ROCK ‘“ 1" VENETIAN LOVE CAT POWER 0 TRIANGLEf THE Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Thu 1 Apr HE There's a nursery rhyme with the lines: RAT-[RAY "" ”' “And when she was good. she was very. ALLSTARS see very good/ But when she was bad she Caledonian , was horrid'. It could've been written

! Backpackers, ; about Cat Power. The American singer

Edinburgh. Sun 4 Apr songwriter is notorious for her erratic live

performances. either spellbinding genius or cringingly awful. This was one of the latter. Tonight Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) spends her time rambling incoherently. stopping. starting and fucking up songs, playing everything at the same pace with the same intonation. with no stage lighting or stage presence. and precious little to redeem the whole evening. Put it this way, her own fans were heckling her before she'd even

. played a song. And lots of them just

Sadly, any gig held in a backpackers’ hostel on a Sunday night is probably going to have to have Coldplay headlining before all the Aussies up the back tear themselves away from the pool table and the tinnies. Nonetheless, in a shameless attempt at

Oh dear . . .

upped and left the building, unable to take the excruciating, self-indulgent. deliberately patience-testing performance from a woman seemingly lost. ‘Do you hate me?’ she kept asking smugly. Not yet. love. but it's getting there. (Doug Johnstone)

attention-grabbing, ex- Jennifers and Mylar man Michael Rattray - now heading up his

own quartet - came in a pink feather boa. Still no joy to be had, but his foggy, hook-friendly rock deserved better, if only to try and suss out whether songs with names like ‘Lucky Sperm’ and ‘Slapper Central’ were beating the irony

drum or not.

On a Flying Burrito Brothers tip, meanwhile, half of SL Records’ the 555 were similarly fancy-dressed in stetsons and rockin’ the cowboy look. It was Grand Theft Parsons indeed, but we’ll let them off seeing as the music was so fine - a mixture of wailin’ downhome blues and accelerating west cost psychedelia.

And finally, possibly the most polished band of the night - if not the most attention grabbing. Not from Venice and (presumably) not in love with each other, Blairgowrie’s Venetian Love Triangle instead marry student-friendly emo tooth gritting with a fair old stab at Sonic Youth’s six-string onslaught. It worked well, but don’t expect them to make it in the Antipodes. (David Pollock)

I Britney Spears SECC. Glasgow. 30 Apr. SOLD OUT I Mute Night l'eat.Wire, Pan Sonic, Irmin Schmit and Liars ’i‘ramway. Glasgow. 30 Apr.

I Andre Williams and T- Model Ford Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 30 Apr.

I Dr Robert Moog Queen‘s llall. Edinburgh. 30 Apr; Tramway. Glasgow, 2 May,

I Prince Paul, Jaylib, Danger Mouse, Prince Po and Penut Butter Wolf Venue. Edinburgh. 30 Apr.

I Dr Alimantado, Earl Gateshead and Jerry Dammers Renl'rew i-‘erry. Glasgow. 30 Apr.

I To Rocco Rot, Colleen and Thomas Fehlmann Honeycomb. Edinburgh. 3() Apr; Tron Theatre. Glasgow. I May. I Gwen McCrae Bongo Club. Edinburgh. 3() Apr; Reni‘rew Ferry. Glasgow. 2 May. I Kid 608, John Peel, Earl Gateshead and Dr

Alimantado Venue. Edinburgh.

1 May.

lle‘lé‘l (Mme!) Glasgow and Enlirilwrgii in! 'l "' El Willi) Cir/link! www.cityiinkxom

I Craig Armstrong, AGF, To Rocco Rot, Movietone, Camera Obscura, International Airport, Directorsound and Miso Tron Theatre. Glasgow. 1 May. I Andre Williams, Four Tet, Matthew Dear, Fennez, Animal Collective, Explosions in the Sky and Witch 8 Wilkes Tramway. Glasgow. 1 May; Venue. Edinburgh. 2 May (not Andre Williams).

I Jaylib and Peanut Butter Wolf Renfrew Ferry. Glasgow. 1 May.

I Papa M and V Mn Venue. Edinburgh. 1 May: King Tut‘s. Glasgow. 2 May.

I Nectarine No 9, Gareth Sager, Future Pilot AKA, Fence Collective, James Yorkston and Gdansk showcase Tron Theatre. Glasgow. 2 May.

