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I Romantic loving fun male. 54. R/D GSOH. overweight. easy-going. laid- back. good lifestyle. Into writ- ing/ artist/ nights in/ fun/ indep. travel/ eating in/out / walking/ switnming/ music/ conversa- tion/ Scots/[J S history & others. video. reading cinema occasion- ally not pubs/ clubs. Seeks sitti- ilar slim/attrative female 23-45 no ties car/hottse for possible LTR. (ilasgow area. (Box Number: P/493/l)

Tall, handsome, professional, 45, Edinburgh based. equally at home in city and countryside. with interests ranging frotn opera and ballet to night-clubs and parties. and from city breaks to rural retreats. seeks stylish attractive partner. as pleasures are double and chal- lenges halved when shared. Just as I would not place an ad. so you would not normally respond. Take a chance. nothing ventured nothing gained! Letter and photo ensures reply. (Box Number: P/493/2)


I Sorted creative pro- fessional woman 30's seeks warm intelligent man 3-1- 45 at ease with himself and with a sense of adventure. Perhaps science orientated. (Box Number: P/493/3)

WOMEN SEEKING WOMEN I Tall, dark, gorgeous

female with confidence and intelligence. interested in the arts. wanted by similar 30's - 50's. (Box no: P/493/4)


I Tank commander with no 'no go areas' WLTM black swan with BSOl-l for lifetime of Sunday mornings. (Box no: P/493/5) )


V I Saw You gorgeous blonde wearing pink ln M&S. glasgow central on 9/4/04. Me wearing jacket and jeans. short spiky hair. buying champagne. You looked across... mtntn you are very nice. where were you going I wonder‘.’ Will our paths cross again‘.’ [7493/]

V I Saw You Behind me at the checkout. supermarket


124 THE LIST 29 Apr— 13 May 2004

shopping. afternoon Monday April 19th. Wanted to talk. bttt didn't. You looked over as you left. Would love to meet for a drink. U/493/2

V I Saw You JC pished as a fart at the heavy metal extrava- ganza at the Bar Fly. If you wore your brown outfit. you would stand out more fanny face. U/-l‘~)3/3

V I Saw You at the charity gig on llth April. at the Barfly. You were wasted bttt soo tine xx. From the guy with the ponytaill! U/493/4

V I Saw You Barfly Thurs. Dark hair and dark rimmed glasses. You smiled at me across the room and I smiled back xxx. U/493/5

V I Saw You moody guy. smoking at the bar. Barfly. Thurs. Me sexy cardi (milling at the bar cos l'tn bored). U/493/o V I Saw You in Barfly. Thursday. after Uncle Jack. Having sex in the guy‘s bogs ID! that was me!! U/493/7

V I Saw You pretty green eyes. blonde hair sitting on the no.23 bus. on Wed 3 Apr. [/493/8

V I Saw You walking past tne on Kelvinbridge. (‘ome make sweet love to me! [3/493/9

V I Saw You ginger-haired (il’l‘ ticket girl in cin. 2 on Friday lhth April. You are beautiful! From a handsome admirer... U/493/lll

V I Saw You with your dis- gusting trousers in Brel in Ashton Lane. Have you been golfing? How sad. L'/-I‘)3/l l

V I Saw You in Moskito on Bath St. steaming those coffees with your long blond hair + lovely earings... let's get steamy together. love la xxx. U/493/12

V I Saw You on the Belle & Sebastian cover. Dear. dear. catastrophe waitress get in touch. U/493/l3

V I Saw You cheeky monkey at 2 Many DJs. Barrowlands. You looked cute in a red Vans hoody until you started fighting and hit a wall! Ul-l‘)3/l4

V I Saw You my Beanscene baby (aww she's so cute). ()nly took tne 18 months. Are you impressed? Loads of love fae the bearded one xxx. U/4‘)3/15 V I Saw You lovely frootie boy in Peckhatns. Nice nipple let's get organic some time... U/4‘)3/ 16

VI Saw You Special Peg. with eyes that shine and a free spirit that dances in the most sexy grooves of life. Keep it real. we're watching over you! U/4‘)3/ 17

V I Saw You in Polo Lounge. der sexy junge. der in meinem BU. workshop war. lirinnerst du mich'.’ (' x. [5/493/18

As featured on GMTV. The Herald. Sunday Times and Metro

"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? You'd have to be stupid not to give it a go" Matt Lawson. marketing manager. aged 34

tel: 08702 430 935. - WWW.SPEEDDATER.CO.UK

VI Saw You J to the line with the cool do. You rock everyone's world! Love (‘raig U/4‘)3/l‘)

V I Saw You in Moskito with your lovely straightened blonde mullet behind the bar. Fancy getting ya brown wings‘.’ Mmm‘.’ U/4‘)3/2()

V I Saw You buy your hot chocolate from Tinderbox. although we've met briefly before. Let's meet for juice + chat. From Mr. Black Bench zipper. U/493/Zl

V I Saw You Princess Moomin. in the library? What has become of you? Good luck in your finals. you've got to get at least a 2:l to laugh at Bryson. ()k'.’ Then we can have Glasgow fun week and the rest of our lives. Lots of love. Ul-l‘)3/22

V I Saw You Bartnan in Buff Club with your afro and your Beyoncé-type rutnp. How else to approach you‘.’ Hmmm U/-l93/23

V I Saw You Diva (0‘ the Armani opening in Edinburgh. Loved the classic tailoring. the chic surroundings. but more than all that the way you looked when I squeezed your hand. U/493/24


V I Saw You Nicola. Karen & The Jacksonettes funkin' (0‘ Bootylushous (medina). I want you back! Maybe 2nd May'.’ ti know where it's at! U/493/25 V I Saw You cute bloke in Beanscene (29/2). Did I see you again in St Andrews Square last Saturday? I 10/4) U/4‘)3/27

V I Saw You getting your coffee at (‘affe Lucano. I looked down and saw a child and your pointed shoes. You smiled and left without the wee girl. Why not join me next titne. L7/493/28

V I Saw You again Mr. Yellow Line in the sculpture court on l9th April.You looked so contained. Control my zone or I'll be forced to book you! U/J‘)3/29

V I Saw You but not for long enough. Won’t be long now though baby. [3/493/30

V I Saw You and now I know that Air Supply are right. if only il could sing it to you again it'd be better again love you pump- kin x U/4‘)3/3|

V I Saw You and all I need is one more try with you... it could be Halloween every day for us kittie Xxx U/493/32

V I Saw You gorgeous (‘anadian in Bruntsfield blonde hair and glasses. fancy a coffee sometime? Maybe we could play capitals? X [7493/33