221 West (ieorge Street. 248 9755. Mon—Fri l()am—-5pm.

Scottish Paintings t'mil Fri 3(1Apr. A selection of Scottish paintings from 1880 to present day.


High Street. 88‘) 3151. Tue—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2pm-—5pm. Intermission L'ntil l-‘ri to Apr. A display of Paisley Museum and Art

Gallery's new acquisitions of contemporary

art featuring works by Claire Barclay. Emily Bates. linrico David and Jonathan ()wen.

Weaving Stories lintil Sun 27 Jun. A touring exhibition of contemporary crafts by l() innovative designers working in Britain today. exploring the many forms of weaving.


36 Washington Street. 221 2123. Mon—Iii 9am—5pm.

Exhibitivn Until Fri 1-1 May. An exhibition of new work by four artists. Mark Campbell shows large digital prints examining themes of fear. threat. greed and lust. Craig Peacock depicts landscapes of place and personal identity. John Perry‘s work are poetic explorations of landscape and Ernesto Val. explores colour and light through the medium of paint.


Centre For Developmental Arts 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri ll)am~-5pm.

A Slice of the City L'ntil Thu 2‘) Apr. An exhibition documenting six public art proposals for the Trongate. Purl (if/MW: Real A r! Week.


1 18 Douglas Street, 248 6386. Mon—Fri ll).3()am---5pm; Sat l().3()am--lpm.

The Paps of Jura limit Sat l7 Apr. A series of new paintings by Cornish-based artist Kurt Jackson capturing the changing light and mood on lslay and Jura.

Mixed Exhibition Sat 24 Apr—Sat 8 May. A mixed show of paintings with works by James (iarvin. Denness Morton. Eric Redmond and Rab Snowden.


6 Burnfield Road. (iiffnock. 638 1200. Mon—l’ri I lam-~6pm; Sat l()am—-5.3l)pm; Sun noon-5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition Fri 23 Apr- Sun 9 May. New paintings and drawings by Patsy McArthur. Kirst Whiten. Jonathan Meuli. Ben Davies Jenkins and Hai Huang. SKYPARK

8 Elliot Place. 221 6868. Daily 1(1am—4pm.

Still from Venus by Ghazel on show at the CCA

Tranquility t'ntil Fri 7 May. Contemporary sculpture and work for the courtyard and garden showcasing the work of Ratho Byres liorge in lidinburgh.


5 St Margaret's Place. (17812 6057-15. Thu-Sat l--5pni.

Alex Frost Critil Sat 8 May. Founder of Switchspace Sorcha Dallas opens her new commercial gallery with an exhibition of sculptural works and photorealist drawings by Alex l'trttsi. Purl (if/{rill} Rt’ll/ .‘ll'! lli’r'k.


26 King Street. 552 2151. Tue Sat 1(lam—5.3()pm.

Beverley Hood: Doppeldanger Cntil Sat 8 May. Edinburgh-based artist Beverley Hood's lirst major solo show featuring seven portraits of artists created by 31) character modelling software and a 31) interactive web-based environment. See review. l’ur! (if/(sill? Rm! :lrt ll'm'k. Artist Talk and Workshop Sat I7 & Sun 18 Apr. 3pm. Free. Beverley llood talks about her first major solo show at 3pm on Saturday followed by a 31) digital workshop on Sunday for 16 18-year olds from lpiii. l’urt ofolll': Rm! :lrt ll'm'k.


300 (ireat Western Road. 337 2862. Mon~Sat l()amr 5pm.

Alan Kean: Small Voice of Calm l'ntil Sun 18 Apr. lllam 5pm. Alan Kean creates an audio work that interrupts the natural acoustics of St Mary’s Cathedral by pitching the Cathedral's sounds back into its own space.


122—124 Sword Street. (off Duke Street). Dennistottn. ()7812 6057-15. Daily 1—6pm. COCO: Jane Topping and Lynn Hynd antil Sun 18 Apr. New works by (ilasgow artists Jane Topping and Lynn llynd. Topping uses found images. patterns and objects to explore the relationship between an individual’s sense of self and the role that personal memory plays. llynd transforms the patterns on existing domestic objects in an exploration of ornamentation. The artists will be talking about their work on the 18 Apr at 3pm. I’ur! (JR/Ill”: Real x'lI‘I lli'r'k.


778 Pollokshaws Road. 424 ()858.

An Irish Trilogy l'ntil Wed 21 Apr. Paintings and prints by Irish artist l’adraic Reaney exploring Irish history and myth.

TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. (1845 330 3501. 'l‘uerlSat noon—8pm; Sun noon- 6pm.

0 Snaebjornsdottir & Wilson: Big Mouth Fri 16 Apr Sun 31) May. .»\n installation by Bryndis Snaebjornsdottir and Mark Wilson using video material drawn from their artists' .-\(‘li/Rtiskin School/VCA Centre for Ideas residency in Melbourne 2002. The piece explore themes of nature. isolation and the relationship of humans to animals. See llitlist. NEW SHOW. I’m‘l (if-RAH? Rr’u/ :lr! lli’i’k. George Wyllie: The Crystal Ship Fri 16 Apr Sun 3() .May. The inimitable (ilasgow-born artist (icorge Wyllie introduces the ideas behind his latest venture. a giant Crystal Ship. proposed as a

listings Art

permanent sculpture for the River Clyde. See llitlist. NEW SHOW. l’url o/‘Rdll'x Real .-lrl lli'r’k.


28 King Street. 552 ~1813.'l‘ue Sat 11am 5pm.

Karla Black and Cheyney Thompson l'ntil Sat 24 .-\pi'. lior this exhibition. Karla Black creates an installation for the space featuring floor pieces and sculptures made from domestic cleaning products. Cheyney 'l'hompson shows 11) to 15 acrylic paintings organza.


63 'I'rongate. 552 4267. Centralita’ delle periterie: Antonio Ria l'ntil Sun 18 Apr. Antonio Ria's photographs of the hinterland of Milan.


18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l‘ri lllam 5pm.

No Regrets l'ntil l-‘ri 21 May. A solo show of drawings and paintings by 'l‘rongate Studios member John McLean. I’ill'l (if/{Alli Rr’u/ sir! lli'r'lv.

Trongate Studios Open Day Sat 17 .-\Pt‘. noon 4pm. Free. .-\ chance to look round 'l‘rongate Studios and meet the artists.


Vacant shop from. 18 \Vootllantls Road. 079-17 749818.

Danny Holcroft l‘ntil Sun 18 Apr. .'\s part of a series of exhibition organised by artist-run limergel). Danny llolcrolt creates a new work for the vacant shop front.

Jake Jacubczyk Stilt 25 Apr Sun 2 May. Jake Jacubc/yk presents his ‘Suggested Redevelopmcnt of 18 \Vootllantls Rtliltl.‘

SAC’QFDA‘.’ "7H Aim-31L. s

SUNDAY 3C 7% Ital/1."

15> 25? At" .’.‘v.7.'. THE LIST 97