1) Women's sports flip flop, £14.99. from Office; 2) Women's Rocket Dog thong, £19.99, from Office; 3) Women‘s Poste Mistress sandal, £34.99, from Office; 4) Men's flip flop with rattan strap, £10, from Accessorize; 5) Men’s Maharishi/ Gravis pool sandals, £55, from Cruise; 6) Women‘s slip on sandal, £24.99, from Office; 7) Women‘s Nike hanauma thong, £14.00, from Office; 8) Men’s Paul Smith thong. £25, from Cruise; 9) Women's stripe flip flop, £6, from Accessorize; 10) Men‘s Prada mule. £135, from Cruise; 11) Women's Nike La Haina patent flip flop, £29.99. from Schuh; 12) Women‘s Camper mule. £70, from Cruise; 13) Women's Hush Puppy suede flip flop, £34.99, from Schuh; 14) Women‘s Red or Dead plastic flip flop, £29.99, from Schuh; 15) Women‘s fabric flip flop with cherry detail, £12 from Accessorize; 16) Women‘s Fly Kiss ll flip flop, £59.99, from Schuh; 17) Women‘s Merrell Beluna Mesh flip flops, £44.99, from Schuh; 18) Men's Armani thong £30. from Cruise; 19) Women's Papillio mule, £50, from Cruise; 20) Women‘s sequinned flip flop, £8, from Accessorize. STOCKISTS: Schuh; 01506 468 762. Office: 0141 248 8346; 0131 220 4296. Cruise: 0141 572 3232, 0131 226 0840. Accessorize: 0141 248 7751; 0131 558 3544.

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Spend, spend. spend. . .

I How much are the annual student fashion shows worth? Every year, the fashion and textiles courses make big claims for their events, reminding us of the glittering alumni who passed through in prewous years, and offering up the tantalising

possibility that we might spot the next desrgner' who can square up to Hussein Chalayan or Julien Macdonald. Glasgow can claim a recent hit in the form of Jonathan Saunders, whose brilliant tailoring has earned him comparisons to Britain's very best tinker and tailor, Alexander McQueen (and a gig wnth the Londoner to boot). This year’s GSA fashion show took place just before we went to press, but down the M8 at the Edinburgh College of Art, can they boast similar successes? Well, up to a point. Last year, graduate Lyndsey Scott went on to win the Top Shop High Street Excellence Award at Graduate Fashion Week in London, but this year there is pressure to do even better. Success needn’t be at the level of couture. One of this year’s hot tips has worked with sponsor Cotton USA, developing textiles more likely to be found on the high street than in bespoke tailored garments. Henry Thorley (picture, above) has made a final collection entitled Luxury

.“9 A)»


Thievmg, which takes its inspiration, he says, ‘from philanderers and thieves of the last 300 years. I referenced the textile archives of the V&A, and east European gypSIes The tailoring influence in my collection came from my iesearch of 19205 gangsters and seventies dresses.’ If there's an edge of ‘criminally deViant style‘ in his designs for everyday wear, let’s hope that the collection also turns out to be criminally good. The shows take place from Wed 12 to Fri 14 May, and for details of how to buy tickets, visit www.fashionshow.e ca.ac.uk.

I Hm k in Ulasguw :<.:;.:;z*.l graduates sit ..ilt.‘k:l\ D‘,‘ jufii Wllll Zulu ubldtfiiblli’fu Maine, lion; me ivorlO ul )t;‘.‘«t:l|t:l‘y at Dazzle a sclii. lg exhibition at Princes Squaw Hun. but 1 May Exhibitors

.i :Liud‘c; Kathleen

Bdiiu‘y, i‘vllt’mc {,EXIlcl\)lOIllcxfy pieces ..(;l a .tm it: accomplished walk in isilvei and gold ninth llie use of sugai Crystals which bailey actually glows onto me metal to (Ilecilé: bizarre [INC Lil Ill HUS aggiesswe looking Jewellery See

.‘i'ww zone (1 CHI“ 10! more infomialion

I Velvet Boutique is a design fair taking place at St Stephen’s Church in Edinburgh on Sat 8 May. It focuses on design and fashion from Scofland,and includes local Edinburgh talent Laura Baillie. For more information check out www.velvet boutique.co.uk.

1.3I‘V1it. . Um; THE LIST 115