I Central quality room in luxury house. friendly. calttt environntent. sttit discerning. n/s professional. every comfort. £295 pcttt + bills. Tel: 07801 44I 263.

I Double room avail- able itt gorgeotts l.eith flat tvilla conversion) to share witlt professional female. private garden & free parkittg. sttit professional. £285 pcttt + shared ("I & hills. Tel: 07867 545 l82.

I Double room available itt spacious tttaitt door. l.eith flat. 5 minutes frottt city centre. suit stttoker friendly person. to sltare with .3 great girls. £266 pcttt + (’T + bills. Tel: ()1 31 557 3798.

I Double room available itt l)alry area. available immedi- ately. sltarittg witlt 2 others & 2 cats. £260 pem includes (VI. excludes bills. Tel: ()l3l 406 (L240.

I 2 rooms to let itt tttodern ltouse. I0 minutes by btts to city centre. all tttod cons & parkittg. Large room. £220 pettt. Small roottt. £l80 pcttt hills inclusive. Tel: 0| 3| (t20 3889.

I Double room in elegant. spacious (ieorgiatt villa. off l.eith walk. available ttow. shar- ittg witlt | post graduate stu- dent. suit professional. n/s. gay friendly. post graduate student. £280 pcttt. hills included + deposit. Tel: 0l3l 467 3575.

I Room available in .\'orth liastern New Town. sltare with 3 other. tt/s professionals. (t tttotttlts tttittitttttttt. £225 pcttt + ('T + hills & broadbattd. Tel: 0131558 I882.

I Student flat, 2 double roonts forttt Jutte to September. Merchiston area. £240 - £280 pelt]. Tel: 07754 367 132.

I Large double room in sunny l.eitlt Ilat. newly decorat- ed. sltaring with I other n/s. £220 pcttt + deposit + (‘T + hills. Tel: 01 3| 444 0390.

I Huge boxroom. Fully furnished nice flat. ama/ing location. facittg llolyt'ood Park beltittd Ilolyrood Palace. 5 tttitt walking frottt city centre. £250 pttt all inclusive. Tel: 0|3l (t20 0876.

I Bright, spacious dou- bIe room available June to mid-August itt sunny. furnished top floor flat with castle view. (ireal New 'l‘own/Stockbridge neighbourhood. short walk to city centre. shops. bars attd restaurants. W'ould suit easygo- ittg fetttale or couple. £275 pcttt + bills + deposit. Tel: 07795 292 820.

I Meadowbank/ Willowbrae: Room in love- ly bright spacious Ilat sltarittg with 3 tidy but easygoing pro— fessionals. (iCll. all tttod cons. 5 tttitts walk llol)'rood Park attd Meadowbank Stadittttt. N/s prof. No pets. £238 pcttt + bills. Tel: ()l3l ()()I 0.362.

I Large double room in gorgeous flat itt l.eith to rent for 3-4 months (mid june to mid ()ct). To share with one other. Pref fentale. £260 pcm + ('T + bills. Tel: 07977 I35 741.

1 16 THE LIST 13-27 May 2004




Glasgow writer.

Tall late 50's in good ttick. liasy going. Wottld like to ltear from a trim. hairy. long-nosed wontatt who is good company.

(Box number: P/494/ 1)

Tall, handsome, professional, 45, lidinburgh based. equally at honte itt city attd countryside. with interests ranging frottt opera attd ballet to night-clubs attd parties. attd frottt city breaks to rural retreats. seeks stylish attractive partner. as pleasures are double attd chal- lenges halved when shared. Just as I would ttot place an ad. so you would ttot ttortttally respond. Take a chance. nothing ventured nothing gained! Letter attd photo ensures reply.

(Box Number: P/493/2) WOMEN SEEKING MEN

I Sorted creative profes- sional woman 30's seeks warttt intelligent man 34-43 at ease with himself and with a sense of adventure. Perhaps science ori- etttated. (Box Number: P/493/4t


V I Saw You l‘rtday 2.3 April. l0:30. ['nderground frottt llillltead to Buchanan St. Yott attractive brunette. beige ltat attd boots. Me black jacket. shortish ltighligltted hair. I have a girlfriend but I can't get you off my mind. [7494/I

V I Saw You former l'l‘ Assitant sunning yourself itt Kelvin Park. ('an I be your IT ()flicer‘.’ [7494/2

V I Saw You Beanscene Shawlands: auburn hair. gun- tttetal skirt. Perrier. ttovel. dressed to kill. Me shaved ltead. gyttt bag. redltead friend. Later passed your assigtttttettt itt the (iranat'y. liancy playing l-spy togetlter‘.’ ['/494/.3

