Cyberworld 3D (PU) (\‘urioux. t'S. 2000) Jenna lill‘man. Matt lirewer. Woody .-\llen. 44min. Jenna lillinan ix the cyber- hoxt who introducex tix to yat'ioux unrelated .xegmentx ol‘ cyber animation. The Sim/nuns and Ant. make 3D appearancex in a .xpectacular dixplay ol today'x moxt imprexxixe graphic technology. I.ll.'l.\'. (i/(lxguw:

Dawn of the Dead ( 18).... Synder. 1S. 2004) Sarah l’olley. \'ing Rhamex. Jake Weberkemake ol' (ieorge Romeo‘x l‘)78 zombie claxxic. xcripted by Jamex (iunn (who graduated from traxh lilm factory Troma to alxo write St‘UU/ty' Don and itx xequel ). The plot remainx the xaine: when .\'orth America ix oyerrun by a plague of /ombiex. a group of xttt'\‘i\‘()t'.x hole tip in a .xhopping maul where they're bcxieged by the llexh eaterx. The original wax a wry commentary on the perilx of modern day conxumcrixin. ('unn'n. Iii/inlmrg/i. Delicatessen ( IS) 00000 (Jean-Pierre Jeunet/Marc ('aro. l‘rancc. l‘)‘)l ) Dominique l’inon. Marie-Laure Dougnac. Jean-(‘laude Drcy l'ux. 99min. In a .xepia

w axteland .xoinewherc in the future. a butcher l‘eedx hix neighbourx with the juicy jointx ol' hix lodgerx. But when former clown l.ouixon (Pinon) arriy‘ex and lallx l'or hix daughter. an underground Vegetarian rexixtance group eomex to the rexcue. llilarioux blend ol‘ bi/arre characterx. .xlapxtick and comic tenxion makex for the lirxt true cult item ol~ the ‘Jllx. (il’ll (i/uxguu:

Deserted Station (lstgah- Matrouk) (the) O... (.-\lire/a Raixian. lran. 2002) l.eila llatami. .\'e/am Tylanouchehri. Mehran Rajabi. Malnnoud l’ak .\'eeyat. l00min. See rcyiew. page 26. Film/ionu'. Edinburgh.

0 Les Diables (The Devils) ( IS) 0... ((‘hrixtophe Ruggia. France/Spain. 2002) Adele llaenel. Vincent Rottierx. Roehdy l.abidi. lllhmin. See rex'iew. page 20. OF]. (i/ttygmi:

Don’t Look Now ( Is) 000.. (Nicolax Roeg. l'K. 1073) Donald Sutherland. Julie ('hrixtie. l03min. .-\ rextoration expert with xecond xight x'ixitx Venice. where he meetx up with two old xixterx who claim xpiritual conmnmication with hix recently drowned daughter. Againx'. a Mann-like backdrop ol‘ unexplained deathx. he becomcx obxexxed with a tiny. red-coated ligure he xpiex xcurry ing through the city 'x dark alley-x. Splendid xupernatural xtixpeiixe mox'ic. ax xubtly textured and brilliantly edited ax any of Roeg'x work. with the added adx'antage that it’x a rather good yarn. (ii-“ll (i/uxgmi: Les Enfants Terribles (t’( i) 0.00 (Jean-Pierre Mclx'ille. l-‘rance. 1050) .\'icole Stephane. lidouard l)ermithe. l00min. The intenxe relationxhip between an adolexcent brother and xixter ex'entually produeex tragic rexultx. (‘ommitted perl‘ormancex from the two young leadx achiex'e momentx of real pow er in thix xure-l'ooted adaptation ol' Jean ('octcatfl noy el. (i171. (i/uxguu:

0 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ( IS) 0000. (Michel (iondry. 1S. 2004) Kate Winxlet. Jim (‘arey. Tom \Vilkiiixon. Klt‘xllll Dunxt. 108mm. ('harlic Kaulman‘x .xecond eollalmration with director Michel (iondry' (alter llumun .Mnurm ix hix bext lilm yet. l.ikc Being John .lIu/km'irlt. lilermil Sunyhine ix a wildly imaginatix'e llight ol' l'antaxy. Thix lilm'x gloriouxly balmy conceit xeex ('arrey'x lox'elorn loxel'. Joel Barixh. haying the painful memoriex ol' hix ex-girll'riend xurgically remox'ed. She'x ('lementine Kruc/ynxki (\\'iiixlct). a lox‘eably wild. iinpetuoux girl who. an increaxingly mixerable Barixh dixeoyerx. had the procedure performed upon her alter xhe got bored with their relationxhip and ended it. ()y er the courxe of a night the xtal'l (Mark Rul'allo. Dunxt and Wilkinxon) of a non- dexcript medical l‘acility. Lacuna Inc obliterate Barixh'x memoricx. but when Barixh lindx himxell~ xcmi-conxcioux. he decidex he w antx to retain hix memoriex. l'nable to fully wake to halt the procedure. a era/y cat-antl-iiiouxe chaxe through the patient'x xtibconxcioux beginx. with Barixh attempting to hide ('lemcntine in deeply reprexxed memoriex. placex the Lacuna


techiex would nex er think ol‘ probing. lt'x an outrageouxly demented ride. btit underlying thix terrilic trip are xome xerioux metaphyxical quextionx about human relationxhipx. (‘an one endure'.’ It not. wax it worth it in the lirxt place'.‘ (ieniux. (it'm'ml I‘('/¢’(1.\('.

50 First Dates ( 12A) 00 (Peter Segal. l'S. 200-1) Adam Sandler. Drew Barrymore. Rob Schneider. Sean .'\.xtin. l.u.xia Sti‘tix. Dan :\ykroy d. 90min. ('harmlexx reunion of Sandler and Barrymore. The duo were xo appealing in The Her/(ling Singer btit thix take on l’it'attdcllo\ lz'nrim ll' lailx to recapture pax gloricx. (ii'm'm/ l't’ll’th’.

Fear X ( 12A) 0... (Nicolax Winding Rel‘n. (‘anada/l)enmark/l 'K/Bra/il. 2004) John 'l‘urturro. Deborah l'nger. Jamex Remar. ‘llmin. The xeemingly pointlexx murder ol‘ the w il‘e of Harry (’ain ('l‘urturro) in a \Vixconxin mall ix the xetting l’or Rel'n'x lirxt foray into linglixh language lilmmaking. a xcreenwriting collaboration with noyelixt llubert Selby Jr. lt ix exhilarating xtul'l' (though marred by a weak xecond hall‘) ax llarry drix ex himxell' nutx trying to work out why hix w il'e wax killed. and in the procexx perhapx make a little .xenxe ol' the world he inhabitx. .-\x with the l);tttixlt director'x earlier elil'nt‘lx. the electric l’ttx/tt'r and I)(’(I/('I'. I'k'ur .\’ exxay x the pxychology and xocial circumxtancc behind crime rather than itx yiolent external expt'cxxion. I'ilIn/Iuttu'. Ift/iIt/mrg/t. Finding Nemo ( t ' l .00. (Andrew Stanton/ l‘nkrich. l'S. 2003) Voicex ol~ Albert Brookx. lillen l)e(ienerex. Alexander (iould. Willem Dal'oe. Brad (iarrett. .'\lll.x()lt Janney. l00min. l’ixar'x latext now that it ix free iron) the umbrella of Dixney ix the delightful tale of a little lixh and hix daddy‘x attemptx to lind him when he getx xcooped out of the water by a human. ('lcy er. funny and better than The [in/(- .llcrmuiil (juxt ). ()t/cun (I! Illt‘ Qiuly‘. (i/uxgnu:

Fly Away Home (l') 0000 ((‘at'oll Ballard. l'S. 1996) Anna l’aquin. Jel'l' Daniclx. Dana l)elany. l07min. When her mother ix killed in a car eraxh. young Amy ('I'ln' I’imm'x l’aquin) ix xent to liye with her extranged father in (‘anada. Soon they ‘xe hatched a plan to help a flock ol‘ baby gcexe migrate xouth tor the w inter by leading them in a modified glider. :\n orphaned kid and xome llul'l'y animalx but thix getx beyong the l‘ormula by injecting xome credible emotional depth into the perl‘ormaneex by the two leadx. (imxi't'nm: (i/uxgmi:

The Football Factory ( 18) .0

(Nick l.ox'e. l'K. 2004) Danny Dy er. l'rank llarpcr. .\'cil Maxkcll. Roland Manookian. 00min. See prey iew. page 22 and rex'iew. page 2.1.(it'iii'ru/ I'('/('(l.\('.

