Mak One, Glasgow

comprehensive record of the best work here and abroad. describes how stenciling‘s roots lie in South America in the l‘).’~()s. 'It “as a political tool by lett-wing lc‘\t)lllllt)llitl'lc.\. As part of modern gialt‘iti. it‘s probably been commonly Used since the late l9‘)t)s. and is now very \xidespiead as a form of street art. The likes ol‘ London based gialliti artist Banksy haxe helped catalyse the movement. usually giving it a political edge that traditional gialliti doesn‘t littVC so much ol'.‘

increasingly. giall‘iti is being accepted into legal culture. although it vtill ithtt}s avoid being mainstream. Just as hip hop is now incorporated into music by an eX-l)isncy cltrb presenter. spray paint can now be ordered liom attractive sites on the internet. And no one is claiming they come liom the ghetto. as the artists featured on these pages agree. But the subxersixe urge remains: new sty les are emerging and there are still barren walls and train tunnels tempting the aim of a no//.|e and s\\ eep ol a spray can

Elph. Edinburgh

Elph, Edinburgh

Derm, Edinburgh

The godfather of Scottish graffiti, Glasgow-based artist Mak One, has been daubing walls for nearly three decades. As www.makt coin reveals: 'Mak One started his career in giattiti in the late r’Os by putting up "mentions" in his area iii Glasgow. With the hip hop explosion ot the early 80:; he took his mentions to a mom artistic level' He is still doing some of the most innovative work rll Glasgow and even has a colour narned alter hiiii. lhis colour is made by Monster Golors. whose website reveals that he started his career as a roadie for the Grateful Dead. before working \"."|lll such legends as Gram Parsons and the llyzttg Burrito Brothers. among others. Monsteicolonsconi goes on to claim: 'l’OlIUE‘Jillg his arrest crossing the Mexican border in 19H. he was charged With huinan tratticking, possession of narcotics and unlawful pornographic imagery. He failed to apnear in court to lace charges. and is i)()ll("}VC(,i to be living somewhere in the outskirts of Glasgow. where he continues to drive rigs' He was also. it is claimed. a mechanic for [.vel Knievel on his ill fated Grand Canyon iurnp.

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