Tales from Gimli Hospital (the) O... ((iuy .\laddIn. ('anada. I‘ISS‘I Kyle .\lc('ulloc|I. .\lIchael (iotti. .\ngela lleck. 77mm. Blurrng the line between weird and xtrange. \laddm'x liIxt leature Inmex between the old and the new l'acex of a hoxpital III Manitoba. (‘anada III a by gone age of gamblng denx and Innocent erotic Idy le. .-\x a mother liex dying. tlIc grandIIIother comlortx her children w Ith talex of larger than life characterx. l'.lll.tl' and (iunnar. who rexided in the (illllll of old. .\ luxttliably celebrated cult claxxtc. ("t '.l. (i/uv‘um.

Le Testament D’Orphée l (S)

.0. (Jean ('octcau. l‘rance. Ittot)» Jean ('octeau. lidouard Dermithe. Jean .\l.iraIx. _\lat‘ia ('axarex. Yul Brynncr. S hunt The enlant terriblc'x xccottd dip Into the ()rphenx legend wax alxo hix laxt film. and pretty obxcure It Ix too. unlexx you're familiar w ith hix earlier work. ililllx tune. [headx little bttt recycled Imagery to xee ax ('octeau allow x hunxelf to be o\crw helmed by a barrage of lantaxy and pexxInIIxnI. c\entually gi\IiIg tip (It) the real world allogclltt't‘. (i/‘JI. (i/(Hg'rm. There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble (l3) .0. (John Ila}. IR. 2000) l.cwa .\chen/Ic. (iIna \chec. Robert (‘at'ly le. I05IIIIII. l.Ile cottld not be \wae lot‘ IS year old Jimmy (irIIanc (.\chen/Ict. The poor lad dI'eaIIIx of becoming a prolcxxional footballer. but the moment he lIItx the pitch lIIx xkill dexertx IIIIII. I'.\crytlIng changcx when a (ramp gi\ ex Jimmy an old pair ol football bootx. wluch turn IIIIII Into a demon on the pitch and alxo allcct c\ct'yone around IIIIII for the better. Including lIIx cow ed l’l: teacher ((‘arly Ie). l)cxpttc a title which pt‘oclaIIIIx the umquencxx ol Itx hero. therc‘x nothing qupI‘IxIng or paItIcuIaI'ly Indt\ Idttal about tlIIx cute urban fairy tale. Nun/1 [Jilin/Hugh .lll\ (.t Hire. la/(II/nu'g/I. Tibetan Films In honour ol a \IxIt Irom llix lloltncxx 'lihc l)al.u lama to Izdmbutgh. tIIIx Ix a bite! xclcctIon ol lilmx looking at lile III libel and Bhutan \ixtt

w w w.IiltIIlIouxe.coIn or pick up a broclnuc for more dctatlx.

Tokyo Story I l ‘i 0.... ( Iaxuiuo ( )xu. Japan. I‘IF i) ('IIIxIIu Ryu. (‘lIIcko lligaxhiyatna. Sctxuko Ilaia. llatuko Suguuuia. So Yatnatntua. Kumko \ltyakelildcrly couple Shukixhi (Ryu) and loin) (IltgaxluyanIaI lca\c then pro\ IncIal home to \ IxIt thcu' two married children It) poxt wat' lokyo lhelt ollxpt‘tug. how net. are too buxy w Ith tIIcIr lI\cx to look alter then) properly and xcnd them to a IIony xpa I'exort. Realixtng they are a thIchI. (homer and father return home. with only their widowed daughlet -tn law \ot‘iko (llara)

ha\ Ing xliown them any real coIIIpaxonn. Then an unc\pected bcIca\enIcnt rcumtcx the dtxparate lamIly IIIembch. ()Iu'x brilliant xctnmal meditation on age and the generation gap wax .Ilw.I_\ x one of cIIIenIa‘x poxt war maxtcrptcccx; here III Itx new I‘cixxued cleaned tip lorIII ll Ix breathtaking. It you ha\cn't xecn tlIIx beloie tlIcn nIIxx at _\ottt' [Will ("Ii/new. la/ut/mrg/i.

Milight of the Ice Nymphs (the) O... ((iuy \laddtn. (‘anada. I‘M") l’axcalc Buxxtcrcx. Shelley l)u\a|l. l'raIIk (it)l'\l)ttt. :\lIcc Ktigc. Rll 'l'hotnxon. Roxx .\lc.\ltllan. I0anIn. 'lakIIIg Itx lead from the decadent magical endowmenton illx

mo\ Iex like ReInlIardLl)IctrIclc'x .-l JIII/wmmel' \‘(e/It'x lh‘eum tlIIx ornate. baroque lair) talc Ix dclimtcly an acquired taxtc but xo lull ol xt:angc acccntx. IoIIIaIItIc muxic and lloiid colourx ll Ix dIllictIlt not to be xwept tip by Itx xurI‘cal camp tide. (t '.l. (i/Itig'uii.

