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Nice‘n‘Sleazy, Glasgow. Fri 23 Apr

An evening of easy going, accessible rock was never on the cards, but after several line-up changes nobody knew exactly what to expect here, but as

promised it was a night of dark and twisted metal.

Nagual opened with an impressive debut gig kicking the ass out the metal stereotype with a mix of raw vocals over melodic Art of Noise/Scorn riffs. Eye, on the other hand, got caught up in the repetitive instrumental rock vibe and overstayed their welcome. Edinburgh outfit Zillah were much better, spoiling us

with a long set of throbbing hardcore with raging vocals.

Headliners Black Sun were forced to play a truncated set, but still raged outstandingly with their intense, primitive and pounding version of doom noise pollution. Vocalist P6 pole-danced and intimidated as only he can do before they were cut off at their brutal, thrashing prime. (Jane Hamilton)

I Dogs Die in Hot Cars King Tut's. Glasgow. 14 Ma). I The Streets Harr'owland. Glasgow. IS Ma). S()l.l) ()l'l I Powderfinger (’urling Academ}. (ilasgow. l5 Ma}; I My Ruin Q.\ll ’. (ilasgow. 15 May.

I London Elektricity (i2.

Glasgow. l5 Ma}.

* 1y Garage. Glasgow, l5 Ma).

* Jazzy Jeff and the Philarmonics Arches. Glasgow. 15 .\la_\.

I Guy Davis Bongo Club. Edinburgh Io May.

I In Me Garage. Glasgow. lo Ma}:

* The lzzys Garage. (ilasgow. l7 May.

I Alvin Lee 8. Edgar Winter Group l'shcr Hall. Edinburgh. 17 Ma).

I Alias Venue. Edinburgh. 17 Ma); King Tut’s. Glasgow. l8 Ma};

I Richard Thompson

l'shcr Hall. Edinburgh. 1‘) Ma).

I The Ordinary Boys Venue. Edinburgh. l‘) .\la_\. I Love/Hate ('athousc. (ilasgow, 30 .\la_\.

I Jesse Malin King 'l‘ut‘s. (ilasgow. 30 Ma}.

Re ister now on

m assor‘atior. with Citylink

A short but sour treat from Black Sun


Sitting down for a quiet cup of coffee and read of the paper just wouldn't be possible in the company of producer,” magician Matthew Herbert. He'd end up sampling your slurping and rustling. fusing rt with a 2()-piece big band to blow yOur slippers off. Ably aSSrsted by the sultry vocalist Darrr Siciliano. these kinds of antics are characteristic of one of last year's finest albums. Goodbye Swmgtrme. and the interplay of jazz musicians and trickery filled the hall

ROCK MICHAEL DRACULA Art School, Glasgow, Thu 6 Apr

No-wave pogo for punks in slrngbacks. Michael Dracula come across as something akin to PiL dense. dominatrix basslines. rattling drums and frankly queer vocals but not as sloppy as John Lydon's 80s effort. and far. far kinder to the eye. Splendid aesthetics aside. the Draculettes live at the Art School is a gig both cursed and blessed. Cursed because of the feedback-ridden. ‘rustrc' sound quality and inevitably

MATTHEW HERBERT BIG BAND Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Thu 22 Apr


high trendy quotient in the crowd. and blessed for precisely the same reasons: both build a darkened

atmosphere that's scuzzy. slightly

unsavoury. and entirely suited to the alluring Cramps-lite sound.

Michael Dracula are a rare specimen. producing blood-baiting, fear-ridden music that's actually worthy of sustained attention. They're touring with the Contortions throughout Europe in May; see them play around Glasgow before they leave. and learn to love the smut (and Check the bass player she’s a doll). (Rowan Martin)

It's the Mail man

with a massive. rnelodrc s0und. By the end of the set. the stage was littered with

shreds of the Daily Mail. which the whole band had been rhythmically tearing apart during the gig, but Herbert. as always. had the answer. He produced a full size broom from an impossiny small paper bag and started sweeping away the

mess. while the entire audience had been swept along with him. (Richard Brown)

Tickets. are available frem:

Tickets Ecotland: .239 Argyle Street, 0141 204 5151 " Running Fiecer'cts: 91 South Bridge. 0131 226 7010 M

I Hope of the States King 'l‘ut's. Glasgow. 31 Ma};

I Fingathing liquid Room. Edinburgh 33 Man.

I Phoenix King 'l‘ut‘s. Glasgow.

3-1 Ma}.

I The Charlatans ('arling .-\cadcm_\. Glasgow. 34 .\la_\. 80].!) ()l'l; 35 Ma}.

I Gomez Harrow land. Glasgow,

3~l Ma).

I Less Than Jake Harrowland. Glasgow. 35 Ma}. I The Datsuns (iaragc. Glasgow. 35 Ma}.

