dance styles from across the “()l'ltl including Dance Asia. I’uniahi no I and Scottish and (‘hinese dancers.

Derren Brown .\lon .3 Ma). 7.30pm. £15.50 £l7.50. Psychological illusionisl l)erren Brown. star of (‘hanneI 4‘s .llllll/ (‘unImL works his special pii\\L‘l's.


l()() Rent-re“ Street. 332 5057. III. \\‘(’. WA]

Acis and Galatea and Dido and Aeneas Mon 3 Sat 8 .\la_\ (not 'l'ue & 'I‘hu). 7.15pm. £l2 (£‘)). ('hristiaii ('iii'n}n conducts a double bill ol' l’urcell's Dir/u and :lt'm’us and Handel's .lt‘is tllIt/ (;(l/(II(’(I. Directed h} Jonathan (‘oclseiz


282 Hope Street. 332 ‘)000. Ill. \\'(‘. \VAI Royal New Zealand Ballet: Triple Bill Tue 4 Ma). 7.l5piii.

£3 £33. The lirst ol' l\\o sliosss l‘roni this highl_\ Versatile coiiipan}. \ isiting the [K for the lirst tittie iii its 50-}ear history. Tonight’s slioss l‘eatures \soi‘ks h)‘ risque choreographer. Ja\ ier l)e l-‘rutos. next Ratnhert chiel. Mark Baldwin and hot _\oung Britiin dancetnakcr. ('hristopher llanipson. Sec preview.

Royal New Zealand Ballet: Romeo 8. Juliet Wed 5 Sat 8 .\la_\. 7.l5pm ('l‘hu niat 1.30pm. Sat iiiai 2.I5ptiil. £3 £33. Having shossn on‘ its modern side with a triple—hill. RN/B demonstrates its dramatic capabilities in this re-working oI' Shakespeare’s classic. (‘horeographed h} Britain’s ('liristoplier llaitipson. the shoxs dram s han il} on liltiiic influences to create a trul} modern rendition of the tragic lo\e stor}. See preview


25 Albert Drive. 0845 330 350I. |'I”l‘. \\'('. WA]

Life’s Hard! liri 7 .\la_\. 8pm. £‘) (£5). .-\ collaboration of l.3 international musicians and Rtissian dance artists. [)0- Theatre presents a cabaret that \shirls through undcruorld. real and imagined.


o3 'l'rongate. 552 4207.

Emily’s House Thu 2‘) .-\pi' Sat 1 .\la_\'. See Kids listings.

Company Chordelia: Dance and Physical Theatre Double Bill Tue 4 Ma}. 8pm. £5 (£4). See (ilasgots. l’aislc} .'\l‘l\ ('entrc.

Citzento Grey Wed 5 Sat 8 Ma}. 7.30pm. £5 £8 (£5). A hilingual pla} about a man‘s jotirnc} through his memories. desires and fantasies lrotn 'l'eatro l)o \t‘slltlo.

Fierce Hi 7 & Sat 8 Ma}. 7.30pm (Sat inat 2.30pm). £5 £l2 (£o). Award-“inning (irid li'oii presents its lIL‘“ creation tltat looks at gral'liti culture it) modern Scotland. l'using urban music. break dancing and theatre.



lad)“ ell \Va}. .\lusselhurgh. (1(15 2240. ll’. ll. 'I'l‘. \\‘(‘. \\'.-\l

Cyrano 'l‘hii (i Sat 8 .\la_\. See Kids listings.

Proof 'l‘uc l I Ma}. 7.30pm. £‘).5l) (£(i). See (ililsgim. The :\l'L‘hL‘\.

Company Chordelia: Dance and Physical Theatre Double Bill 'l‘hu l3 Ma). ".30pin. £8 (£5). See (ilasgois. l’aisle} x\l'l\ ('entre.


33a Morningsitle Road. 220 434‘). ll’. Ill Company Tue 4 Sat 8 Ma}. 7.50pm. £lt) (£8). lidinhurgli .\Itisic 'l‘lieatre presents Stephen Sondlieiin's nitisical coined} about the couples and their iiittttial lricnd Bohh}. Shadowlands \Ved l2 Sat l5 Ma}. 7.30pm. £7 (£5). :\tiilplllllt)ll ol' \Villiaiii Nicholson's humorous and poignant drama set in l‘)50s ()\l‘ord. about ('8 Lewis relationship \s ith Jo} (ircshaiii.


l3 2‘) .\'icolson Street. 52‘) (1000. Ill. \\‘(‘. Ml

Tell Me on a Sunday l‘niil Sai I .\la_\. 7.30pm ('I‘liu it Sat niat 2.30pm).

£‘) £25.50 i£o £20.50). .\Iarti \Vehh takes the lead in Andre“ l.Io}d \Vehher atid I)on Black's musical ahout a girl seeking low and success iii the Big :\pplc.

Derren Brown Inc 4 Ma). 7.30pm. £12.50 £|7.50. See (ilasgou. Rt)_\;tl ('oncerl Hall,

Royal New Zealand Ballet: Triple Bill 'l‘iie II & \Ved I2 .\Ia_\. 7.30pm.