0 The Nilight Samurai I In. C... (You Yamada. Japan. lllII-I) llIonukI Sanada. Ric .\lIya/awa. \cnit Kobayaxhi. ch ()xugt. IZ‘IIIIIII. Sec renew. Pdf_‘L' ('(K ' Nell/HM XII-((1. (f/(HQUH ,'

I '(i( '. lat/In/uu'glt.

Under the Tuscan Sun l l_‘:\l

O. (Audrey Wellx. I'S/ltaly. 300-1) I)Iane lane. Sandta ()h. l.indxa_\ l)uncan. llimm. .\n unlaItlIlnl adaptation ol I'Ianccx \laycx' atitobiogtaplucal book about IIct quIIIIIcI‘x xpcnt with her new l()\t'l I'cnmating a home III the 'luxcan IIIIIx. \Vellx tloex lllllc lo dtxglttxc lllc lact lltttl lllt‘ Inxptration lor I.aIIc Ix (imlictta .\laxxIn.I III

the l't‘llllll claxxIc Melt/I of ('Iilu'rm. 'l‘he l‘L‘llltll referencex do Iiot xtop there: Duncan e\ en takex a dip III a fountain a la Anita l-.kberg III In l)u/ee lilu. l'nfortunately. \Vellx gI\ ex Itx l‘elIuIi ax xeen through the cycx ol a .\ltllx and Boot) tIo\el. \Vhet‘eax l'L'llllll exxaycd the troubled internal conflict of a woman III a lIeat‘tlcxx world. Wellx deli\erx only artilice and cliche. Unntittimt. l.I/I)I/)1()'e/I.

Valentin (l’( i) .0. (.v\|c_iandro .v\grexti. .-\rgentina/Netherlandx. 3003) (‘arincn \laura. Julieta (‘ardinali. Rodrigo \oya. Sonnn. l’oor. lunny. xad Valentin. lllx IIIotlIcI' walked out on him. leay iIIg ailing grandma .v\buela (.\laura) to bring him up alone III xuburban Buenox :\irex. I'iather'x

.beent. too. trtnelling the world on buxinexx.

Ieturmng occaxionally only to xhow off a new girlfriend. w ho ne\ er laxtx. When Valentin getx lo xpend the day with one. l.etIcIa (gorgeoux (‘ardinali ). he fallx in low and Imploi'cx her to become hix new mother. Will the precoeIoux kid get a mummy or not .’ Argentina continnex itx winning xtreak ol lilIII e\portx (Nine Queenx and The Sun o/ the lint/e) with thix xlIort and xweet dratna tlIat'x iuxt about the right xide of xaccharme. ('umeo. lat/mlmre/i.

Van Helsing ( 13A) (Stephen Sommerx. IS. 3004) Hugh Jackman. Kate Beckinxale. Richard Ro\but‘gh. l)a\id Wenham. Shuler Ilenxley. Will Ketnp. l-lSmin. During the late 10th century. In (iabt'icl Van Ilelxing (.lackIIIan). Inonxter hunter e.\traordinaire. headx to eaxtern liurope to battle with (’ount l)t'acula (Rmburgh). the Wolf Man (Kemp) and l-rankenxtein‘x .\lonxter (llenxley). By hix xide Ix the no ixhing .v\nna (Beckinxale). a member of a fatnin committed to ridding the world of e\ il. Big budget horror action lltck. Renewed next ixxue. (ieneru/ re/euxe. Le Voyage Dans la Lune (A Trip to the M00") lllk’) ((ieorgex .\leliex. l‘lt'ance. I003) Victor Andre. Bleuette Bernon. Brunnet. .lcanne d'.v\lc_\. llenri I)elannoy, l)epierre. l-‘ariaut. Zlmin. Baxed on Julex \ernc‘x optIIIIixtIc no\ el. tlIix wax the lirxt xcience fiction film e\ er made. (ieorgex \leliex' xIlent picture ix abotit a group of axtronomerx who trayel to the moon in a capxule xlIot from a giant cannon and ix xtill a lantaxtic \oyage after all thexe yearx. l'fllll/IUIIH'. Iii/III/Iure/I.

