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“le‘Iltls in .lunc. Wasps Open Doors 0 ““contact- Project Co-ordinator B OX Ce M an age r Temp freelance contract You will be fully experienced in operating World Ticketing I 2 a°_tPI_’S reQUi'ed 1 F! System (formerly Wembley) or a current, recognised tick- [M 47'” 1”" Pl”) l‘.‘ 4mm”

Wasps Open Doors is one of Scotland’s largest visual

. , \\ inning “l'llt‘l' l'ill‘ litlinhul‘gll arts events WIth up to 500 artists and makers from the

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SCOIIISh Borders to the Shetland Isles opening You will be dynamic, methodical. able to motivate a team Bm .\'u: 40-1/2.

their studios to the public over 1 weekend in October. and be able to demonstrate excellent customer/client

This is an exciting & Challenging Opportunity for a self_ care, great communication skills and track record. Still opportunities motivated individual with a proven track record in If this is you and you wish to join us at an exciting time, :3: clasttfgrevsvhit:

. . . . . 9 el '9 p organlsmg events and marketing. P'ease ema" °' C3" ‘0' 3 10" Pad" 9.13”, in,” (, Inn-immune“ in For more Information, see our website at t: 0I3| 668 3456 . (l unusual \t‘llllt‘\. wwwwaspsstudiosorguk eAdmin ueenshalledinbur h 0 JUN] ll\§ .\lll\lt‘. l);llIL‘C.‘l)l'illll;l.

. - o . r . . 'u \ \ . ~ ~; or contact Alison Fullerton on 0141 554 8299 6:39; @q g 8 5d “L“bl:((fllllyilslrl‘ lu'mu ll . o o . m pan or me meet-u Closing date: noon on L qh: the hq of live mu5lc ln edlnburgh nit-um Iixcnl lt'uh Monday st May SCOIUSh \ll Cl1;;Tt‘lji\tfllL':‘cll:}t‘tlt‘tl

. ' . CI k S Ed' b h EH8 9 ' ' InterVIews: w/c 7th June fiififlfofl (\m 'f "K" -\ er fleet m urg JG 0131 554 8923

1 10 THE LIST III—27 May 2004