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Edinburgh Galleries continued


l() Stafford Street. 226 58l2. Mon Fri ‘).3()aln--(ipm: Sat 9.30am 5.30pm: Stilt noon-5pm.

Delight in Small Things t?ntil Sun 2 May. Jewellery. paintings. drawings and prints by young lidinburgh artists including Anya Reynolds. Rebecca Faulding. Dan Sttternicki. Lucy Adams and Jenny Stephens.


2l Lisntore Crescent. Parsons (ireelt. 620 3344.

The Miraculous Revolutionary Waterfall [Tntil Fri 30 Apr. Paul (‘arter and Paul (iray collaborate ilt tltis exhibition of collage and montage to explore the romanticism arid the landscape through the tlse ot' iconic revolutionary ligttres.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY University of lidiltburgh. Soutlt Bridge. 650 2210. Tue—Sat l()am- 5pm. Modern Scottish Art from the University of Edinburgh Collection l'ntit Sat 2‘) May. A display of the l'niyersity ol‘ lidinburglt‘s most important acquisitions over the past five decades including works by Alan Davie. John Bellalty. Kenneth Dingwall. William Wilson and 'l'albert McLean.


3b Dundas Street. 556 (i366. .\lon l‘ri llam-bpm; Sat 10.30am (ipm . Spring Exhibition t'ntil Sat I May. An exhibition of work by oycr (i0 gallery artists altd jewellery by Shealta Stephen. Ken Ferguson Sat 8 -Sat 22 May. New Scottislt landscape paintings.


3 Bristo Place. 220 4538. Daily

noon- 10pm.

Aurora lfntil Fri 30 Apr. Artist-run initiative Aurora presents a two-person show of works on paper by Ruth Beale and Catherine Street.

Who’s Chewed Ma Pencil? t-‘ri 7-- Stilt 30 May. Twenty sculpture students from lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art present their take on the ‘artist‘s book’. featuring audio. video, projection altd ntixed media works.


(‘ambridge Street. 228 I404. Daily l()am- midnight.

Being There tintit Sat 8 May. Photographs by Stanley Reilly depicting the celebrities ot' the ()(JS altd 70s including Judy (iarland. Elizabeth Taylor. Peter Sellers and (‘harlton Heston.

Dogs in the City Mon 10 Sat 22 May. l‘iye artists from lidinburglt's (iary'ald (‘entre present alt exhibition of paintings. glass. ceramics. photography and textiles on the theme of the city.

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98 THE LIST .99 Apr lit May 90!):


4 l)tllidas Street. 558 951 1/5. \lon ltl l()am (ipln: Sat Ilaln 4pm.

Mixed Show httlll .\lon 3| .\l;ly. .\ selection ot‘ Scottish spol‘titt". military altd landscape paintings.

Edinburgh. Museum

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see City Life, page 101.


42 lllgll Street. 52‘) ~ll~l.3.. .\ltitl Sat l()am 5pm.

The Best Toy Trains in the World Sat I .\lay Sat lSep. .'\ display ol llol'nby (iauge () trains t'rom the collection (it ll .\ltll‘ray \laeRac.

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH (litt'tllL‘l‘l) lltttttly House). 142 ('altongate. 52‘) 4H3. .\lon Sat

l()am 5pm. Free.

Bringing the Page to Life: Papermaking on the Water of Leith l'lttil Hi 7 May. .'\n exltibition telling the story of papel'making on tlte

3 April - 20 May 2004 Royal Scottish Academy Building, The Mound, Edinburgh- ' Mon - Sat_10 - 5, Sunday 12 - 5 - t: 0131 225 6671 sponsored by Maclay Murray 8i Spens. image by Bill Scott RSA

‘7" i {

Stripes #6 by Donald MacDonald on shawl at. Scottnndmt

4v“ ,4.

.com, Edinburgh

\‘~.ltcl ol I cltlt. examining the liyes ol lllt' tttlll t‘tttl‘lt‘yc‘ex


.‘ (hutnls-t s Stlec't. 3.4" 42W. .\lon Sat It'aln 5pm I lite Splnl; Still noolt 5pm. Cats . . . The Ultimate Predators l'ntil Sun *0 \lay. 9.415.235“ £3); latitin tit. ket t' | .‘. llyelything you exer wanted to l non. about ild cats. ll‘ottt the rusty spotted cat lloln India and Sti lanka to the largest ot them all. the lion. .\inted p;l;zictl|al|y at children. the exhibition exploles how it lccls to be a cat. how cats‘ claws not}. and how to identity cat sntells. .‘\!ld it that all gets too much. yotl can rest ill a giant cat basket ill the (‘at Nap /.olle.


lady Stan's llotlse. l.ady Stan's (lose, 5.7"4001. .\lon Sat lttam 5pm. Dorothy Dunnett (1923—2001) l'ntil Sal 3.0 .ltllt. .\ locus on tlte lile altd \'.t‘!l. ot authol llolothy l)unllett wlto l‘Jtltlc‘d limo/1d ( 'Jlm/llt l,('\. /\'lll's’

//t H iii/t 7. Hit l/t'llu (If .\-I-('('H/(’ :llltl lllt‘ ./t’/!t wtl .lt'z'lllytl/l deh‘t‘tt\e \et‘ies.