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine (l’(i) (\ikram Jayanti. ('anada/l'lx’. 2003) ‘)()min. (iarry Kaxparox ix arguath the greatext chexx player who'x cx er lixcd. and thix ix the xtory ol' the ex entx

Where did all these kids come from? This is supposed to be a Deserted Station

xurrounding the 10‘)? match he loxt againxt lBM‘x computer Deep Blue. The

pxy ehological perxpectix ex. paranoia. accuxationx. and del'encex xurrounding the ancient game are explored through interx'iewx with Kaxparoy. hix manager. chexx expertx and memberx ol' the IBM Deep Blue team. Becauxe many xaw the loxx ax a blow againxt humanity. the lilm inxightl'ully ponderx man'x relationxhip with. and xupremacy ox‘er. machinex. ('(I-l. (i/(txguu‘.

German Music Video Clips & Domino (.\'(‘) qul‘lntlx. (iermany. 2003) 53min. .\ xelection of I} muxic \ ideox from the archiye ol' the International Short l‘ilm liextix'al ()berhauxen. including work by .xonie ol' (iermany'x moxt innoxatix'e directorx and muxic by bandx xuch ax Senxorama and Motixe on Marx. 'l’hix ix l’ollow ed by a tribute to the Domino muxic label. xhowing yideox made l'or l‘ran/ Ferdinand and l’our Tet among otherx. ('( ll. (i/ttygmt:

Ghosts of the Abyss 3D (PG) (Jamcx ('ameron. l'S. 200-1) 50min. Documentary in which maxter xtory teller Jamex (‘ameron leildx an expedition back it) the xile ()l~ ltix greatext inxpiration the wreck of the legendary Titanic where nearly 1500 people loxt their liy'ex ox er a century ago. l'xing xtate-ollthc-art technology dcx elupetl ‘liecilicalb for the film. ('ameron and hix team are able to explore the wreckage and bring: it to xcreen in 3D. The audience ix able to experience an archaeological dix'e ax it" they were right in the di\ e xhipx or exert ax the crew 00 yearx ago. I.ll.rl.\’. (i/uxeon; Gigi (l’(i) 0.. (Vincente Minnelli. l'S. IUSS) l.exlic (‘aron. l.ottix Jourdan. Maurice ('hexalier. l 10min. ('aron ix the L‘thtelle allied to Jottt’datt'x rake; they are watched ox er by an extraxagantly l‘reneh ('hex'alier and the text of [in t/(' .xl'r't‘It' l’at‘ix. Thix ix a lay ixh muxieal from the golden day x of M(iM. adapted from (‘olette'x noxel by l.erner and l.oewe. :\n ()xcar-w inner in il.\ day. it ix now l)exl remembered lin‘ xtmgx like ’I‘liunk Ilc'un'n I'iir I.iII/¢' (iirly. I'i/Iri/miru'. Iii/inlmrgli.

The Girl Next Door( 15) .0

(Luke (ireenlield. l‘S. 2004) limile llirxch. lilixha ('uthbert. limothy ()ly phant. Jamex Remar. ()lmin. Nerdy. bullied teenage xchool kid meetx prol'exxional call girl. makex educational pornox with her and becomex a xelttml hero. l.ikcablc. ill yery xilly. take on I‘)S0x brat pack moy iex like I‘i'rrix [fuel/('1‘ 'x I)tl\' ()[l and Ix’ixkx Ifttxilit'xx. (’(i(‘ ly’t'n/rt'w Street. (iluxguw'. Girl with a Pearl Earring l (3.x)

0. (Peter \Vebber. l'K/l .uxembourg. 200$) Scarlett Johanxxon. (‘olin l‘irth. Tom \Vilkinxon. Judy l’arlitt. (’illian Murphy. 95min. Adapted l‘rom the hook by 'l‘racy (‘hcyalietz \Vehber'x xuiuptttouxly upholxtered lilm dealx with the xtory behind the creation ol' \'eriueei”x lamoux painting. Marred by mixcaxting and an ox erly literal approach to the cinctnatography. thix ix a

index Film

major dixappointment: a l'axeinating xtory hax been rendered into a dull. ,xyrup-thick tale ol~ low and peaxantry. Dominion. Iii/inlmrg/i.

