V I Saw You liC‘A sexy Irish girl. You interviewed me but didn't give me the job! I guess you'll have to buy me a drink to make up for it... [7493/34

V I Saw You diggin deep in the ()xfam Record Shop. Stockbridge. That red skirt. nearly made me miss the Percy Faith albtun! [7/493/35

V I Saw You Dogma. (‘alton Studios. I gave it the nice com- ment + we shared some cool moments land a kiss or 2|. Havent clubbed in ages. Last time u wore a pvc red devil's outlit. I wore my usual long hair and scrufliness. Would love 2 meet for pints + chatz. [7493/36 V I Saw You liaster Monday. (iairloch Campsite. You. sexy female. red jacket. red (iolf car. packing tent away. Me. male. black jacket. arrived to meet friends camped beside you. Saw you again in local cafe. l-‘ancy pitching a tent together somewhere? [7493/37 0 I Saw You in Pop Rocket on (iood Friday - think your name's Neil - laughing about the mad ScoUser on the train. Think you're quite sweet. Would u like to pop my rocket sometime'.’ [7493/38

V I Saw You today (Thur 22- 04-04)!! I was simply in a cam- era shop in Bruntslield where you entered - like the sunshine on my tombs of hope!!! You gave me a very polite smile and I gave you one back - you made me blush 2-)! then I Saw You again - not H) minutes later on Brunstslield Road! You gave me another one of those smiles and then you where gone! I feel like I should know you but I don't and I want to! You - light long hair. light brown fabric coat and amazing! Me - not much hair. black bikerjacket. blue com- bats! liancy meeting up}!!! NH [7493/39

V I Saw You for the last 6 months rocking my world - I love you FOPPI'IRS! Love Rhiannon [7493/40

V I Saw You l.ou; eyes like stars. hair like snakes. To me you always look great!! :-) [.7493/4l V I Saw You one of the Villager people. I like your face! From the pretty Asian girl. [7493/42

V I Saw You Blueberry Puflin. looking boss in your new coat. Love you always - The Inner Self. [,7493/43

V I Saw You one year ago at The llollyrood Tavern. Here's to another wonderful year. Sarah x. [7493/44

V I Saw You overweight in last season's 'I‘KMaxx. Basement Bar. Let's jaxx off. loser. [.7493/45

V I Saw You wearing your kill (a‘ Drop the Anchor. I l/4. Hope all your new gold dreams come true. (‘ [,' down the disco! [.7493/46

V I Saw You in Pear Tree. You had a blue jacket on. I think your name is Rosie Reid. l have fallen in love with you. Wee Reid. [7/493/47

V I Saw You lleecing your fancy. I'd like to 'ram' you Shawn. [7493/48

V I Saw You sexy IiC‘A shop lady. You're a hottie! An art student. [7/493/49

VI Saw You chilling at the Basement. 1 want to know more about your sexy Swedish her- itage... [.7493/50

V I Saw You word up! In da adidas grey top. You be lit as. Deal with it and I be dealin wit you. Call. . .v L7493/5l

V I Saw You bunny rabbit. looking well lit in the Basement. Just wanted to say well done! (‘all... (‘harlie xxx. [7/493/52

VI Saw You playing a gig. you were amazing and I want that punk ass body of yours... (‘all me. [7493/53

V I Saw You Mr T in the Park'. chillin' at the Basement. You gave me a fag - let me return the favour! [.7493/54

V I Saw You Him. In your Hawaiian shirt. l'd kiss the dirt (Basement Boy). beneath your feet. oh can we meet. and dance to the beat of my heart. you tart. [.7493/55

V I Saw You 'l'alza. Tma my (ireek goddess. You are out of control. wild. Animal. (iood luck on your (‘PA chick.v [7493/56 V I Saw You The Bear drinking from his honey pot in the Basement. All bears should stick together. [7493/57

V I Saw You dark haired lawyer from (ilasgow: Alan it was. in the Basement. about midnight. going to Metrosexual. [,' sexy fucker. [.7493/58

V I Saw You Russell. you dirty bottomed fat boy. Let's do the collapse. snuggle bunny. [7493/59

V I Saw You Andrea. in the Basement bar with Radio Magnetic people. (‘all me and dance with my zebra. [7493/60 0 I Saw You at the [fnnecessary Surgery gig. You were dressed like one of the llives. I was too drtmk to speak. [.7493/61

V I Saw You holding a candle. it was reflecting on your metalic top. You sound- ed Spanish through the ether. or was it the Mezcal'.’ [l/493/62

V I Saw You in Bar Kohl. like your hairstyle. could you introduce me to your hairdress- er'.’ Hope I see you over the weekend. [.7493/63

V I Saw You light you‘re at on lire in Bar Kohl. You can move!! llolla back. l)on Magic Juan. [7493/64

IL'L'L. ’1‘ ' L:

V I Saw You in Bar Kohl doin the tundaclap on the dance floor with your funky braids. You winked at me. See you liridav'.’ [7493/65

V I Saw You back that thang up in Bar Kohl. Saturday! ()oh. hit me baby one more time! See you Saturday. [7/493/66

VI Saw You drinking a choc mint martini in Bar Kohl. (‘an I buy you one next time'.’ Big Boppa. [7/493/67

V I Saw You (‘urly. in Bar Kohl again. You make me tin- gle all over. Hope it lasts forev- er and ever. The Mac. [7493/68

O I Saw You 28/03 4pm. liast Princes Street gardens near the stairs. I'm (tall. blonde. brown trousers) not only wear- ing shoes for walking in the mountains. Like to see tne in high heels'.’ [7492/l [7493/69 V I Saw You Sam. we chatted in ()pal lounge 27/03 wish I'd asked for your num- ber. me tall. brown hair. you blonde accountant. Fancy a drink sometime'.’ Jamie. [7493/70

V I Saw You in the main store of Boots on Princes Street 20/04. You gave me 2 samples of Brylcreem and I couldn't work out why as I have no hair! You-dressed all in fantastic red. with a fantastic hat! Me-leather biker coat. jeans. I thought you were fantastic! I wish I asked your name. btit felt hassling you for free samples which i didn't even need was enough. l-‘ancy going out‘.’ Mr .\'. ['/492/l [7493/7]

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