\'lsnal ls’escavch (cutie. llnndec (‘ontcntpolal'y .7\lts. I52 thltelgittc.

ttl ts) itsntit), lite Sun

ll3tlaln 7.30pm.

Day for Night: Elsa Stansfield and Madelon Hooykaas t‘nlil ill to .'\pl_ Ilsa Stanslleld and \ladelon llttt‘}ls.l;l\ plcscnt tltc testtlls ttl' their lesidcncy at the \'R(' together w itlt recent audio and \ ideo works ccntring around a filll yeat' Ultl .Sp.ttll\ll chestnut tree.

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS I53 Netllettkltc. HHS.“ U00000. ‘l‘ue \Ved. Sat t\' Stilt I0. “lam 5. 30pm: lltll t\' in It). 30am 8pm.

0 Richard Wright l'ntil Stllt l3 Jtllt. l'ttt' oycl‘ tcn ycals. (ilasgow based artist Richard \Vlight has painted directly onto the \lltl.ttt‘\ ot the buildings ilt whiclt he t“.llll‘ll‘s \l.‘ti.'nlolls|y and plecisely ictidelcd. his lnotits range tronl gotltic olnatncntation to bold stripes ol colotll‘. resembling colntnctclal logos. tattoo designs or colnputel graphics. ltt this. his

lirst major solo show. Wright will be creating new. site-specilic wall drawings which engage w itlt the I)(’.-\’s architectural features. along with a selection of new and recent works on paper. See llillisl.

Clare Hillerby l'ntil Stilt l3 Jtllt. Jewellery by ('lare llillerby which combines sily‘er with yellow gold. gold leal and paper.

John Maguire l'ntil Sun 13 Jun. (‘erantics by John Maguire including teapots. Vases. bow ls. cups and saucers. Sanna Huttunen: Your Heart is Where Your Home Is t'nlit Sun 2 .\la_\ tl’t‘ittt Studio). A series of images ntade using traditional woodcut and litlto printing by Finland-based printmaker Sanna lhllttlnen.

It is Hard to Touch the Real l‘nlil l-‘ri 30 .v\pr tlnt‘ormation Room). .-\ broad range of works by oy'er 40 artists who use documentary y'ideo ilt their artistic practice.


Albert Square. (H.382 432084. Mon Wed a lit Sat 10.30am 5pm; ’l'htl

l0.30ani 7pm; Stilt I230 4pm. Robert Callender: Plastic Beach lit 7 May Stllt 20 Jtllt. Robert ('allender exhibits his new installation. Plus/[c lime/l. made up of alt array ol supposedly plastic items which haye actually been constructed from cardboard. paper altd paint itt order to highlight the eny'ironntental plight of Scotland's beaches. The show also includes a selection ol‘ his other work. including oil paintings and llool‘ pieces. .“Jl- \‘V Si -l( )V-.’.

outside the Cities



('alleltdar Park. (H324 503780. Mon Sat l()am 5pm; Sun 2 5pm.

4 Contemporary Scottish Artists l'ntil Tue 4 May. Pailttiltgs by Lesley Anne l)erks. Ayril Nicol. Julie Parker altd Jane Paterson.

May Ray: Selected Works (1920-1953) Sat 8 May \Ved l() Jun. .\ touring exhibition highlighting some ot' .\lan Ray‘s best known works including (i/(tyx 'Ii’tlry and ll./I(' Kiss".

St Andrews


9.3 Nortlt Street. 01334 474(il0. .\lon Sat l()am 5pm: Still 2 5pm.

Roger Ackling: Reason to Believe Hi 7 May Stilt 27 Jttlt. Internationally renowned artist Roger .\ckling uses the stilt directed through a lttagnil‘ying glass to burn lines onto discarded materials such as recycled card or litigltteltts ot‘ wood. Ni W St l()W. Crafts at the Crawford Fri 7

.\lay Sun 27 Jun. Sily'cr altd oxidised copper jewellery by Stefanie Donnelly. relined porcelain by llorteltse Suleyman altd exciting bags and scary es by l'ili/abeth .\lal'cltetti.



lhlltibal'ton Road. ()l78o 47l‘)l7.

llle Sat l(),30am 5pm: Still 2 5pm. Robert Burns (1759-1796) t'ntit lit 30 Apr. The life. legacy and poetry of Robert liltt‘tts is celebrated it] this exhibition on loan from the Mitchell Library ilt (ilasgow'.

The 5th British International Miniature Print Exhibition t’ntil Still In May. .~\ national touring exhibition of oy er 250 original prints limit as lar a field as Japan. l'S:\. South American altd liurope.

The Art of Alasdair Gray t'nlit Still 20 .ltllt. Work by reyered Scottish noyelist and painter Alasdair (iray featuring the original designs for his book jackets including l.anark. l'nlikely Stories .\lostly and The Fall ol' Kelyin Walker.