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Just eat it

We’ve reviewed over 800 restaurants to bring you the guide to the tastiest restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Now tuck in.

orne of The Lisi's writers are

looking distinctly portly these

days. Bellies are spilling over trouser tops more obviously than usual. and one person has been seen consulting Paul McKenna‘s hypnotic new slimming DVI). I’asi & ['21]. Yes. since (‘hristrnas our dedicated reviewers have been dining out on the liming & Drinking Unit/v.

The Italian writer ltalo ('alvino famously placed his fictional character Mr Palomar in a queue at the delicatessen. and wrote abotrt l’zrlorttzrr"s fantasy of a naked woman wallowing sensuously in a jar of goose fat. That dream. we can assure you. has been far from the minds of our more (‘alvinist contributors to the liming & Drinking (inn/v. bu‘. with over 800 restaurant reviews under their belts. our rnoutlty writers have been living and breathing truffle oil and balsamic vinegar. The result is published here. and if anyone can find a better guide to Glasgow and Edinburgh‘s restaurants. 1'” eat my hat.

This year‘s guide features the Iiating & Drinking (iuide Awards for the second year and. once again. a distinguished panel of

winners. From a total of more than 800 restaurants and cafes selected for inclusion. the judges argued over a shortlist of the fittest establishments in four different categories: Best Newcomer. Best on a Budget. Best Neighbourhood Restaurant (a new category this year) and. of course. Best Restaurant. We then spent the next month visiting the shortlisted restaurants incognito. and a further debating session (complete with the inevitable food fight) resulted in the winners. And they are . . . well. you’ll have to look in the guide to find the full list. but we can give you a sneak preview of some of the year’s biggest controversies. For a start. the winners of the Best Restaurant are the same as last year: (iarnba in Glasgow and Atrium in Edinburgh. Not the most newsworthy of decisions. perhaps. And



what‘s more. the judges could not. between them. agree on any Iidinburgh winner in the Best Newcomer category. No wonder there was a food light.

If a city's restaurant scene is a good barometer for its cultural health. what do these decisions say about us'.’ Is the scene here so static that no-one has been able to challenge the culinary hegemony of last year's winners? (‘an Iidinburgh really not boast a single new restaurant that's worthy of a prize'.’ It was a very tough call. Some judges wanted recognition for the outrageously over-the-top elegance of the new Rhubarb at Prestonfield House in Iidinburgh. ()r alternatively the cheap as chips Monster Mash. in which many of The lists writers regularly chow down. But despite passionate support from many members of the jury. no clear winner emerged. As for the Best Restaurants. (iamba and Atrium have in the judges‘ collective opinion remained unbeatable. despite very strong challenges from others. Their dominance should throw down the gauntlet for the competitors. because in these restaurants. Scotland boasts two of the fittest eateries in all of Britain. For the world class food that they. and others. provide in Scotland. may the lord make us truly thankful. Amen.

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