The Lion King (l's l)ixne_\ ‘x lirxt animated leature gel the WAN treatment. /.l/.l.\.. (i/inunu.

Waking Ned tl’(i) ooo (Kirk Jonex. l‘K. 1008) Ian Bannen. l)a\id Kelly. l'Ioqula l‘lanagan. Ulmtn. Actually. Ned'x dead. .»\ xhan'e that. becaIIxe the old fella qut won Um playing the Lottery the (lixcmery of which killed him. Ilowey er.

w Ily xc\entyxometliing palx Jackie and

index Film

Winslet gets weird in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Michael xpy a golden opportunity to claitn the caxh. ('harming and eccentric with a defiant xpirit. (Men/I :l! The Quay. Glasgow: Warming By the Devil’s Fire (12) ((‘harlex Burnett. IS. 2003) Suzanne Williamx. 10(Imin. 'I‘enxionx ntn high for a family in l‘)5(lx Nltxxixxippi ax tlte goxpel muxic of older generationx. claxhex with new xtrainx of unholy bluex. l‘eaturing performancex by Big Bill Broonzy. Willie Dixon. Lightin' Ilopkinx and more. l"I'/))Iltnt(.u'. l-ftlt'n/mre/I. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (I’(}) 0 (Robert l.uketic. 11822004) Kate Boxwot‘lli. 'l‘opher (irace. Joxl) I)uhamel. Nathan l.ane. Sean Ilayex. (iary (Kile. 90min. Roxalee hutch lBoxwot’llt) ix it grocery clerk li\ ing in rural Wext Virginia. One day xhe w inx a context. the pri/e of which ix a date with big xcreen idol 'I‘ad Hamilton. The only trouble ix her co-w'ot‘kct Pete ((irace) ix deeply. hopelexxly and xecretly in loye with Roxalee. lle triex to compete but 'l‘ad ix already falling in love with her. Who will win her heart'.’ Bile- inducing romantic comedy. (ieneml release. Wonderland ( )8) oooo (Jatnex (’ox. IS. 2004) Val Kilmer. Kate BUxWUI'Ili. l.ixa Kudt'ow'. Joxh l.ucax. Dylan .\lcl)ermott. 'l'im Blake .\'elxon. ('hrixtina Applegate. Iiric Bogoxian. 104mm. See feature. page 20. and review. page 26. I'(i(' Rt'lt/i'eti' Sll't'l'l. (i/(Mgmi‘; ('(K‘. [Lil/fII/Hll‘t’ll. Wondrous Oblivion (PG) 000 (Paul

.\lorrixon. I'K. 2003) Sam Smith. l)elroy Lindo. limily Woof. Stanley 'I‘ownxend. Angela Wynter. l0(IIIIin. I)a\‘id (Smith) loyex cricket. but ixn't any good at it. making him

unpopular at xchool. Ilix lo\ ing. but put- upon parentx workaholic retailer father Victor ('I'ow'nxend) and xhy young mother Ruth (Woof) aren't much help. Then. the Wext Indian SanIueIx family mow in next door and man of the houxe l)ennix (I.indo) erectx a cricket net in the back garden. It‘x not long before David'x taking Iexxonx and making new friendx. much to the chagrin of the xenophobic neighbourx. who \ iew the (‘aribbeanx with ximilar (though more xeornful) xuxpicion preyiouxly heaped upon the Jew ixh Wixemanx. lleart-w arming ixxue- led period drama that hax been dexeryedly compared to Billy [fl/tut. l.ittdo giyex the performance of hix career. l'(i(' Rea/ren- Slreet. (i/uxgmr; ('(;('. Edinburgh.

The Year of the Quiet Sun (tbc) O... (Kt‘xyx/tof '/.anuxxi. Poland/W (iermany/l'S. 198-1) Maia Komorokaa. Scott Wilxon. llanna Skar/anka. Iiwa Dalkokaa. \'adim (ilowna. l07min. Zanuxxi ix often cited ax one of the moxt influential poxl-War lilnimakerx by hix l’olixh eontemporariex. but try finding any of hix ttioyicx and you will be fruxtrated. 'I'hix wax one of the few that got a decent theatrical releaxe in the Wext. mainly becauxe one of the lead characterx ix an American (il. Worth checking out. for thexe reaxonx alone. 'l'hix innple love xtory between a l’olixh refugee from the liaxt and an American xoldier ix xet juxt after World War II in a Village near the newly drawn border between (iermany and Poland. Ax powerful and ax uplifting ax Zanuxxi'x earlier The ('mttruel. (1T7: (i/ui‘gmr; I’ll/)Iliuuse. Iz'I/iitlituieli.


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