POP PRINCE Musicology lCUlLlHIhiilr 0.. Everyone is saying this is the ‘back to form’ album and we all know that means this isn’t anywhere near the quality of the good old days but, man, is it an improvement on the last few years of shite. And Prince really has been in the wilderness: those record label woes, the conversion to Jehovah and a selection of ponderous internet- only free jazz outings. From the opening ‘Musicology’ though to ‘Cinnamon Girl’ this is classic Prince, but right now that’s

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not enough. We want him to continue the revolution he started, not follow in its footsteps. Where is the sonic invention and sheer genius that marked the Dirty Mind (1980) to Lovesexy (1988) era? You certainly won’t be returning to this in ten years like you do Sign o’ the Times or any number of his true masterworks. OutKast have taken cyber-sex-funk one step further, bringing a futurism that is sorely lacking on Musicology. The man is a genius and one of the most vital guitarists and musicians the world has ever seen, but you can’t spend your life trading on past glories. Next time let’s take that leap you are so capable of. Let’s get cosmic. (Henry Northmore)

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Open House: The Best of Out of the Bedroom Vol 2

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the luer


the debut album released 26th april 04 cd/lp on domino

www.dominorecordco.com wwwfhebbeskinscom


The Times 4/5

The Guardian 5/5

Uncut 5/5

Sunday Times 3/3

Also available:

"‘5 DHQel DOCK-~and

roCKs for t h

5 track 12” + 2 DISC SET:

track (30 plus track DVD featuring Four Tet videos to date

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