Theatre 8- Dance listings


1 lb Bristo Place. 225 9893. [W(T. WA] The Mystery Plays Until Sat 17 Apr. 7pm. £4—£4.50 (£3.50). Invite yourself to a weird and wonderful

world where angels dress in jeans and disciples order pizza for their supper. BRUNTON THEATRE Ladywell Way. Musselburgh. 665 2240. IP. 11. Tr. WC. WA]

The Steamie Thu 15—Sat 17 Apr. 7.30pm. £7 (£5.50). The St Michael‘s Players presents Tony Roper‘s popular comedy of life in a Glasgow wash house.

The Happy Gang’s Magic Castle! Mon 1‘) Apr. See Kids listings.

Music, Song and Dance Fri 23 & Sat 24 Apr. 7.30pm. £6 (£3.50—£5). Songs from the shows. Irish dancing and folk singing from the Musselburgh (‘ongrcgational (‘hurch Junior (‘hoir. Beyond Phantom Mon 26 Apr. 7.30pm. £12 (£9). Phoenix Productions pit the West lind's top songs against each other in an evening of music. passion and comedy.


33a Morningside Road. 220-1341). [P. 11]

The Stephanie May School of Dance Show Until Sat 17 Apr. 7.15pm (Sat mat 2pm). £8.50—£6. Dance show from the pupils.


l3 2‘) .\'icolson Street. 52‘) 6001). Ill. W(‘. WAI

Scottish Ballet: Mixed Programme t'ntil Sat 17 Apr. 7.30pm (Thu mat 1.30pm. Sat mat 2pm). £10 £20 (£7 £17). The revamped Scottish Ballet presents a stunning mixed bill of works by (ieorge Balanchine. Peter [)arrell. Stephen Petronio and artistic director. Ashley Page. Not to be missed. See review. The Rat Pack Tue 20 Sat 24 Apr. ts’pm (Thu mat 2.30pm. also Sat 4.30pm). £12.50—<£24.50

(£6.50 £19.50). Frank. Satnmy and Dean churn out the classics.

Tell Me on a Sunday Mon 26 Apr Sat 1 May. 7.30pm (Thu & Sat mat 2.30me. £‘) £25.50 (£6 £30501. Musical stalwart .\larti Webb takes the lead in .-\ndt‘cw

1.16} d Webber and Don Black's musical abotit a girl seeking [M e and success in the Big Apple. See pre\ iew.


2 [even Street. 52‘) 6000. |11.'I'1'. W(‘| The Marquise Mon 1‘) Sat 2-1.-\pr. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mat 2.30pm). £9.50 £18.50 (£6.50 £11).'1'he beautiful Kate ()’.\lara takes the helm in this Noel (‘ow ai‘d classic of love in 18th century 1-‘rance.

Bird Song, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Oliver “Mist Tue 27 Apr -Sat 1 May. 7.30pm (Wed mat 1.30pm. Sat tnat 2.30pm). £‘).5()~-£16.50 (£6.50~£13.50). Dickens" tale of greed and corruption with the scurrilous Fagin. evil Bill Sykes and innocent young orphan ()liver. Suitable for ages 10+.


15a Pennywell (‘ourt. 315 2151. Catch a Falling Star Tue 20 Apr. 7pm. £5 (£3.50). The .\lsl’its presents a new comedy drama about friendship. family and fame which sees the award- winning duo of playwright Rona Munro

and comedy actress Fiona Knowles reunited.

An Audience with the Lizard Lady & Backstage at the Pussy-Kat Club Thu 2‘) Apr. 7pm. £5 (£3.50). ()ccasional Theatre (‘ompany presents two monologues. one based on a learned defence mechanism. the second set in Berlin's notorious cabaret circttit.


IS 33 (ireenside Place. 0870 6063-12-1. 111. W('. WAI

The Full Monty Tue 20 Apr-Sat 1 May (not Sun). 7.30pm (Wed & Sat

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Kiss Me Kate

Friday 16

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Kiss Me Kate

Isidor's ('heek

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See Jul!

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Theth & the City/Straits Death 6: the ('tty/Straits 1)eath& the City/Straits

See Jazz

Festival 5 T'K‘Sk‘m's 'l'leIs-mm' ‘l'hvSImmw 'riu-tiupi‘utang: I Mt. iiiiiiiiiiiiii W H 5" “331mg”, ,. Royal Lyceum. ' Traverse 1

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Scottish Ballet Scottish Ballet Scottish Ballet The Rat Pack The Rat Pack

The Mattpnse lhe Marquise The Marquise

H l 5 Solid Silver 60s The Full Monty The Full Monty

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The Nest The Nest The Nest The Nest The Nest

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