wildlife watching and \yatcrspons to cycling holidays and absciling. For relaxation in the extreme. (iohhin‘s l odgc (ol~ hut tub fame) in l.arnc is the ultimate. Beautifully sitttatcd amidst l-l acrcs ol~ unspoiled woodlands and with exemplary \‘icws to the Scottish (‘oast and thc Mull of Kintyrc. it proyidcs rccrcation without any of thc

al'l‘cctation of so many of othcr R&R cstahlishmcnts. Proprietor Sally Mcckin. a former nurse. is notath \ycll-ycrscd in health promotion and stress managctncnt. With eight cnsuitc twin

rooms. and 'rclax. you‘re at your

auntic‘s‘ decor and furnishings. the Lodge houses an exercise room. spa baths. sauna and steam rooms. This is clcarly run by the indiyidual for the indiyidual. 'l‘hc mantra is simplc: rcst. relax and revitalise.

lior hardcore rccrcationalists. yisitors

are encouraged to take part in programmes promoting a healthier lil‘cstylc through dict. gcntlc exercises and relaxation techniques. hating is a communal thing. :\s we sit down for dinner. a platter of fruit is produced. alongside water and fruit tca. A tantalising plate of chocolate protitcrolcs is presented. and my compadrcs and l are told




it is our ‘choicc' whether we should dabble with such a sinful dish Dubious rcycrsc psychology aside. it works no one touches them and we all opt for the more nutritious mclon option Within hours. we feel the rcyyards later in the cycning. guests are encouraged to read in the lounge and indulge in the treatments ayailahlc until 0pm

liycrything from therapeutic massages to mttlti yitamin facials arc ayilablc. as are reflexology. Indian Head massagc and easing. the masscurs’ approach is personal :\t the end of my reflexology scssion. my therapist hugs me and tells me I will he ‘inspirational‘ in tny lil'c 'l‘cleyision is non csistcnt as total relaxation of the mental faculties is key. Pan pipc f‘Ds arc in cyidcncc hut guests arc also united to bring their own music into the liying areas. 'l’yyo days in the lodge feel like a lifetime. lcaying an

intense l’ccling of calm. Bcl‘orc. ol' course. hopping in the car and heading hack for a final night ol dcbauchcty at the hands of Belfast's finest hangouts

Book for direct flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow at www.ryanair.com or www.casyjetcom



Fifth Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival The incomparable Dylan Moran. filthmeister Jerry Sadowitz. lyrical masters Arab Strap, king of dance David Holmes: the list of performers for this year‘s Arts Fest is a long one. When the multi faceted Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival leapt into life five years ago. few knew how s iccesstul it would become Straddling mainstream and leftfield. this annual fiesta firmly places Belfast on the cultural map This year's highlights. which are still bookable. are impressive in the extreme, whether your penchant be theatre. comedy. art or music. Even the written word gets a Iookin. with a hearty array of speCial events Theatre buffs might remember Ransom Productions acclaimed showing of Hurricane.

Jhich did the rounds throughout the UK last year This year the insoired company presents Protestants from the pen of Robert Welch. whi!e the aforementioned combined comedy genius of Moran and Sadowit7 should provide enough linguistic revelry and acerbic observational mayhem to shame the most trained of comedy giggoers.

The appearance of Alas air Campbell (see feature. page 1?) and the separate Putting the Pink into Pelitics' debate with comedtan Scott Capiirrn. local activists and politicians. ensure a. mix determined to edtxfate and en'nnnin Don't miss it

The Fifth Cathedml

Quarter Arts Fee t/va’ take: place {’9 Apr» 0 May. Eco< now at

with: . Coat. com

-‘ TTHE LIST 117