I Arto Lindsay, Matthew Herbert and Kid 606 Queen‘s Hall. 1 May (not Kid 606). Tramway. Glasgow. 2 May. I Barenaked Ladies Carling Academy. Glasgow. I May.

Burrito Iovin’, stetson sportin’ rock gods




Period @ Sub Club, Glasgow, Wed 31 Mar

It's almost quarter to one in the morning; we‘re tired. we're working tomorrow and we want to go home . . . that is until one of the best new bands in Britain hits the stage. Gill Mills has been manning the decks for a little over half an hour. spinning everything

from Enon to MC Hammer. and it's a highly appropriate warm-up set for We Rock

Tick-b "Ahead:

I Arto Lindsay Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 1 May. Tramway. Glasgow. 2 May.

I Funeral for a Friend Barrowland. Glasgow. 2 May. I Four Tet Venue. Edinburgh. 2 May.

I Creeping Bent, Fence and Gdansk showcase Tron Theatre. Glasgow. 2 May. I Rodney Crowell Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. 3 May.

I Glenn Tilbrook Venue. Edinburgh. 4 May.

The Rapture QMU. Glasgow 5 May. NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE.

I The Orb Arches. Glasgow. 6 May.

I Incubus, SECC. Glasgow. 12 May.

I Bad Religion Carling Academy. Glasgow. 13 May. I The Streets Barrowland. Glasgow. 15 May.

I Powderfinger Carling Academy. Glasgow. IS May. I Alias Venue. Edinburgh. 17 May; King Tut's. Glasgow. 18 May.

I The Charlatans Carling

Academy. Glasgow. 24 May.

I Gomez Barrowland. Glasgow. 24 May.

I Less Than Jake SECC. Glasgow. 25 May.

I The Datsuns Garage. Glasgow. 25 May.

I Graham Coxon Venue. Edinburgh. 25 May; King Tut‘s. Glasgow. 26 May.

I Hothouse Flowers Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 May.

I Speedway Garage. Glasgow. 28 May.

I Download feat. Metallica and Linkin Park Glasgow Green. Glasgow. 2 & 3 Jun.

I Peter Gabriel SECC. Glasgow. 5 Jun.

I Ash Carling Academy. Glasgow. 8 June. RESCHEDULED

I Decide Liquid Room. Edinburgh. ll Jun.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers Murrayt'ield. Edinburgh. 13 Jun. SOLD OUT

I Yes Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 20 Jun.

I Blondie Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 22 Jun; Playhouse. Edinburgh. 26 Jun.

Like Girls Don't because like the Scottish act, it truly sounds like nothing else around. They amble onto the stage. an unassuming looking trio decked out in homemade slogan-bearing T-shirts and then proceed to blow our minds with magnificently heavy

riff-driven rock. complete with pummelling bass lines. frenetic drumming, spidery guitars and Dry era PJ Harvey-esque vocals which SCream emotion and rage. Although the venue is barely half full. those lucky enough to witness tonight's devastatingly good performance leave content in the knowledge they've seen something truly special. So take the day off or even quit your job. just do whatever it takes to catch them next time. (Camilla Pia)


I Dropkick Murphys

Barrowland. Glasgow. 22 Jun. Fear Factory QMU.

Glasgow. 23 Jun.

I Suzanne Vega Liquid

Room. Edinburgh. 23 Jun. Incredible String Band

(‘attier Theatre. Glasgow 25 Jun. Patti Smith L'sher Hall.

Edinburgh. l Jul.

I Jamie Cullum Usher Hall.

Edinburgh 5 Jul. SOLD OUT

I T in the Park Balado.

Kinross. l()-il Jul.

I The Doors SECC. Glasgow.

l3 Jul.

I Donny Osmond Edinburgh

Castle. l6 Jul.

I Cliff Richard Edinburgh

Castle. 17 SOLI) ()L'T & 18 Jul.

I Tom Jones Edinburgh

Castle. 23 Jul.

I James Taylor Edinburgh

Castle. 25 Jul.

I Lloyd Cole and the

Commotions Barrowland.

Glasgow. 12 ()ct.

I Sara McLachlan Royal

Concert Hall. Glasgow. 1‘) ()ct.

I Motorhead Barrowland.

Glasgow. 9 Nov.


15—29 Apr 2004 THE LIST 55