£0 £l‘).50. See (ilasgou. 'l’heatre Ro}a|.

Royal New Zealand Ballet: Romeo & Juliet 'l'hu l3 Sat I5 .\la_\. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £8 £32. See (ilasgim. 'l‘heatre Ro_sal.


lilin Rim. I.cith \Valls. 3l7 303‘) ll’. \\'(‘. \\';\|

The Beauty of Queen Leenane Tue 1 l Sat l5 Ma}. 'I'ue ck l~'ri l lain: Wed 8pm: 'I'hti ck Sat 5pm. £o (£4). Students l'roni Q.\ll’(' perl'orin Martin .\lacl)onagh’s darkl} coiiiic tale ol’ a mother and daughter stranded together in a cottage iti ('oiieniarra.

Junk 'l‘ue I l Sat l5 Ma). 'l‘ue tk l-"ri 2pm: Wed l Iani; Tim is Sat 8pm. £(1 (£4). ('ollahoratise production h} students at Q.\ll'(’ about the iouriie} hemeen drugs. lo\ e. bliss and despair. Magnificence 'l‘ue ll Sat l5 Ma}. 'l'ue 8pm: Wed & l-'ri 5pm: 'I’hu 2pm; Sat llaiii. £() (£4). When a group ol squatters are raided h} the police. the} decide it‘s lime to protest against the bourgeois \Iitlt‘ the} Inc It].

Tiny Dynamite 'l‘ue I 1 Sat l5 Ma). Tue 5pm: \Vcd & Sat 2pm: Tim I Ian); l‘ri 8pm. £() (£4). 'I'\so l‘riends go on holida} to escape painlul iiiciiioi'ies. hilt liiid tlieniseh es conl‘ronted h} the past “he” tl stranger ttl‘t‘lu‘s till [he sL‘L‘llL‘.


2 I.L‘\ L‘tl Street. 52‘) (3000. III. llvli. “(4 Oliver Mist l'ntil Sat l Ma). 7.30pm (\Vcd tiiat l.30pnt. Sal mat 2.30pm). £9.50 £ I 0.50 (£0.50 £ l 5.50). Dickens. tale ol‘ greed and corruption \\ ith the scurrilous l-‘agiii.

The People Next Door Wed 5 Sat 8 Ma}. 8pm. £l0 £l4.50. See (ilasgois. ('iti/ens’ ’l'heatrc.


l5a I’L‘llll}\\t'il ('oiirt. 3I5 2l5l.

An Audience with the Lizard Lady & Backstage at the Pussy-Kat Club Thu 2‘) :\pr. 7pm. £5 (£3.50). ()ccasional 'l‘heatre ('oiiipan} presents [no monologues. one based on a learned del'etice mechanism. the second set iii Berlin's iiotoi'ioiis cabaret circuit.

Aladin et la Lampe Enchantée Tue 4 .\l;t_\. SL‘L‘ KldS listings.

listings Theatre & Dance

Uncle Varick Brian Cox returns to Scottish stages for the first time in over a decade with a triumphant rendering of middle age and disappointed hope. John Byrne's adaptation of Chekov's Uncle Vanya is reset at the outset of the swinging 60s and contains as much warmth and humour as you could ask for on a night out. See review. Roya/ Lyceum. Edinburgh. until Sat / May.

Protestants Irish company Ransom Productions made a spectacular splash at the fringe last year with its triumphant Hurricane. the story of the life of snooker player Alex Higgins. lts follow up. tracing the history of Irish Protestantism over several hundred years. looks potentially controversial. but intriguing. Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh. ‘i‘hu iii—Sat 75 May.

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday 6 Friday 7 ' Saturday 8 Sunday 9 Monday 10 Tuesday 11 Wednesday 12' Thursday 13 Rock & Pop The People Show i The People Slims I I 7 PM". I N ow wuss ow ' Citizens Main Aladin ct la Lampe”; Aladin et la Lampe... '“Wr‘ . 2 l~'ull (‘ircle lull (‘iitlt- lull (‘utlt- Sec (‘iis liic l) I it. I) n l Ila: . g Ilt‘nllt'llu School ol Dancci Henrietta stilts») ul Dance TI] 5 st... 1 st... 1 st... ' ' I Ramshorn nsumn ; Rinal \/ trait-i Rae.) \/ llallct Ro}.i| \/ tram . Theatre Royal See (‘lassical ' Tramway (nut-muons (tilt-inning) imtc (int-murals tit-m sci-1..” l-olk lrolk TI'OII ('yrano ('yrano C) rano l’rool (Wuhan) ("‘“l‘k‘lli' sitter”... s..........._...... ' church Hiii Rosal .\"/. Ballet Rm) .\"/. Ballet Rosal .s‘z Ballet Festival Th 'riit- tit-“pit st-u out" iiit- iii-spit- st-si Hunt llic l’eoplc st-si Hunt lolk King’s Playhouse l'iiclcVaiick i'...-i.-\.....i\.....i Royal Lyceum The Straits 'rht- s‘irmis ‘l'hc sir-ans I‘s'rs'u‘ Slct)‘ 0)" "averse 1 traverse 2

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