SCOTTISH SALTIRES ENLIST INTERNATIONAL TALENT Scottish Saltires v Essex, C&G Trophy match, Sun 5 May, Grange Cricket

Club, Edinburgh

What goes around, comes around. The British invented cricket and took it a colonising mission around the globe. But increasingly it seems the Brits are getting beaten at their own game, especially when so many local teams rely on players from former outposts, such as South Africa and India.

Scotland has enjoyed limited success in the game, with the Saltires now facing another daunting season in the National Cricket League. After the success Indian test cricketer Rahul Dravid brought for them last year, the Saltires have managed to enlist the talents of two more players from overseas: 28-year-old Indian Sridharan Sriram and Yasir Arafat (yes, honestly), a 22-year-old from Pakistan. Both have performed well at one day international level and are set to arrive in Scotland just before the team travel away for their first game against the Leicester Foxes on 2nd May.

After four seasons with Clydesdale Cricket Club, Arafat will be quite used to the conditions in Scotland. Sriram, however, has had relatively little experience of the British climate, and Saltires vice-captain Ryan Watson believes this will be a big test for their new signing. ‘Playing on the subcontinent is totally different to playing on a wet green pitch in Scotland. If Sridharan can adapt quickly then we will know he’s a good player.’ But they will have had little chance to practice with him before the season starts. ‘lt’s going to be trial and error as it will take a little while to work out his best position in the side, but we’re confident he’ll fit in, as his bowling and batting credentials are excellent.’

Thankfully, Watson explains that Scottish cricket is not all about pulling in support from the other side of the globe. The Saltires are keen to develop the skills of local youngsters and focus on producing top quality home grown talent. ‘The NCL is not the be all and end all for us. The idea behind it is to be better prepared for the international tournaments in which foreign professionals are not allowed to play.’ (Rachael Street)

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I Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v Celtic Warriors \leadouhank Sports (‘entre. I39 London Road. (tbl 53.“. 730an {Ill L'IS (£5 L'Si. Iidinhurgh‘s t'ugb) kings take on the stt'otig-arttted (’eItie \Vat't'iot‘s.


I Football: Rangers v Motherwell lbrox Stadittttt. Iidmiston I)ri\e. 0870 (till) WW. 3pm. A Iairl} meaningless mateh “Illl (iet's latts' e)es on both the pla} et‘s in the side and opposing tttanager 'I‘err} HtllL‘llL‘l'. tipped b} man) as a luture lbt'm boss.

100 THE LIST Pl; Apt 11-: Ma, L/‘fxi-Z


I Rugby: The BT Cup Final .\lut‘ra) lield Stadiutn. Rhersdale ('reseent. 346 Stltltl. I(l..illam. L'It) tI-‘t'eet. 'l'he ltighlight ol' the elub t'ugb} ealendar. which sees Hauiek \'.\I and I’erthshit‘e eompeting in the Ill Bottl l-‘inal at I lam; (ilasgou Aeeies and liet'xxiek pla_\ing in the BI Shield l‘inal at I3.45pm; \thile l'ot‘ tlte main meal the Ill ('up Iiittal (ilasgotx Hanks take on Dundee IlSl'il’.

I Rugby: Caledonian Thebans v Kings Cross Steelers I’ot'tobello Rugb} ('Iub. ('autlt'} l’at'k. I)uddingston Road West. Duddingston. 3pm. liree. lidinburgh's gayl'riendl) rugb) elub eotttpete against the Kings ('t'oss Steelers as part ol the Inter ('haIlenge (up.

I Football: Hibernian v Dundee liaslet' Road. I: Albion l’laee. (iltI I875. 3pm. The managet'less llibees take on e\~ liastet' Road ehiel .lim I)ull_\ 's l)ens lads.

Outside the cmes

I Motor Racing: KDMC Bike Meeting Kttoekltill Raeing ('ireuit. Knoekhill. I)tttilet‘ttilitte. III 333 7: 337. I 5pm. U2 (UN. High oetane t'aeing

aetion l'eaturing the Sports I’roduetion L‘lzl\\. .Npt'ilitt 250w ('haIIenge. Zfillee. l35ee and ('lasxies.


I American Football: Scottish Claymores v Rhein Fire tlamptlen I’at'k. Letherby l)t‘l\ e. (ith ()(ltltl. 3pm. [8 £20 (L4 L14); lamil} tickets

£33 £65. Alter a disappointing start to tlte season. the (It) mores \\ ill be hoping for a Victory against Rhein litre. I Football: Celtic v Dunfermline Athletic ('eltie l’at‘k. Kerr) d;th Street. l’at‘lsltetttl. 55l 8053. 3pm. 'l‘oda} 's the da} when (‘eltie are presented \\ ith the SP]. It‘ttpll}. so cue the l'unn)‘ hats. 'I’he mateh itsell is a dress rehearsal lot' the Scottish (‘up l‘inal.


I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships (‘t'aigloekltart 'I‘ennis (’entt'e. I77 (’olinton Road. 444 l‘)(i‘). limes \at'}. Open senior tennis ehampionships l'or men and “omen. \\ ith the tittalil} itig rounds on the opening t\\o days.

Outside the cities

I Motor Racing: KDMC Bike Meeting Kttoekhill Raeing ('it'euit. Kttoekltill. I)util'ermline. (H.183 723337. I 5pm. LIZ tun. See Sal l.

I Football: Scotland v Germany :\llllUlltl\;tlL‘ Stadittttt. :\|tnottd\ale Stadiutti Road. I.i\ ittgston. (llfillo 417tltltl. 2pm. £3 ttl t The Seottish liootball ladies take on World (‘hampions (iertttan) in this International qualil)ing mateh lot" the \\'ottten's Iiuropean ('hatttpionship 2005.


