(E) 144mm (4AD retail) 0..


To r‘ornr rde wrth the latest Best Of. . . collection (I rst relr air-d. AAD has compiled this DVD of early Prxres treats The tr 'e foot/roe is one of their first ever appearani ,es in the l 1K While It's a ll rddery. camcorder rah affair, It sen-es as an llldl( ator of the band's early promrse. The Videos. (on: ersely are seven great examples of bail. d- in or embarra‘ rug promo making The t.‘.o fr ~|lomng dol‘r rm Int tries one for Channel 4 called (30' roe a cute e- rlogy from (‘elehrttv fans the other On the Head. provide f' rrther insight into a band who were farrlv grounded when It came to rock star hysterrcs

(Mark Robert-on)


emu osz

‘Nhen Carry K tsprrov took on and beat the seemingly lrl‘.'ln(‘lhI0 Aniton K rrpov to become undisputed world champion in 1984. their epic clash became as legendary as the Borg/McEnroe. Davrs/Taylor, Watson/Nrcklaus seats from Our sporting life But thrs was nothing compared With the 199/ meetrng between Kasparov and Du :p Blue. an IBM (‘omp' rt- -r

programmed to have the abilities of a chess grandmaster. albeit vrrth marginally less of a personality Though it .e recr rrrrng vrs- ral references to the automaton Whl' h In at Napoleon at chew; and Kasparov's steely gr re get hung. this is a totall ,r fascinating slab of social. sr‘rentrfrc and sportrng history.

(Brian Donaldsom

HORIK )H LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3 (18) 81 min (Fritertainment rn VI too DVD/VHS retsrr' ’rr;ntal) “O

The thrrd part In the franchrse finally gets its first OflK‘ldl UK release. a mere 14 years after opening in the States Surely it was that incendiary. expl0rtatr 0 title rather than the actual content that caused the censors to prospect Nothrng has ever matched the grrttv horror of the orrgrnal. and this goes for a more straight down the line slt-rsher mode. a la Fruity 73th and H. rl/oween Genre laser rrrte Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and a pre 1 OTF? Viggo Mortensen pr rt rn solid. rf unremarkable. performances in this gruesome, light merght sequel. DVD extras include deleted scenes and the uncut versrons of the film

(Henry N ,rthrr; re)


(PG) 115min

(BFI D‘ ’D rm .l) moo

A god among pr 1 .t v.ar French filmmakers. Jean Pierre Mel rlle and hrs collected works are always worth revr' lll'h) If vou have any pa‘ won t. r r rnema This very


welrome DVD It lease of his 1961 medrlat'on on a small pro .‘llll 'ral town

dr rrrng the WWII German 0‘ ("t rpm ‘rn manages to he troth rrgr ,ror rs and hewrlderrngly emotue. New Wave heartthrob Jean Pierre Belmondo plays the radical priest who SS’III‘U; up a Cost 'rlt therapy style friendship v.rth single mum and atherst Fmrnanr relle Rra N-orther unfr h-onat le met'rohysr- al an'rlogy r‘. : trme h we wrtlrered thrs remark'rhle exr‘r rrsiron into Br'e<‘srri .. rn territory, A ley film rn M- l: ille's ultra Infl' rent- rl (anon Fxtras minim rl lr- rt interesting. (Paul D r!- )


(15) 93min

(Allllltlrll E ,0 0‘ ID T(:I


Al rderrz‘rhrn rne Sr: A ako's poetic glimpse of life on the edge of the

M r' rrrtanrrn desert r': lit '2 a long, empty. hot afternoon It's not bulging wrth plot or dralogr re bl rt this only amplifies rts strength as an eave< dropped record of Il‘.’(?‘3 in Irmho. A yor rng man rs vrsrtrng hrs mother before emrgratrrrg to Frrrope. He doesn't frt In With her Village's tradition'rl ways (17:) simply warts A small mph in r; apztn ntrcert to an old elm‘trrt ran .yho like many other characters. expresves vuth few words hrs

5 adne‘s about people's desrre to live el .ewhere. Every sh' rt rn thrs gentle requrem to companionship rs worth lrngering on. Minimal extras (Ashley Davres)



Mfr .0 ()f- ( (if l‘r »‘ LAUREL AND HARDY: THE COLLECTION (U) 3900mins

(I It .i .'(‘.r‘.fi| DVD It t

.Lil CO...

Timed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Unaccustomed as We Are - Laurel and Hardy’s first talkie - this 20 dlSC set is the last word on Stan and Ollie. Most of the features and shorts (including earfy silent films) benefit from digital restoration, and while the inclusion of attemative coloun'sed versions is wholly unnecessary and nothing short of sacrilegious. foreign language versions with Stan and Ollie delivering their dialogue in Spanish and German are priceless.

The films are collected across the 20 discs in thematic rather than chronological order, so that volume three, for example, features L&H’s most popular feature, Way Out West, along with shorts also featuring Scotland’s own master of the double take, James Finlayson.

Elsewhere, volume 14 gathers a number of shorts together under the banner, A Job to Do, and includes Stan and Ollie’s most famous film, the Oscar-winning The Music Box, wherein the boys hump a piano up a zillion flights of stairs . . . a dozen times over. Each volume is available separately, but if you go hog wild and buy the lot you get a bonus 21 st disc which boasts such rarities as the original 1930 version of Brats (the short in which Stan and Ollie play themselves as mischievous kids), which sports the long— missing introductory gag card, don‘t you know.

All of which anal—retentive attention to completeness does justice to not merely the most enduring comedy double act ever, but also the funniest comic duo in the history of laughter. (Miles Fielder)


(12) 108min

(l 1r rtrodome D‘ 'D T! t -'l O...

Tl‘e l, -r r". r t It”. I l I. )\ prof. st songs f. ~' over 11’) ,errs ef \'.l‘.'e


as at .lrn th-é (-turr,‘ i"?

I adrr'r‘it ap arthrm't. The film hrs an 1mm" r e ran. to of "1" :r rows VJ”) former a fr r‘ is ant mu .r. Itll‘1(ll'f§r‘ill‘.i'|’vl l‘, w often the two :tli‘. r‘or intry th rt utill l: r". a svn ll‘fnlrr is 1'1 ~th I t of' .rr‘zt rh' rl

i Am a) tr .1 it}; it e l‘ rrf'rl tr ii. iii r

I frewrentlvyhrrlrr it .15 r (a I steal )

i art‘hr.e fr; rt roe of Hr .? -ri.-; a r (rlTIl .lete (i)

: protwt~ funerals :rr‘l (.r n r: 11"» k of tin: fr"'r

rrr rts that rinrlly hrt h ill“ (I) --<i .l hot as)

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something tli =t r r rrnlrnr Iris tr rrr I? r .1


Thus there: rth; 3 engaging (tom rment'tr, traces how the M r' k

popi llfilIOH of 5’, rr rth

Africa tI rrnrd to m' r' r.:

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