The guide to events in central Scotland

The Front Scotland finally gets its cultural review and we interview the man in the hot seat . . 1 Meet Ubiquitous Girl, our new cartoon anti-heroine . . . Plus letters on Italian films, jumping out of planes. and a Green MSP on the need for a zero waste policy.

Highlights 12 Alastair Campbell lvlr Spin reveals all about his raunchy private life. OK, he doesn’t really. But Nick

Barley imagines he catches a glimpse of the real man behind the public facade.

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In our celebrated annual Eating & Drinking Guide, over 800 reviews of the best restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh

14 Graffiti As Grid Iron gears up for its new graffiti— inspired production. Fierce. we put the case for spray can art and meet Scotland‘s best practitioners.

18 Downloading Legal music downloading is coming your way. Mark Robertson goes online to find out just how easy it is to buy some decent tunes.

20 Pornography As Wonder/and takes another filmic trip through the world of the sex industry. Paul Dale looks at how porn came off the top shelf and into the mainstream.

24 Robert Altman We get an audience with the man behind MASH, The P/ayer, and new film The Company.

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47 The Beta Band What are they doing breaking into a car? Whatever their weird antics, the Beta Band’s new album shows them at the peak of their form.

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I 2 Two bottles of Warre’s Otima ten-year—old port for this issue’s top letter

I 1 1 Offers page: Win T Break tickets and lager, film tickets to Wonderland, 25% off at Mamma’s pizza

or I 23 Win a trip to New York with a free dip in the Blue Lagoon

on the way

I 90 A-List discount clubbing card

I 1 1 1 Win a copy of Amandla on DVD

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