V I Saw You in sottte of (ilasgow's 'Iittest' ttiglttspots. with a lot less hair than you Used to. \Vanted to stay and say lti when I finished work early a few weeks ago bttt sadly bed alone was a marginally better optiott. Next time.’ [7494/4

V I Saw You on my TV itt the audience of floor Sltow - you were wearing a yellow top attd sittittg with a blonde girl. Wlten you laughed I smiled. [.7494/5 VI Saw You itt the (‘uhe Sun I l/04/04. You were were wear- ittg a Justin Timberlake cap attd looked well lit. I'm the blonde with the red shoes who wants your number! [7494/6

V I Saw You ('t'aig. I want to kiss you - even if it means we're on the road to messy. [7494/7 V I Saw You foxy brunette by the letter j - working your (fine) ass off itt Beatt Scette. Your cltirpy patter lit up my

day. Let ttte help you with that bed hair look... [7494/8

V I Saw You walked past. you looked back attd was takett aback by your beauty. Fancy a coffee sontetime'.’ (iuy with the dettittt jacket. [7494/9

V I Saw You at 'I‘ratttway. Wednesday. l‘riday attd Sunday of 'l'riptych. You working. Me Johnny no mates. Be my fricnd'.’ [7494/ l 0

V I Saw You cute. brown- hait'ed girl with big white fur coat. even though it was boil- ittg. 1/5/04. I don't tltittk you saw me. btit I saw you. Are you single. hope so... [7494” l

V I Saw You 3rd May. beltittd me itt queue. Borders cafe. You itt glasses reading with your back to ttte. you stub- born fooll [7494/12

V I Saw You every week itt Polo. You take my tttoney attd you've takett a little bit of my heart? [.7494/l3

V I Saw You itt the library the other night. Our eyes met...we talked...we laughed... you caught my eye attd stole my heart...l"ancy another sleep- over you sexy Virginia lad'.’l'.’l [7494/l4

V I Saw You in the Polo Lounge. [' were the sexy blonde bar tettder with a cute ass. I like ur sassy style attd the way u shake ur ass '9 till

5'...fancy getting ltot attd sweaty

on the dattce lloor'.’ [7494/l5 V I Saw You you caugltt my eye ruttttittg through the park the other day...the way your blonde hair glistetted itt the stttt attd your sparkling blue eyes lit up my life! You have been run- ttittg through ttty mind since then....fancy breaking a sweat together sometime'.’ [7494/16 V I Saw You at Tinderbox on Byres Road. [.' walked itt with an ultra cool blonde attd asked 'do u cottte with the coffee'." I was too shy to reply but could- tt't ltelp staring ittto ur beautiful eyes...fancy some 'uice' some- tittte'.’ [7494/I7

V I Saw You working behind the bar at the Polo Lounge. The way you tttade my Kiwi Illusion. l tltottgltt you tttttst he an illttsiott of my mind you sexy American stud. liancy sltakittg my cocktail sometime'.’ [.7494/l8

VI Saw You Living on a prayer...l.osing My Religion...all these words leav- ittg your lips tttakes ttte want to hear more. l yearn for more attd tttore songs...your voice attd presence on stage took my breath away...please dedicate the next one for ttte you sexy stud you? [7494/l9

V I Saw You at the May Day peace tttarclt. [I were the cute linglish girl with the adorable grin looking for a sigtt...ur gorgeous persottalily attd quirky ltutttour stopped tttc itt my tracks - when u stopped for a drink break u broke my heart! 1'“ call u baby if u call me Mr. l.o\'et' .‘vIan...'shaba.' [7494/20

V I Saw You at the (i[' last 'l‘hursday...l've never wanted to be a glass of beer ntore than

when I saw you gently sipping your cold pint. Your cttte Jersey stttile and ur brigltt green top took my breath away. l-‘ancy drinking a pint of each other sontetime'.’ [7494/2l

V I Saw You u sexy mama...l may be attached but baby I just can't keep my eyes off of u! [T New Jersey girls sure know ltow to drive a Scottish soccer boy wild. ()oh mysterious girl move ttr body close to mine! [7494/22

V I Saw You when l met you at the garage...l fell itt love with a Sagitarius that is advert- turous. high-spirited. good ltutttottred. attd ltave been playing tttittd gatttes with me ever since attd l catt ttot for the life of ttte keep you off my mitth Please text back so we catt meet...l'm beside myself attd need sortie Australian tettder l.()\'lN(i care! Your ltaliatt stallion ciao bellal [7494/23

V I Saw You at Pitt [7p nights. You were the blonde girl trying to steal the Bowie poster. I tried to help. See you next month'.’ [7494/24

