. great fire of London, the great plague. the restoration Answer of the monarchy. It must have been extraordinary.

What’s your favourite biscuit?

. . I have diabetes so I have to be a bit careful. but I The mOSt recognlsable VOICe on used to be very keen on Ginger Nuts.

the radio, JOHN has been ls having the most recognisable voice in radio a

' 9 broadcasting for over 40 years. “955mg °' 3 W88-

, . . YOu get so many difterent responses. you'd be NOW he 8 coming to at Triptych. amazed how many people think I'm Bob Harris.

Sometimes they get quite stroppy. like some fella in a

Anything at Triptych caught your eye? pub in north l-ondon a few years; ago. in the end I had There's an amazing amount of stuff on. Until I got the to say. “all right. I am Bob Harris' otherWise l was booklet I hadn't realised the extent of the festival, and geing to get whacked. There are loads of old fat

as | read through it I thought. 'hmm, I'd like to see gee/ers Without much hair and beards arOund. If it is that'. so hopefully I'll get to see quite a bit of stuff. a compensation, one of the things about getting older It seems like your kind of festival. is you do become sort of inVisible.

Yeah. I'm always slightly wary of doing these things Where does that accent come from?

myself. Obviously, I don't do anything but stand there I don't really know; it's an accumulation of things. I and play records so I was hoping people WOuld dance. used to sound like a minor member of the royal family But they didn't. they JUSi stood there and looked at me. while I was at boarding school. then in the army it

Do you still have a touch of trepidation before became a serious disadvantage to talk like that.

your DJ sets? because people wanted to give you a good kicking. Of course. I just think about all the gigs that haven't so I tried to lose a bit of that. I lived in Texas for four worked. where people JUSi stand there looking rather years and it became a drawled version of a middle impatient wondering who's that fat bastard and why's class English accent, then when I first met my Wife. he playing us all these awful records? Sheila. she had a very strong Yorkshire accent. So it's Will you still be playing ‘Teenage Kicks’? JtlSi a mixture of influences. times and places.

Since it came out I don't think I have ever done a gig How do you keep up the enthusiasm for new without playing it. music?

Are your children embarrassed by their dad? It seems to me to be a natural response to music. to They are drifting from embarrassment to a sort of always be interested in hearing stuff you haven't pride. There is an advantage that John Peel isn't my already heard. Like reading newspapers. I'm a lot

real name [it's John Robert Parker Ravenscroft]. so more interested in reading today's newspaper than they don't have the same Surname as me. People yesterday's. though obviously I'd be even more

aren't always coming up to them saying, ‘isn't your interested in reading tomorrow/"s.

dad that twat on the radio?’ I John Peel DJs at Triptych: Tramway. G/asgow. Fri When in history would you love to have lived? 30 Apr; The Venue. Edinburgh. Sat I May. His radio

I think the most interesting time to have existed would programmes are every week on BBC Radio 7. Tue- have been about the time of Samuel Pepys' diary: the Thu. 10pm: (Hid BBC Rad/O 4. Sat. 961/77.

John Fa rate”

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Max Flair, Director of Style, invites


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