I Genetic at ('itrus (’luh. llpm 3am. l‘it'cc hct'orc I l.3(lpm: £2 al'tcr. \Vcckly. Still a mighty popular soircc that

show cascs altcrnatn c. indic attd lo-li. No smoking at tltc hat'. mind.

I The GOuLaG BeAt at (’oclcau l.oungc tdow nstairs at ligol.

l().3(lpm 3am. £4. 3‘) .-\pr. Monthly Punk. garagc. ncw \\;t\ c attd good ltoncsl rock‘n'roll l't‘om rcgulars Kaka. ()l_\. Mr Moo Moo and thc Primitix c l'rgc DJs.

I Las Salinas at l‘aith. lllfillpm 3am. £4 t£3t. \Vcckly. l.aid hack party with fantastic drink ot'tcrs all night. RNB and l'unky liousc with li\ c pcrcussion from Pcpc and l'ricnds.

I Metrosexual at (it): lidinhurgh.

l lpm 3am. £3 hct'orc midnight; £4 al'tcr. \Vcckly. Ncw gay night tstraight t'ricnds arc morc than w clcomcl trom thc c\cr rcliahlc .lamcs l.ongworth attd urhan music for thc modcrn cluhhcr l'rom Dl l-‘iltlicc. I MIB2 at ('axcndish/Dna. ltlpm 2am. l‘t'cc ltL‘lttt'c tttttltttgltl; £3 ttllcl'. “cckly 'l‘hc hcst in l’S hip hop. ragga and Rth trom ‘l'cc-l'N’l' attd Mr H. Back with tlic samc music you all loicd so tnuclt as thcy takc o\ cr tltis ncw \cltttc.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal l.oungc.

ltlpm 3am. £3. \Vcckly. (‘lassic dancc anthcms aiid l'unky \ocal liousc l'rom Hi. I The Pidgeon Club at ('octcau l.oungc tdownstait's at ligot. Nc\t dalc 30 May.

I Poison at ()pium. l lptii 3am. l-‘t'cc. \Vcckly. Old school mctal with a glam cdgc as all thc t'a\ouritcs arc w hcclcd out in thc sliapc ol cuts l'rom :\licc (‘oopctz Black Sahhath. l._\nrd Skynt'd. .v\ct‘ostttttlt. lwistcd Sistct'. lron Maidcn ctc.

I Recreate at (‘aharcl Voltait‘c.

llpm 3am. £3. 3‘) .\pr. Monthly. lidinhurgh‘s only night rcpt'cscnttng 'liquid lunk' st_\ lc drtnn is hass trom ()uccn B.

w itli a sccond room ol housc to cotnplctncnt.

I Reset’n’Rotate at ligo.

lllfillpm 3am. £5 hct'orc midnight; £o altcr. 13 Ma}. Ncw nigltt ol' tcchno and drtnn tk hass. ()n thc mainlloor w c hay c a sclcction of Irish gucsts in thc shapc ol'(il and Prun play ittg otit dark undcrgroutnl lcchno sounds. chping up tltc lrisli tltcmc (ialway 's ('rP() hrings a drum is hass sct to tltc downstairs arcna w itlt somc hip hop and iunglc troni thc rcsidcnts.

I Sase at thc Bongo ('luh. Spin lam. £o. o May only \Vorld hcats and morc lrom l).ls Jal'l‘at‘ and linriquc. .'\t anothcr

l'undraiscr at thc Bongo. somcthing they do so w cll. the music is ncycr comproiniscd httt thc causc is always good. this titnc arottnd tor Spccial School (i. Bucharcst. Romania.

I The Snatch Social at tltc liquid Room. lllfitlpm 3am. £4 (£3.50). \Vcckly. .\ ncw cra hcgins at thc new I) rc-hrandcd. lilth-li\atcd. l'unky disco-cum«caharct. comically compct'cd hy 'l'ap Watcr Award winnct‘ Tony ('artcr and Harry :\llls\\ttt'lll laka Pcrricr Ncwcotttct‘ winncr (iarth (‘ruikshankl hack from thc dcad. Dcck manipulatcd in a cod tunk and hip hop

st} lcc hy Bahcs and ’l‘rcndy \Vcndy tmonthly rcsidcnt l. \Vatch ottt for thc l'ourth hirthday l27 May i with l'tah Saints.

Chart & Party

I A Tribute to . . . at Mood.

0pm 3am. lircc hcl'orc l lptn: £3 at'tcr ll’rcc to mcmhcrsl. \Vcckly. (’hart tuncs l'rom thc (ills to ycstcr'day. with live trihutc acts dropping hy cach w cck.