V I Saw You having sonte tttad chat iii the union. I can't believe you're single. ('an l bor- row your hight tops'.’ l.ove Ms 'l‘atoo. [7494/25

V I Saw You sitting there looking sexy? You turn ttte on & push my buttons! l.ovin it! [7494/26

V I Saw You the birthday girl itt the pink? Battattarattta was ttr inspiration but I thought you were l of a kind! [.7494/27

V I Saw You l)Jing on Sat night itt Brel. "Best New British l)J". l was watching you all night. I could tell you were watching ttte too. How about it‘.’ (iirl itt black T—shirt x [7494/28 V I Saw You itt Brel. You ltad massive t't‘is attd a butterfly tatoo. Me. pint itt ltand. barcode on forehead. [7494/29

V I Saw You l-‘reak Boy - get ur freak on. . .tto get it offl l‘reak (iirl. [7/494/30

V I Saw You l)avid. You've spurt my existettce ittto a spiri- tual vortex. Make some desigtts on ttte. ('an I be your No.7? S. [7494/3l

V I Saw You John Pett'ie + Michelle l.e Brocq iii the Note being superfantastic. I love you. Shelly. [,7494/32

9 I Saw You in Brel. You were the one with the pink top attd the fatttotts name front the Rocky film. 1 was the one who bought you attd your friends the drinks? [7494/33

V I Saw You lit a tttirror itt the 13th Note. A smoky dreamy picture...l attt itt love. [7494/34 VI Saw You itt Brel on Sunday. You ltad a gimp top on that matches your date of birth. your ttattte rhytttes with 'I'aren! l was the one with the large "package?" [7494/35

V I Saw You wearing your tttustard breeks attd lime T-shirt. ()lt Mr Morrissey - I think I love you! [7494/36

V I Saw You the ltttp. Devastating itt pink. Read this attd l'll tttarry you. [.3/494/37

V I Saw You in Brel - you were wearing 3/4 length trousers & the beanie ltat. l was the one who helped you ottt of the ltole you fell down. [.7494/38

V I Saw You sexy blonde chick. It was your birthday? Sad to see you tttitttts poodle this time! [7494/39

V I Saw You Miss Mc('loy. giving orange liquid to boys itt rugby shirts - htter [7/494/40

V I Saw You Pltil. with your rosy red cheeks attd wacky sltirt perusing your Metro on the train to I)uttbarton. Where have you gone'.’ I tttiss your northern drawl & ginger nut. ('all me. 1.. [7494/4]

V I Saw You St (ieorge in Brel. The best lookittg alpha tttale itt the bar. (iive ttte a call sometime for dinner on the kitchen table. [7494/42

V I Saw You anarchist l)lY- er on May lst tttovittg attd a sltakittg. You're the best itt the big bad west. [7494/43

V I Saw YOU glasses 8.; suit. outside the History of Art departntent at (ilasgow ['ni. You said ltello. [7/494/44

V I Saw You Juanita. itt your old man's vest. wolftng dowtt spittaclt attd eggs itt the Tron. You looked like you'd been up all night dealing with engine failure. Be mine. l:('. [7494/45 V I Saw You my lovely boys at Space attd People. You make ttte think of chocolate! [7494/46

V I Saw You Alisdair. I)uttcan. Sorrell. Neill. (ieorge. Tllll...YUtl'\'e been my sun itt (ilasgow...l love you. [7494/47

V I Saw You itt Polo Sun 2nd May. [' were a tttusic student with ttr ntate. l was the doc u chatted to. [' were cute. I was shy. fancy a coffee'.’ [7494/48 V I Saw You ripped knees itt denims. blonde short hair. on the tube Sunday 2nd May about 2.15pm. We were stttilittg at you. we got off at llillltead. u smiled attd winked at its. [7494/49

V I Saw You at the rugby match itt lidinburgh on Saturday. I was playittg itt the match. attd I saw you eating that greasy KI"(‘ fried cltickett attd potato salad - girl I've never wanted to he a piece of chicken so bad. I heard that cute American accent cheering ttte on. attd now I can't get it ottt of my mind. I’ancy attotlter rugby match'.’ Baby you be the ball attd I'll run with you all the way to the goal z). [.7494/50

V I Saw You baldy' man. itt Brel. with the pittk shirt attd the bright smile smile 4 me any- tittte. l‘. [7494/5l

V I Saw You I walked ittto the ['(K‘ the other day attd was struck by the beauty of a dark ltait'ed angel brewing up some Java. ['r petite style attd deli- cately rouged cheeks ignited the flames inside...fattcy a Ilick'.’ I'll bring the ltaribo ham- burgers if u'll be my fries... [7494/52