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Boardwise ( I Hair. There’s a lot of m) in Argyle Street, it about, and if our Finnieston, Glasgow trendspotting abilities or Edinburgh’s Lady are as sharp as we’d Lawson Street. like to think they are, They’re offering a you’ll be growing decent range of even more of it before shorts, vests and long. The recent swimwear from round of fashion brands such as shows in New York Billabong, that will f URN' “M W 5'0N and London boasted let you sink into the G 1 ,INTER'ORS . . a plethora of models sand with your copy Don t get your Panto” '” a tw'St with truly big hair. of The Idler in one Alexander McQueen’s hand and a If even the promise of S\.'./e(lisli meatballs wouldn't tempt you to darken lkea's door. a new interiors mode's were among Marguerite, in the store opening on Thursday 29th April in Glasgow's fashionably up—and-coming Trongate is attempting those who joined the other. to proigde the antidote to bland mass production. ‘fro frenzy, and “-.‘\."th the emphasis on |llll()\’21ll\.’(}. contemporan; style. (31 Interiors WI” stock pieces from renowned according to Vogue, , designers ‘.'.’l‘il|(‘: also working v-nth the Art company to provide an interior design consultancy service. this summer’s best g .. starting; ‘.'."lllt the revamp of a Glasgow bar. idea is to leave your V Co-ou'xners Kim Steen and Audrey lvchllister have pooled their furniture and busniess experience haiViUSt as it was

when you got out of

for the venture. While McAllister currently also co-owns Calico Hairt’lressing in West Regent Street. _ bed. Surts us: that s

Steen has over 2() years of Interiors experience. covering everything from french polishing and re-

, exactl what we’ve upholstennii to i)tl\.’lll(} for maior Scottish wholesalers. Attending furniture shows. she was frustrated y t ' ' always done. fit to be confined to traditional pieces and is welcoming the break out into modern styles. ' . t X(Iltlf;l‘.’(} pieces include the VP globe pendant light by the late and veiy great Dane. Verner Panton. :ani ygu V? gOt your , \ ir ou . ou [)(EfSl(}ll(:(i in télhéi and only recently brought back into production. the dominating glass bubble a 80 e . y l t i WW) r f‘t2‘t‘t) Colo rf l(( tiltt from 8 min tre (( u t“ e 0 catchin need to dec'de on an I For the paSt few (l’)lll(;'f; Ill .‘.'.’( $3! (253. (X 53 ll( .. .. () . ll ll ZEl'E IZS ' Z , E E , ,- < . . . . k ) / ) J ) I 1 y. y 9 adventure sports actIVity weeks. fashion ',‘,'itl|(} further pieces of art. textiles and home accessories have been sourced from leading UK for the summer Sweaty students up and down designers and local artists. V _ pits and dreads are so the [and have been McAllistc-r says: ‘So much of what we have seen over recent years has been reminiscent of office now. darting. And if locked in their bedsits. furniture. What ‘.'.'e aim to do is bring a new Vitality of colour into people's homes with a more diverse you're very fit or very far frantically sewing, "antic of fabrics. textures and materials. «Katy McAulayi round the bend, you'll ironing and pinning I (3 x' Interiors. 27 lrongale. Merchant City. Glasgow. 0/41 5:32 I I7 7 . wwwglinter/orscorn Choose kite-surfing. one their way towards the of the fastest-growing end of year fashion sports in the world. It shows. GSA and ECA

you’ve seen anyone students have already had their catwalk glory. and now it’s the turn of Heriot Watt. whose students host three shows on 21 May at Our Dynamic Earth.

. *- ~. They kick off at 4pm, doing it, you'll know tha 7pm and 9pm, and kite-surfers are regularly tickets are available to lifted the height of a the public at a cost of double decker bus out £5 for the early show ' S \J of the water as they or £10 for the later 3? V", 3’ change direction. ones from Ticket heAwugrg SPR|NG 2004 Instructor Craig Wearing Scotland on Rose

at Kite Surf Scotland Street, Edinburgh. or at As a fashion template the home is merely a blank canvas and the body a clothes horse on (www'knesurfscgtland' the S‘F‘d9”‘3

, . , , , . . , . , , supanetcom) erI teach Assooation Shop on which we protect our own unique ray of colour, desrgn, and indIVIdualism. Accessorismg in you how. hes Offering the Edinburgh campus. this decade IS evolvrng, encouraging consumers everywhere to embrace the ultimate in DIY one_day lessons at I I, V, 7 fashion. And while the high street continues to churn out tried and tested formulas, or Troon for £85. and fun .‘ r a, derisory variations on a theme, it is left to the independent designer to create something [KO three-day courses _“ “a? remarkable to make our abodes and our personalities shine. for 2210. If you get the f g _. 'l‘ 35 As one of the rising stars of Glasgow School of Art’s 2002 Degree Show, Scottish designer bug. Wind Things in § ' (“tuft ;'

Laura Baillie was propelled into the limelight with her exceptional handbag designs. Now her Edinburgh (WWW- ("vot‘agjg‘S-v impressive array of funky fashion accessories, gifts and furnishings are the toast of the town WindihinQS-CO-Uk) Wt" kit _.,.v’.',.§d‘6;* 77:2 ..- as she launches her spring 2004 collection, adding an increasingly mature touch to her YOU OUL BUt you.” need 65“; 109. a“ l

to be truly addicted. as “We . .

initially promising corsage, greeting cards and cushion range. Merging cutting edge urban motifs with traditional Scottish materials, all Baillie’s accessories are hand-made, using only the best Shetland wool.

Big emporiums: hang your heads in shame. The underdog is biting back. (Anna Millar) I See

harness. bar. lines. helmet and other accessories could set

the cost of a board. kite.

11%» 21' May 2004 THE LIST 107