I Vinyl at Massa. r‘ll‘ni 3am. l-‘rcc. \Vcckly. ('onimcrcial chart and dancc courtcsy ot' Pattl liunkstcr. pltts drinks promos aplcnty l'or thosc who want to start tltc w cckcnd lashionahly carly.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Access at lltc llottcycomh. Nc\t dalc 4 Jun.

I Audio Deluxe at tltc lloncycomh. .NL'\l dalc 33 Ma}.

I Audio Tourism at Pi\o Bar ('luh. 0pm 3am. l-‘rcc. \Vcckly. Digging dccp into thcir w cllstockcd ho\cs tor hours ol‘ cool cuts with a transatlantic liousc tlaxour trom (icot’gc '1' Mt) .-\prt and ('raig (icc l7 Ma) l.

I Beatroot at ligo. Nc\t dalc Zl May. 0 Beltane Night at ligo. lftpm 5am. £5. 3() :\pr only. ()l'ticial cltih tor tltc Bcltanc l’irc Socicty with plcnty ol' good music. cltcap drinks and. ahctn. unusual pcoplc. 'l‘caming up with radio .-\wa/ and thc l'rhan l‘thlttll show to start things oil with hhangra/urhan luscd music plus thc hcst in old skool junglc t‘ollowcd hy an old skool hip hop sct l'roin Richic Rult'tonc. 'l'hcn thc Proccssional and Bcastic drummcrs and thc Bcltanc l‘irc Socict) rcturn trom thc hill hringing thc insanin with tlicm. l’lus morc DrkB. a hit of tcclino. hcatho\ing. hrcaks and a liyc sct from thc l'onky Ahdominal Show incn.

Green Velvet plays the Honeycomb, Sun 2 May

0 Big Beat at the Bongo ('luh.

l lpm 3am. £12. 30 Apr only. It was such a shamc to scc lidinhurgh's layouritc pttt’\‘c_\‘ors ot dancclloorja/l and funk say goodhyc last ycar. Bttt it's grcat lo hcar thcy arc going to hc hack with its oncc a ycar for a mic ot't‘ spccial. 'l‘his timc arottnd thcy hayc (iwcn McRac. thc \oicc of 80s soul. putting in at Mailing lix c pcrt'ormancc. Part of '1 'ripryr 'h.

I Big Toe Reggae Hi-Fi at \Vcc Rctl Bar. l().3()pm 3am. £4 (£3). 30 .-\pr. .-\s thc namc sttggcsts rcggac and othcr duhhy grooycs.

I Bio-Rhythm at thc lloncy comh. chl datc 2| May.

I Blaze at ligo. llpm 3am. £3 £4. 2| .May. Jamcs I.ongworth ignitcs thc gay wcckcnd. with plcnty of £1 drinks promos to tucl thc lit'iyolitics.

I Boogie Juice at l.'.-\n;ichc. 10.30pm 3am. £3 hct'orc l 1pm; £5 attcr. \Vcck'ly. Playing otit thc hcst in R&B. chart and funky layourilcs.

I Bubble Breaks at Nicltol Iidwards. l()..‘~()pm 3am. £2. Weekly. Body Moxin' Productions prcscnts Buhhlc Brcaks. droppin' hotnhs of R&B. hrcaks and hip hop with lidinhurgh's ncwcst DJ scnsations Partncrs‘n'('rirnc and tlicir tradcmat‘k hoilcrsuits.

I Cab Fridays at ('ahat‘ct \'oltairc. l().3tlpm 3am. £4 hct'orc midnight; £7 t£5l at‘tcr. \Vcckly. Ncw w cckly cluh rummagcs about in thc worlds of tank. soul. ska. rcggac. classic hip hop. R&B atid disco.

0 Cassette at tltc Bongo ('luh. 10.30pm 3am. £6 £7 llast track cntry it" drcsscd ‘hcyond hi/art'c' l. 7 May only. A onc ot‘t' cycnt trom Noincitc. who aitn to unitc thc disparatc strands of thc lidinhurgh art sccnc. 'l‘hcir latcst \cnturc is ('asscttc. an intct‘actiyc cluhhing cxpcricncc ot ctttting cdgc music lt'ottt

lidinhurgh’s ttndct‘hcll}. .-\ diyct‘sc hlcnd ol'

tcchno and housc from Nadia Ksaiha. hard hcats and glitch l'olktronica from Tom Dayics laka musical hcat‘). ja/xy hrokcn hcats from Hugh and harsh clcctt'onica from Pogo \'oguc all hackcd tip hy \ isuals. pcrl‘ormcrs and a dccadcnt attitudc.

