The Big Joint, Glasgow, Sat 24 Apr

Described by the Daily Record as ‘Scotland’s raunchiest club’, Club Noir is making a name for itself (after just one night) as the only place for the style-conscious exhibitionist to hang out. Following in the burlesque tradition but with a little element of fetishism thrown in for good measure - the club promises striptease, dancers, circus acts, performance art and a dwarf on the door, all to an eclectic soundtrack which features everything from lounge to Elvis and punk to electro.

And of course, there are the people, with a dress code that specifies you look ‘impossibly gorgeous’ (no jeans or trainers, mind). The crowd is every bit as exciting as what happens on stage. For the girls, think Marlene Dietrich to Gwen Stefani. For the boys, think Bowie, Franz Ferdinand, Eddie lzzard, Humphrey Bogart . . .

‘We’ve thought about the difference between burlesque and cabaret a lot,’ explains Tina Warren, meaning herself and fellow Club Noir proprietor Ian Single. ‘And the succinct answer is that burlesque is just bawdy cabaret. It’s a bit rude, a bit sexy. It’s in your face and it stretches your perceptions a bit.’

We’re all for perception- changing as long as it involves good music and nudity, believe us. But what does Tina have to say in response to all the critics

who might dismiss the night as just a low-rent sex show? ‘We’re keen to get across the idea that it’s striptease, it’s not just a strip show,’ she says. ‘I mean, people were all crowding around the stage, but the first three rows were all women, they absolutely loved it. It reminds women that they might not be a size ten, they might not be blonde and they might have cellulite, but they’re still sexy. It’s almost more important to appeal to women than men, but then not all men are into the Truffle Club. Some of them just want to admire a beautiful woman for what and who she is without having to feel guilty about it.’

DJ Gregory back at Ultragroove

Miss Bubblicious and her cannin placed balloons

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Sat 24 April, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

lhrs i()'illlt]lli wrli be the thrrd time

Gregory Darsa has played Ullragjroove.

Back an August. he played through the small hours and rnto the large ones and left Cabaret Voltarre drenched rn appreeratuve sweat. He'll have to leave

at iiam tbrs trme round. but [)J (.‘iregjon,

seems pretty keen to come back. 'l'm very happy to do to l‘drrtburghf he says. 'lhe ‘.'.re‘<:orr:e rs xer‘, .'.'ar‘m. the people are ‘.’(2.", nree. It's so much better tharr other places I have played. It's a dope pla<:e.‘

lhe Parrsran has a score of lans to hrs name, Ili($ltl(illlt} 'l He and the rnsrstent ‘lr‘opreal Sourrdelash' and. through hrs /\fr'r(:anrsm (:omprlatrorrs ‘31th Bob Srnelar. has fused world

Tina is enthusiastic about last month’s crop of acts, which included a troupe of can-can dancers and a ‘balloon girl’ (‘as she popped more and more balloons you saw more of her,’ says Warren. ‘I heard a girl in the crowd say she was going home to buy some balloons herself’). But Tina is insistent that it will all be different next month: ‘We don’t want people yawning and looking bored and saying “here comes the can-can again”, we want to keep it alive and fresh for as long as possible.’ It sounds like that shouldn’t be a problem. Now where did I put that top hat? (David Pollock)

rhythms and house llltlf;l(2 to great effect. He's (:urr'enflx l)l()(itl(:lll(_} a m'x album lo" hrs reeeril label. l .re ()or'rbo. and \.'./:ll be \.'.'ork;n<_; or‘. ar‘ artzst alburr‘. after that. It's lrkeét. to l‘a‘.'e a fault, true feel. erh more (:o'wer‘trorral song structures.

But. asrde from ‘rrs freak, darrr‘rnu whreh he adrrrrts to l;tll"tli"lit} into "when I feel (:orrrfortab'e'. (ireuon. rs unlrkely to sound too many sho<;ks. queatrngj <:r'()=.'.rtls rs all very \.'.re|r, but any DJ worth lherr fee \.'.'rll plat to the (ltl(il(}ll(1(}. 'lhe (:ulture rs different 1.”. all these plaeesf lie nods. ‘Brrtarn rs more soulful. with more ‘.()(?tl|t’; you do to Portugal and they like it more l"t‘;t|. more rnrnrrnal. But there's so many songs that I like. so r.‘ I'rn playrngj more drseo or more soulful sornetrmes. rt's frne. be<:ause rt's all me."

(James Smart.


The latest club news

The Jaxx head for T

FIRST UP IT’S TIME TO WAVE goodbye to our favourite DJ- baiting comic strip Glasgow Fabulous (p92). We’ve laughed, we’ve cried but now they move onto a new project (Ubiquitous Girl) up the front of the mag from next issue. We'll miss you guys. Also check Insider (p9) for their final send off straight from the horse’s mouth. COLOURSFEST HAVE ANNOUNCED their line-up. On :3 June at Brael‘read Arena. Glasgow. we have the likes of Nu NHG. Way Out West. Paul Van Dyke. Anne- Savage. Guy Ornadel. Stacey Pullen. Kevrn Saunderson. lom Mrddleton :Erver Envoy. Mark Doyle. l'l‘f. ()l X and many more. Check www.colomscouk for full (retails. QUICK T IN THE PARK UPDATE as the final names are all in place for the Slam Tent with Basement Jaxx (live), Carl Craig (live) and Jeff Mills rounding out the bill. Faithless have also been confirmed for the main stage. TOKYOBLU ARE LAUNCHING Sink 0r SWrm. a Summer-long DJ comp for up and coming talent at the Frsh Tank on 22 April. All genres are welcome With the wrnner getting a slot at an forthcoming l‘okyoblu club night and the Red Bull end or festival party as well as VIP trekets to T in the Park; With the runner up getting sOLrnd equipment courtesy of James Morrow Hr- lit. Send sample CDs to the bar (ttia Queen St. Edinburgh. EH2 lJt ) for a Chance to oualrfy for one of the heats.

SCOTLAND’S PREMIER D&B Event Manga are offering two tasty goodie bags to promote their forthcoming DJ SS show, 16 Apr, the Honeycomb. Send your name and address marked MANGA to promotions@ to win two tickets for any forthcoming Manga event, the latest Formation Records vinyl, 3 Manga Video DVD and a superb T-shirt.

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