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Fifteen years ago

Spain‘s Radio Tariia began

broadcasting. and an ever-

expanding audience discoVered

the musical sophistication and

complexity of Iberian culture. Rooted in

the traditions of Spain’s various regions.

the band uses and fuses Mediterranean, medieval. Arabic and contemporary Western instruments with gaita bagpipes. Hindu flute. and original song to produce some of the most absorbing sounds in world music. (Norman Chalmers

I list.) t‘tl'h‘i‘l.’ l’..-‘."' (Pang... " "

booking hotline ~ 0131 668 2019

tickets: £12.00 concessions: £10.00

68 THE LIST 1". L”

eelebratu‘g traditional arts

Sunday 25 continued


I Thad Cockrell and Danny Barnes l’leasanee (‘abaret Bar. The l’leasaiiee. 226 7010. 7.30pm. £8. Honky ionk singer ('oekrell hails from .\'orth (‘arolina and specialises in sad. yearning country songs. Barnes was the front man lot‘ the Bad l.i\‘et‘s.

I John Malcolm \Vee l-‘olk (lulu. Royal ()itls‘. Inlirmary Street. 557 2‘)7(i. 8.30pm. £3. John. member of Seoitish lolk band (‘riiaehaiL pel'liil‘llts songs from his next solo album Bridges.

East Kilbride

I The Coal Porters l-Lasi Kilhride Arts Centre. ()ld ('oaeh Road. ()I 355 2()l()()().8plll.£31126). Highly entertaining. higth skilled bluegrass boys. fronted by Sid (iril'l'in. A guaranteed good night out.

Monday 26


I Me Suena Tu Cara 'l‘lie Dorie 'l‘ayern. Market Street. 225 l084. ‘)pm. Free. See Mon l‘).


I Folk’n’Friends 'l‘iie (‘anons‘ (iait. (‘anongate. 55o 44Sl. ‘)pm. Free. See Tue 20.


I The Coal Porters l’aisley Arts ('entre. .\'e\\ Street. 887 l0l0. 7.30pm. £8 (£4.50). See Sun 25.

Wednesday 28


I St Andrew’s in the Square Ceilidh Dance St Andre“ 's in the Square. oil" Salimarket. St Andre“ 's Street. .548 0020. 7.30 lll.3()pm. £5. See Wed 2 l .

I Singing Session (‘ai‘e Soiii‘ee. S‘i :\lltll'e\\\ in the Square. St Andreitzs Square. oil Saliinai'kei. 548 (3020. 8.30pm. l‘ree. See \Ved 2|.

I B.Ding Goes Bolshevik (‘ai'e ('ossaehols. Russian ('ultiiral (‘entre. l0 King Street. 553 0733. Spm. £3. A next Venture l'or (’ossaeliok \\ ith decks and liy e musie spinning in l'e\()lllllt)l)itl"\ style.


0 Fairport Covention, Adem and M Craft The Liquid Room. Victoria Street. 225 2504. 7pm. U5. See lltllisl. page ()7. l’url of 'Ii'i/iri'i‘li.

I The Coal Porters lidinbiirgh l-"olls' (‘liib. (‘abaret Bar. The l’leasanee. (150 234‘). 8pm. £6 (£5). See Sun 25.

Thursday 29


I Davie Martin Memorial Concert St Andrew 's in the Square. off Saltmarltet. St Andre“ 's Street. 548 (i020. Spin. £(i (£4). l‘tllltll'illSlllg concert for Saye the Children. celebrating the lite Ul- ‘ysee' I)a\‘ie. Singers and musieians inelude Kenny ('aird. Arthur Johnson. Tom Wood. (iordeanna .‘yle('ulloeh and the liurodyee ehoii‘.


I The Sunshine Delay Queen's Hall. ('lerk Street. (168 20l‘). 7pm. £3. Power pop and roots} .-\inerieana.

I Les Miseres (‘ai‘e Royal Bistro Bar. l7 \Vesl Register Street. .557 4792. 8.30pm midnight. £5 on door (£4 in adyanee). lisuberant ('aiun sounds (it l.oiiisiana l'i'oin this lidinburgh-based band. Adyanee iielsets ayailable t'rom name or through \\ \\ \\.misei'es.eom.


C9 Chris Stout Band 'I‘olhooih. Jail \Vynd. 01780 374000. 7.30pm. £l0 (£0.50). See l'll 25.

Classical & opera

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Carol Main.


I David Nicholson and Eluned Pierce Merchants House. 7 \Vesl (ieorge Street. 334 ‘)757. 12.45pm. £5 (£2 £4.50). l‘lute and harp duo [)L‘l'ltil'lll musie by Bach. Poulene. Spolir and lidiyard .\Ie(iuire.


I Rudsambee National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. (>24 (1200. 6pm. l‘ree. Wide-ranging repertoire of Seottish. (iaelie. \Vest Al‘riean. Middle Iiastern and Seandinayian musie. ()rigiiial arrangements and eomposiiions ltUlli this l‘)-strong ensemble.

I Edinburgh Organ Academy 2004 Reid (’oneert Ilall. Iidinburgh l'ni\ersit_\. Bristo Square. 455 (i200. 8pm. £6 (£4). ()rganist Loren/o (ihielini performs inusie by Brunekhorst. (‘abanilles. Zipoli and l’asqiiini.


I Glasgow Phoenix Choir Royal (‘oneert Hall. 2 Saiiehiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £10. Marilyn J Smith eonduets the long-established ehoir \\ iih inusie to lift the soul in the shape oi oi‘aiorios. opera. sacred music. toll; and ltltlslettls.

I R3 Tenors (‘iti/ens‘ Theatre. 1 l‘) (ioi‘bals Street. 42‘) ()022. 7.30pm. £l2 (£6). R3 'I'enors. on loan from Scottish ()pei‘a. hay e something for eyeryone li0lll opera's best oned ‘.\'essun l)orina' to popular songs lroin the shims and feel- good Neapolitan layoiirites.


I Friends of the RSNO Lunchtime Concert St ('iiihbeit's (lunch. 5 l.oihian Road. 22‘) 1142. l2.l5pni. £tbe. Members ol‘ the Royal Seoitish National Orchestra perform. lollou ed by soup and a sand“ ieh and an opportunity to meet the players.

I Royal National Scottish Orchestra l'sher llall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £10.75 £25.50. Alexander l.;i/;ire\' eondueis a l‘erlornianee ol' Sehuinann's Kmm'risiurk for Four Horns. Mendelssohn's liu/m (‘unrrrm and Sti'auss' .lIriunu)rplmwn.


I Glasgow Phoenix Choir Royal (’oneert Hall. 2 Sauehiehall Street. 353 8000. 2.30pm it 7.30pm. £l0. See in lo. I Royal National Scottish Orchestra Royal (‘oneert Hall. 2 Sauehiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £l2.5() £20. See in lo.


I Viva L’Opera Queen‘s Hall. (‘lerk Street, («is 20l‘). 7.30pm. £‘) (£7). A massed ehorus and 50-pieee orehestra perl'orin popular opera highlights from the An\ il ('horus in l/ 'lim'uimi' to the 'I‘riiimphal March in slit/u.

Sunday 18


I Edinburgh Quartet Queen‘s Hall. ('lerk Street. (168 2(ll‘). 2.30pm. U) (£2.50 £0). The higth aeelaimed lidinbui'gh Quartet perl‘orin Haydn's Quartet in I“ ()p 5!) no 5. l.eighloii\ Qiiiirli'l no 2 ( l‘)57) and Brahms' Quin/('1 in I" minor ()p 34.