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1 Pixies

Records/DVD Just over ten years since the Boston quartet split. the greatest hits are released to herald the reincarnation of possibly the finest indie band ever. The DVD is patchy bi it the album is near perfect. See Records, page 106 and DVD. page 111. 4A0.

2 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Film Writer Charlie Kaufman and director Michel Gondry’s genuinely inventive comedy of relationship mores and the memory removal business may well be Kate Wrnslet and Jim Carrey’s finest hour See f ilm. page 28 General release.

3 Triptych

Music/Clubs Whether its roots reggae. underground hip hop. fragile acoustica or legendary punk, this festival delivers: Jerry Dammers, Madlib (pictured). John Peel and Wire are among those delivering the goods. See Music. page 49, Clubs, page 80 and Answer Machine, page 128. Various venues.

4 The Beta Band

Music They’re finally finding their equilibrium With their third long player. Heroes to Zeroes, a perfect balance of pop familiarity and unpredictable Silliness And live they’ll do it wonderful iustice too See Musrc, page 47 Barrow/and. Glasgow

5 Derren Brown

Magic/TV Lay yourself bare to the penetrating gaze and controlling mind of the Croydon conji iror. let’s get psychological in the flesh or on the box. See Theatre listings, page 74. Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow; Festival Theatre. Edinburgh; Channel 4.

6 Moyna Flannigan

Art A contemporary take on the portrait miniature as Flannigan unveils her new commrssroned portraits of fictional characters rendered in watercolour and gouache on vellum See Art, page 91. National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

77 New Zealand Ballet

Dance Manchester choreographer Christopher Hampson brings a fresh Matrix-like spin to Romeo and Juliet plus a triple bill including a tribute to Kiwi band Split Enz. See Theatre, page 67. Theatre Royal, Glasgow; Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.

8 Performance

Film Beautiful and very welcome crisp new print of Nic Roeg and Donald Cammell‘s fractured 1970 journey into the dark heart of the post hippy dream Stamng Mick Jagger and James Fox. this is unmissable. See Film. page 29 Cameo Edinburgh

9 Beltane

Festival Beltane makes a welcome retl irn amid a flurry of titillation and speculation. Funding restraints mean revellers have to pay for their pleasure but the debauchery barometer promises to be as fruity as ever. See City Life listings, page 101. Gallon Hill, Edinburgh.

10 Laurel & Hardy

DVD Timed to celebrate the Math anniversary of their first talkie. this 20 disc set is the last word on Stan and Ollie. It contains all the classrc shorts, many rarities and even colounsed and foreign language versrons See DVD. page 103 Universal