I CC Blooms at (‘(‘ Blooms.

ll).3()pm 3am. l-i'cc. Weekly. DJ Ally docs thc dccks duty at this gay night with hcr inimitahlc sclcction of high camp and disco classics. moying on to pumpcd-up housc and dancc as thc cycning progt‘Css‘cs.

0 Dogma at Sttidio 2-1. ll).3l)pm «lam. £lt) (£8 mcmhcrsl. 30 Apr. Monthly. Hard as nails and as underground as molcs. tcchno of thc highcst ordcr as Dogma wclcomc hack the liyc crunching sounds of l‘rcnch mastcrs thc Youngstcrs on thcir Army- of If) tottr at this Bcltanc spccial. Showcasing a new 75 min sct hy tltcir own rcqucst. things arc gonna gct hot. I‘m [his (lrtlt’ only 'xl-[JSI't‘rlI‘r/ Itrt/r/t’l's ~g't'! [2 (ti/‘rlrmr pl'lr‘t’ all night.

I Dr No’s at Sttidio 2-1. llptn 3am. £5 l£4l. l4 May. Monthly. 'l'hc original Jamaican ska and classic rockstcady night tttigratcs to Studio 24's intimatc upstairs spacc. now featuring thc Dr No's liotisc hand and .s'pccial gttcsts Big Hand on stagc at lam approx.

I El Barrio at til Barrio. ltlpm 3am. l‘rcc. Weekly. Scc Thu.

I Elements at thc \cnuc. ltlpm 3am. £7 £ l(). 7 May only. ()nc ot'l' tundraiscr in aid of Nordot'ti-Rohhins. l‘caturing just about every rcspcctcd DJ on thc lidinhurgh circuit: Brainstorm. (‘raig Smith. Dan Monox. (iarcth Sommcn illc. (iino. lluggy. Icnny l.o\'c. J('. Ncil 'l‘cmplar. Nomad. Smokcy & thc Bandit. 'I‘okyohlu. Simonc. Dcan Ncwton. So cxpcct tunk. swing. tcchno. housc and plenty more hcsidcs.

I Ephidrum at lloncycomh.

llpm 3am. £8 (£7). 7 May. Monthly. Psychcdclic trancc is hack on thc sccnc in a big way it liphidrum hayc anything to say about it. Pull on nco-sci~li trancc storming into thc capital with a li\ c P.-\ from Dcyiant Spccics (Arnhnalcnt Rccords). Mark Pricc. Pagan. Will and Omar in thc house for thcir sccoltd night.

listings Clubs

Beltane Night The official party promises to match the insanity up Calton Hill. I ess tire but just as many drums and beats plus a selection of hip hop. drum & bass. techno and bhangra. Ego. Fri 30 Apr.

Big Beat 'l he tip of the iceberg when it comes to Triptych. with others like .John Peel. Green Velvet and Gilles Peterson across the city this weekend. However. the vocals of Gwen McCrae and the reappearance of Big Beat stand Out. 7 he Bongo Club. Fri 30 Apr.

Dogma Yet more Beltane madness as Dogma set up this unofficial special with the Youngsters (pictured) for a live set of crunching French techno for those who like it hard and underground after dancing naked on a hill. Studio 24, Fri 30 Apr.

Jungle Magik l iqurd funk drum & bass from one of the movements mainstays: Fabio. If that ain't enough, there‘s an extra ‘surprise' guest who's well worth the admission price alone. The Honeycomb. Sat 7 May.

Bootylushous It's a first birthday for the Booty crowd. Expect slick R88. hip hop and funk with added birthday vibes and guest DJ Trendy Wendy. Medina, Sun 2 May.

Mingin’ The king of Ming (and we mean that in an affectionate way of course) Alan Joy shares his birthday with Mingin'. So expect full on party attitudes and all round good sensations at this predominantly gay night. Ego. Sun 2 May.

Yummi Sunday A full day in the company of Yummi Records as they start things off with a dubby BBQ then move on to a club night proper. Human Be In 8. Bed Vodka Bar, Sun 2 May

Cassette Decadence. art and clubbing combine for this night from Noincite. Cutting edge electro, punk. techno and house form the musical background for this indulgent feast. The Bongo Club. Fri 7 MW

.‘1‘ Art 11% Liz. . ill THE LlST 87