The guide to events in central Scotlai

_ The Front Six new temporary theatre spaces in Leith . . . Nick Barley

reports on his first six months as List editor . . . The second instalment of our new cartoon strip Ubiquitous Girl . . . Plus

letters on the great downloading con, the elusive devil, and more debate about Scottish banter.

Highlights 1 2 Henrik Larsson Celtic's footballing god is leaving Scotland.

Brian Donaldson wipes away the tears and asks why the scoring Swede was so influential.

1 4 Troy Are you ready for the first of the mega-budget summer blockbusters? Starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, this historical epic, dripping with computer effects, seems set to hit the jackpot. We deconstruct the formula.

18 The Streets With his second release, Mike Skinner has achieved the impossible, making the ‘concept album’ credible again. Mark Robertson reports.

20 Nathan Coley He’s made art out of the Lockerbie trial, yet Nathan Coley’s no sensationalist. We explain why he’s one of the most important artists of his generation.

97 Wisconsin Death Tfip An extraordinary documentary about weird goings on in the American Midwest is one of the DVD highlights of the year.

1 O1 Morrissey With another comeback album and a stint at the helm of London artsy music festival Meltdown, he’s out to prove that he’s not miserable now. But are his songs any good?


In our inaugural guide to the vast range of adventure sports across the nation, we tell you where and how to get active.

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Two bottles of Warre’s Otima ten-year-old port for this Win VIP tickets to Download Scotland and a case of Miller

75 A-List discount clubbing card Save £25 at Doodles Edinburgh pottery studio

- rsday 13 Thursday 27 May 2004

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