I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships (‘raigloekhart 'I‘ennis ('etttt'e. I77 (’olinton Road. 444 ION). 'l'imes \at'}. See Sun 2.

Tuesday 4


I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships ('raigloekltat‘t 'I‘enttis (‘entre. ('oIitttott Road. 444 I009. limes \ar}. See Sun 2.

Wednesday 5


I Football: Hibernian v Partick Thistle liaster Road. I2 Albion I’Iaee. (tbl I375. 7.45pm. I’tmt' ttld l’at'tiels \ isil unhapp} old llibs in a less than et'ueial eIash. Roll on out season lads. eh‘.’

I Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Essex (irange ('t'ieket ('Iub. I’ortgouet‘ I’Iaee. Stoekbt'idge. 3|} 7430. Ill.45attt. £8 (to £4). Iltls (1&0 'I‘roph) mateh against Iisse\ is the Saltit'es' lirst home match ol their season. See panel.

I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships ('t'aigloekhart 'I‘etmis (‘etttre. I77 ('olittton Road. 444 ION). 'I‘imes \ar). See Stlll 3.


Outside the cities

I Horse Racing: Kelso Races Kelso Raeeeourse. 01573 334707. 3.05pm. thl ((5); under L'Ios l't'ee. Retired l'ttL‘eItttt'se I)eset't ()t'ellltl \\ ill be on \lttt“ to raise ltttttte} tor the RI..\’I.

Thursday 6


I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships (‘raigloelshart 'l’ennis ('etttt'e. I77 (’olittton Road. 444 No”. times \at'}. See Sun 3.


I Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v Glasgow Rugby Meadmxbank Sports ('enlt‘e. I39 l.ottdott Road. (ibl 53.“. 7.30pm. L'Ill {l5 tti LXI. (ilasgtm and lidinbut'gh go head to head in this ('eltie league match \\ here there is mostl} just pride tll \IttIsL‘.

I Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Somerset Sabres (it'ange (‘rieket (‘Iub. I’ot'lgou er I’Iaee. Stoekbridge. 3|.i 742i). Ipm. t'lt) t£7.5ll £5). \\'ill the Saltires be able to impro\ e on last season‘s l‘esttlls “hell the) Illttsltetl ‘Ittsl belou Somerset in the .\'(‘l.'.’

I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships (‘t'aigloekhart 'l‘ennis (‘entt'e. I77 ('olinton Road. 444 ION). Times \at'). See Sun 3.

Outside the cities

I Horse Racing: The MITIE Mile Hamilton I’ark Racecourse. Botlm ell Road. (INNS 333806. (l. lllpttt. LII) L”). The lirst e\ening ttteetittg ol the season l'eaturing the MINI; tnile.

Saturday 8 .


I Athletics: Scottish Championships for Blind and Physically Disabled Athletes Seotstoun l.eisure ('etttt‘e. Danes I)ri\ e. Setttsltttltt. 95‘) -l(lll(l. llattt. .’\llllL‘llL'\ ehatttpionship hosted b} Seottish l)isabilil_\ Sport.

I Football: Celtic v Rangers ('eltie I’ark. Kerr}daIe Street. l’at‘ldtead. 55l 8653. 3pm. 'l'het‘e ma} be no leagtte pri/e Ielt to tight l’ot' bttt an Old Firm mateh is still something l'or both sets ol‘ latis to sa\out'. .v\nd tto dottbl Henrik‘sson \\ ill \\am to mark his linal joust “ith the Ibt‘os del'enders \\ ith a l'lourish.


I Football: Hearts v Dunfermline Athletic 'I'}tteeastle Stadium. (iot'gie Road. Bill) 7301. 3pm. The third l‘oree take on the eup littalists itt “Ital should be a blood attd thunder tlllttlt'.

I Croquet: Secretary Trophy 'l'he \lL‘tttltM \ “I‘d. .\Iel\ lllt‘ l)t'i\L‘. 9.30am. Speetator-lriendl} eroquet tournament.

I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships (‘t'aigloekhart 'l'etinis (‘entt'e. I77 (‘oIinton Road. 44-1 ION). Times \at'}. See Sun 3.


I American Football: Scottish Claymores v Frankfurt Galaxy Ilampden I’ark. I.etItet'b} I)t'i\ e. (ilh (lllllll. 2pm. £8 £le ([4 t'l4l; l'amil} tickets

[33 £05. the (’la} mores laee l'il‘ttltlsllll‘l (iala\_\. “ho are leading in the NH. league at this earl} stage in the season.


I Tennis: 2004 Scottish Open Tennis Championships (‘raigloekhart ’l‘etmis ('entt‘e. I77 ('olinton Road. 444 Nb”. limes \at‘}. See Mon 3.

Outside the cities

I Motor Racing: Hot Hatch Knoekhill Raeing ( ireuit. Knoekhill. HHS} 733337. ‘lam 5pm. LS tL-ll. littjo) the ban and aetion at this traek da} and il' _\ou lane} ha\ ing a go )out'sell. get there earl).

Wednesday 12


I Football: Rangers v Hearts Ibt'o\ Stadium. litImistott l)ri\e. ()S7tl otltl I‘M}. 7,-l5pm. .‘\Iilt‘l' ttearl} eausing an upset at l’arkhead last month. Hearts \\Ill be hoping to go one better against the other ()Itl I-irm hall. .'\lltI. as the) seem to sa) e\er_\ time. the) 'II no er ga\ e a better ehanee than no“.