Hogan. [1%. 2003) Jason Isaacs. Jeremy Sumpter. Rachel IIurd-Wood. I.udivine Sagnier. ()Iivia Williams. Richard Briers. 105mm. (‘Iap your hands if you believe in fairies? One hundred years on frotn the original play. JM Barrie's enduring classic is brought to life by Australian director PJ Ilogan (.lluriel'x Ilia/ding. .llv Best Friend's Il'edding). Sumptuous in its production. the effects dreamed up by .Uuu/ln Rouge's director of photography are magical. but the real hook (if you'll pardon the pun) is in the characterisation. where Hogan goes right to the heart of Barrie's psychological issues. Wendy and Peter on the Cttsp of childhood and adulthood struggle with their conflicting instincts for innocence. adventttre. freedom. love and maturity. Strong performances from the kids and grow nups. and a particularly nice cameo role for Richard Briers as Smee. ensure you‘ll be cheering for 'I‘inkerbell as her fairy-lights fade. ('(A (ilasgow'; ('('I. Edinburgh.

Pinocchio (I') ooooo (Ilamilton l.uske/Ben Sharpsteen. I'S. 19-10) Voices of Mel Blane. Don Brodie. Walter (‘atlett. Frankie Darro. ('Iiff Iidwards. Dickie Jones. (‘harles Judels. (‘hristian Rub. 88min. Classic. brilliant and quite wonderful animated musical feature about a little

Omar Sharif and Vig

puppet boy w ho had no strings to hold hint up. I’inm‘ehu) really does highlight how far ahead of the competition Disney was in I940. You have to wonder what happened. SI Bride's (‘enmz Edinburgh.

Pinocchio ( I2) (Roberto Benigni. Italy. 2002) Roberto Benigni. Nicoletta Braschi. Massimiliano (’avallari. Bruno Arena. IOImin. Benigni (Drum bv Law. Life is Beautiful) takes on the tale of Pinocchio a boy unable to withhold his thrill for lies and adventure. I'nfolding in l9th century rural Italy. this magical fairytale fantasy manages to stay true to the original (‘arlo ('ollodi story. Part of the Italian filtn festival. (iE'II Glasgow: Film/muse. Edinburgh. Portuguese Animation (tbc) (Various. Portugal. 2003)A selection of contemporary Portuguese animation. featuring tales ranging from a man and a crocodile to a story of rusty old cargo ships. Introduction and Q&A with Jose Miguel Ribiero. ('('.-I. (ilusgmt:

Psycho ( IS) 0.... (Alfred Ilitchcock. [8. I960) Anthony Perkins. Janet Leigh. Vera Miles. John (iavin. Martin Balsam. John Mclntire. 109mm. Ilitch's misogy'nistic masterpiece has a young secretary take off to hicksville with a bagful of her boss' money. I'nf'ortunately for her. she chooses to put tip at the Bates' Motel. rttn by that nice Norman boy. The ironic dialogue (‘Mother's not quite herself today") make it a joy to catch any time around. We liked it. didn't we mother . . . mother.’.l’art of Dead by Dawn. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Raining Cows (Piovono mucche) (l5) (I.uca \'endruscolo. Italy. 2003) .-\Iessandro 'I‘iberi. Massimo De Loren/o. I.uca .-\morosino. Andrea Sartoretti. 90min. First time director Luca Vendruscolo blends actors with non-professionals. centring on Matteo. a conscientious objector who opts for community work as an alternative to military service. Ile ends up at an under- staffed home for the disabled. but his scepticism fades under the individual charms of the inhabitants of the house. Part of the Italian film festival. (ii-"II Glasgow: Film/muse. Edinburgh.

Remember Me (Ricordati di Me) (IS) ((iabriele Muccino. Italy. 2002) Monica Bellucei. I‘abrizio Bentivoglio, Laura Morante. Silvio Muccino. I20min. In the midst of a mid-life crisis. ('arIo rekindles his relationship with his childhood girlfriend Alessia. I‘rustrated by his marriage. he searches for a new beginning. What ensues is a cross-generational comedy of manners. Part of the Italian film festival. (iE'II (ilasguw; I'ilnthuuxe. Edinburgh. Rice Girls (Sorriso Amaro) (I2) (Matteo Bellini. Italy. 2003) 54min. Matteo Belli/zi's documentary shows the elderly woman who worked in the rice fields as featured by (iiuseppe de Santis' I949 neo- realist classic Bitter Riee. Iler return to the now mechanised rice paddies prompts


go Mortensen talk about the gee-gees in Hidalgo

memories of a workers' strike in the I950s. Part of the Italian filtn festival. (il‘l: (ilaxgmi'; I'ilmltntne. Edinburgh. Rugrats Go Wild! (l') 00 (John ling/Norton \'irgien. PS. 2003) Voices Iili/abeth Daily. Nancy Cartwright. Lacey (‘habett 'I'im (‘urry‘. Bruce Willis. 84min. The Rugrats meet the Wild 'I‘hm'nln'rrvs. oh what joy. in this jolly comedy musical for kids. (irrry't'eltnl: Glasgow:

Run for Cover (the) (Nicolas Ray. t'S. 1955) James Cagney. \'iveca I.indfors. John Derek. Jean Ilersholt. 93min. An old Western starring James (‘agney' as a man who gets mistaken for a train robber. Ilaving cleared himself. he goes on to become sheriff and settles down with a Swedish woman. But all is not as idyllic as it seems. Part of the Ray season. I'ilinhouse. Edinbtu'gh.

Salo ( I8) 0.... (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1975) Paolo Bonacelli. (iiorgo (‘ataldi. I'mberto I’ Quinlavalle. I 12min. Pacist Italy. I944. I‘our wealthy Iibertines gather in an abandoned mansion where they have assembled a group of young men and women who they subject to a series of sexual tortures. These abominations are depicted in graphic. repetitive and unflinching detail. To what purpose'.’ For the wealthy hosts. because they can. I‘or Pasolini. it's a comment on the nature of Mussolini‘s facist state. 'I‘hat’s why this film is art. not mere gratuitous exploitation. In fact. it‘s a milestone in film history. Part of the I’asolint season. l-ilmhouse. Edinburgh. The Scavengers (I Recuperanti) (IX) (Iirmanno ()Imi. Italy. 1969) Andreino (‘arli. ()reste (‘osta. Francesco (‘ovolo. Marios (‘ov-olo. Ivano I-‘rigo. 97min. ()Imi's feature portrays a soldier returning home from WWII unable to find solace. The film focuses on his relationship with a scavenger who finds common ground with the soldier through their shared adversity. Part of the Italian film festival. (i157: (iluxgun': I'ilntlmuxe. Edinlnugh.

The School of Rock (PU) oooo (Richard I.inklater. I'S/(iermany. 2003) Jack Black. Mike White. Joan (‘usack. Sarah Silverman. Joey (iaydos Jr. Miranda (‘osgrove I09min. Dewey Finn (Black) gets thrown out of his rock band. the other members of which are tired of histen minute guitar solos and his propensity for inappropriate stage-divery. In need of some quick cash. hetakes a job. assuming the identity of his flatmate .\'ed (White) and ends up as a supply teacher at a posh kids" prep school. Knowing next to nothing about history or maths. Dewey puts his class on permanent recess until. that is. he overhears them playing classical music. Well. if they can play Rodrigo. they can play Zeppelin and there‘s the Battle of the Bands competition coming tip. Ingenious. smart. sassy comedy that plays to star Black's and director I.inklater's strengths. (Mean A! The Quay. (ilaygmi;

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