I Graham Coxon \‘errue. Edinburgh. 35 Ma}; King 'l‘ut’s. Glasgow. 36 Ma}.

* The Golden Virgins Venue.

Edinburgh. 3(r.\1a}; King Tut's Glasgow. 37 Ma}.

* TV on the Radio Nicc'N'Slcal}. Glasgow. 37 .\la_\. I Hothouse Flowers Queens Hall. Edinburgh. 38 Ma).

I Ozric Tentacles King 'l'ui'x.

Glasgow. 33 .\la_\.

I Speedway ( iaragc. Glasgow. 33 Ma}.

* Coheed and Cambria (iaragc. Glasgow. 3‘) Ma).

I Jim Lauderdale Queens llall. Edinburgh. 3() .\la_\.

I Download teat Metallica and Linkin Park Glasgow

Green. Glasgow. 3 k 3 Jun.

I Heart (‘l_\dc .-\uditorium. Glasgow. 4 Jun.

I Peter Gabriel 815(‘(1 Glasgow. 5 Jun.

I The Divine Comedy (‘ottier 'l’hcatrc. Glasgow. (r Jun. I Taking back Sunday 0311'. Glasgow. 7 Jun.

I Ash Carling Academ}. (ililsgtm. 8 Jun. RESCHEDl'LEI) I Dillinger Escape Plan (‘itlliotlscfi (ilasgtm. 9 Jill].

I Deicide Liquid Room. Edinburgh. ll Jun.

I Josh Ritter King 'l‘ut's. Glasgow. 13 Jun.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers .\ltrr'r'a)licld. Edinburgh. l3 Jun. S()l.l) ()l "l‘

* Wilco Q.\ll '. Glasgow. 13 Jun. I Anthrax Garage. Glasgow. lo Jun.

* UFO Carling Acadcm). Glasgow. l‘Hun.

I Beth Neilson Chapman Queens Hall. Edinburgh. l‘) Jun. * Jeff Beck ('|}dc Auditorium. Glasgow. I‘Hun.

~k Killswitch Engage and Chimaira ()Ml '. Glasgow, 1‘) Jun.

I Yes ('|_\dc .-\uditorium. Glasgow. 30 Jun.

I Yes SECC. Glasgow. 31) Jun.

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I Live and Loud Hampden Park. Glasgow. 31) Jun.

I Blondie ('l}de Auditorium. Glasgow. 33 Jun: Playhouse. Edinburgh. 36 Jun.

I Dropkick Murphys Barrow-land. Glasgow. 33 Jun. I Brian Kennedy (‘ouier 'llieatrc. (ilitsgtm. 33 Jun.

I Fear Factory ()Mt‘. Glasgow. 3.3 Jun.

I Suzanne Vega Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 33 Jun: Carling Academy. Glasgow. 3-1 Jun.

* oa Feat: Joe Satriana, Steve Vrai, Robert Fripp (‘l_\dc Auditorium. Glasgow. 33 Jun.

I Bob Dylan SECC. Glasgow, 33 Jun.

I Incredible String Band (‘otticr Theatre. Glasgow 35 Jun. * Timbaland & Magoo Carling Academy. Glasgow. 35 Jun.

I Ben Harper Carling .-\cadern_\'. Glasgow. 33 Jun.

I Van Morrison (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 3‘) Jun. I James Brown Carling Academy Glasgow. 30 Jun.

I Patti Smith l'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 1 Jul.

* Usher SECC. Glasgow, 3 Jul.

I Bonnie Raitt L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 4 Jul.

I Jamie Cullum t’sher Hall. Edinburgh 5 Jul.

* Marllllon Barrowland. Glasgow. 6 Jul.

I T in the Park Balado. Kinross. l()—ll Jul.

I The Doors SECC. Glasgow. 13 Jul.

I Donny Osmond Edinburgh Castle. 16 Jul.

I Todd Rungdhen Carling Academy. Glasgow. I7 Jul.

I Cliff Richard Edinburgh Castle. l7 SOLD OUT 8; 18 Jul. I Tom Jones Edinburgh Castle. 33 Jul.

* Westlife Edinburgh Castle. 3-1 Jul.

I James Taylor Edinburgh Castle. 35 Jul.

I Gillian Welch Barrowland. Glasgow. 36 Jul.

* Burrito Deluxe Queens Hall. Edinburgh. 39 Jul.

I Janis Ian Queens Hall. Edinburgh. 3 ()ct.

I Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Barrowland. Glasgow, l3 ()ct.

I Sara McLachlan Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow. 1‘) ()ct. I Motamead Barrowland.

Glasgow, 9 Nov.

Scottish 0 If '


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29 Apr-~13 May 2004 THE LIST 53