V I Saw You u on level 4 at the (ilasgow ['ni library... I never knew Northern Ireland had such beauty till I saw u! ['r radiant stnile and deep brown hair could- n't help bttt make me stare - ur the girl l'tn dreatning of.. when u look ittto tny eyes u take tne to the clouds above. [7494/53


V I Saw You Lady (ialadriel. in the l-‘ilmhouse explaining why yott thought Roger Moore was the best Jatnes Bond! I.ovc l’olly X. [.7494/54

V I Saw You stealing an ash- tray at the Traverse. Your gold- en hair captivated me? Steal me?! [7494/55

V I Saw You fab fottr. sur- rounded by bubbles in the I’ilmhouse cafe. l was at the bar silently catching the transparent spheres. [7494/56

VI Saw You in the I‘ilmhouse bar. . .of all

places. . .after Radio 'l'arifa. Let’s all run away to Spain together. I've heard the white wine + soda is cheap there...let's volunteer with IVS. l’aff X . [7494/57

V I Saw You through tny tears in the puddles of my mind. Where are you when I need you when I'm drowning inside'.’ I'm a fish in deepest sorrow. [7494/58

V I Saw You sitting on the btts with your woolly hat and ginger dreadlocks. I love you. Be my friend. I have a shrine. will find you. [7494/59

V I Saw You on the moon. you were wearing a big white suit. dead sexy. I'm a ginger and l'tn protth Best friends forever. yeti?! Xxx. ['/494/6()

V I Saw You working at Bennets Bar. Yott cute with .\'ike top. tne drinking with special glass. call me xxx. [7494/6|

V I Saw You sexy Atnanda in the (‘ity. Do you ever get a night off so we catt sip cocktails somewhere'.’ [7494/62

V I Saw You llobblt in the Basement bar - delivering ring to Mordor‘.’ ('an I be your (iandalf'? [7494/63

V I Saw You with a big beard and a nice hairy chest in (‘(' Blooms. at the bar on liriday night. ('all me?! [.7494/64

V I Saw You on the train frotn lnverness to lidinburgh 12/04. Across the aisle wearing bltte top. yellow stripes. Missed opportunity"? Do you wattt to meet up'.’ [.7494/65

V I Saw You turquoise top with orange cat on it iti the Basetnent. Your eyes stunned me into bashful silence. I'm the tall dark bartnan. Marry me‘.’ [7/494/66

V I Saw You (iary (at Taste/ l.uvely (ll/()l/(l4. Wanted [7 then. want [,' now. Mr sexy piercings. John J X (Stella). [7494/67

VI Saw You little mouse! Hopefully you haven't been pet- rified. Your pal dodged away quickly? [7494/68

V I Saw You sexy lady with the great tan. pink & white boob tube - Basement. Sttttday after- noon. wanna see those tan lines! (lay in ttavy T—shin. [7494/69 V I Saw You John boy. ur brilliant. welcome 2 my world. Love always. (‘hris xx. [7494/70 V I Saw You in ottr beautiful new flat? Thanks for christening it - we make a fabulous motley crew. Hil [7494/7l

V I Saw You pretending we're over. ()ur love's so unlin- ishedf Your squirrel x [7494/72 VI Saw You Mr McA at the Basement lovin your Beyonce moves chin chin. Mr with a V. [.7494/73

V I Saw You I)Jing bttt you looked anything bttt blue. (‘an't wait to move into ottr new llat. just tne and you baby! [7494/74 V I Saw You two secret smok- ers. walking along the Water of l.eith. A mature. dark beauty with a young curvy blonde bombshell. Hope to see you and the heron again soon? [7494/75 VI Saw You Doctor John. It was my birthday. you're still looking cute. [7494/76

V I Saw You little meatball. you put the poop in my poop- sie. [7494/77

V I Saw You Barony bar staff. you tnust be the hottest bar staff in lidinburghl! Xx [7494/78

V I Saw You Irish chick in the Basement. ('ould show you a better time than you had in Spain? (iimme a chance - sat next to you? [7494/79

V I Saw You lloltnes I’lace boy with your trunks so shiny. call me some time. [7494/80

V I Saw You lou lou - I’lanet ()ut - Madonna tour 2004 - go? Beautiful stranger - go! Xxx [7494/8l

V I Saw You photographing tts nearly naked red men l& women) at Beltane. We'd like to


see those photos. please get In touch. [7494/82

V I Saw You going into Alien Rock I lam. Sunday 2nd May. You stopped to check your pockets as I ran past. wish I had stopped too. fancy tying tne in some time‘.’ [7494/83

V I Saw You 'l'hunderbird a- go-go at Velvet lst May. coolly grooving and channelling Lady Penelope in a blue shift dress. cardi. headband & handbag. We're a shy bunch there. but thought you looked l’.A.B.I [7494/84

V I Saw You Stevie legging it across the Opal Lounge. With that grin all you need to do is ask...l'll say yeah. [7494/85

V I Saw You Mr Yellow Line. at least I keep thinking I see you; on every street. near every kerb. (iive me a sign because this meter maid is reaching the end of her note- book. [7494/86

V I Saw You in the Opal [ounge 30-04-04. You brushed your hand down my back as you catne past. I looked for you later btit you'd gone. Maybe we'll brush ittto each other again‘.’ [7494/87 V I Saw You You were the beautiful brunette linglish wait- ress in (irand (‘ru iii Iidinburgh who served me drinks on the balcony on the first Saturday night in April. I atit the shaved headed Scotsman who told you that you had a beautiful smile and would love to tell you again. [7/494/88

V I Saw You we nearly collid- ed tw ice? at 8am. Wed attd Thurs before liaster. You running past Donaldsons School. [' dark Aussie. tne blonde Brit. Want to train together'.".’ {7494/89

V I Saw You speggy! Walking along l’rinces St on I‘ri loth April. You laden down with bags on phone with pal. Me hiding in Body Shop door- way. Hope you're cool. ['/494/9()

V I Saw You Mr (iorgeous on the stairs of the St James centre (‘ar Park. Fri 24th April. I was lost and you gave tne directions..maybe we could find a way together... [.7494/9l

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