Godfathers and Sons ( (5) (Marc l.exin. l'S. 2003) Marc l.eyin. ('huek l). Marxhall (‘hexx. 133mm. Director Marc In in explorex the legacy of the (‘hicago bluex xcene ax he trax'elx to the city in the company of Public linemy '.x ('huck l) and Mut'xlttlll (.ltexx. heir It) (‘ltexx Recordx. Together they try to put together an album that unitex old xchool bluex with contemporary hip hop. xhowcaxing archixal l‘ootage and xome original perl‘orinancex. I'ilm/iuim'. lit/inlnu'g/i.

Gothika ( 15) O. (Matthieu Kaxxowitl. l‘S. 200-1) llallc Berry. Robert Dow ney Jr. ("harlex Dutton. John (‘arroll Lynch. Bernard llill. Penelope ('rul. 08min. When criminal pxyehologixt Dr Miranda (iray (Berry ). wakex up in the pxy chiatric ward of the Woodward Penitentiary. incarcerated with the Very inmatex .xhe uxed to treat. .xhe claimx xhe xaw the ghoxt of a dixtrcxxed young woman and can't remember any thing alter that; the police xay xhe xtabbed her huxband to death. What ix logieal‘.’ \Vltal ix xane'.’ Not tltix plot. that's for certain. ller cloxe colleague and would- bc lox er. Dr l’ete (iraham (Dow ney Jr). triex to get through to her while her huxhand‘x lil'elong l'riend. Sheril'l' Ryan (Lynch).

inx extigatex her truly \ iolent crimex. Quite why recent ()xcar-w inner Berry would haxc xigned up lot" (int/iiku ix a inyxtcry. although her role ax tortured heroine UlTL'l'x plenty of xcope for her trademark hixtrionicx. 'l‘hix xilly B-mox ie ix the latext dixappointment from director Matthieu Kaxxow it/. who hax yet to l'ullil the promixe ol' hix debut feature. I.” Hui/11’. Xt'lt't‘lt'tl I't’lt'tlxt’.

Grill Point (Halbe Treppe) l 15) (Andreax Drexxen. (iermany. 2001 ) Stel'li Kuehnert. 'l‘horxten Merten. Axel l’rahl. (iabt'iela Maria Scluneide. l05min. Two couplex in lil‘elexx l‘rankl'urt/t)den. liaxtern (iermany. are lloating through life in quiet dcxpct'ation and boredom when inlidclity xtrikex. entangling them in a joint examination ol' the xtagnation ol‘ their exixtence. Part of a regular xeriex ol' contemporary (ierman lilmx prexented in axxocialiott with (ioethe-lnxtitut (ilaxgoxx. (il'nl. (i/uxgmi.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (l’( i) O ((‘hrix ('oluinbux. l'S/l'K. 2002) Daniel Radclil'l'e. Kenneth Branagh. Robbie (’oltrane. lo0min. Yawn. paxx the bail bucket. I-‘ilm/muxt'. Iii/inlmrg/i. Hotel Pacific (Zaklete Rewiry) (tbc) (Janttx/ .Majew xki. l’oland/('/cchoxlo\akia. l‘)75) Marek Kondrat. Roman \Vilhelmi. Roman Skamene. 04min. Roman (Marek Kondrat) wantx nothing tnore to join the xtal'l' at an upmarket rextaurant w here the hierarchy and xocial order are ax militant ax can be. Becoming a waiter ix only a lengthy initiation period away. Part of the Marek Kondrat xeaxon. l'i/Hl/lt’ll.\t'. [Jilin/Hugh.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead t l5)

.0. (Mike llodgex. l'K/l'S. 2003) (‘lixe ()wen. Jonathan Rhy x-Meyerx. ('harlotte Rampling. Malcolm McDowell. .\'oel (‘larke l02min. See intcrxiew. page 23 and rcx iew. page 2-1. (tie/{clinch SHIT]. (i/(txg'rni'; (.(K‘. ll-(II-Ill’liliflll.

Just a Boy’s Game l 1.x) (John Maclx'en/ie. l'K. 1070) (it‘egor l-‘ixher. Frankie Miller. Ken llutchixon. 75min. .-\ line debut performance from a young (ircgor l’ixher in thix tale ol' a boy 'x .xtruggle lo excape from the xhadow ol hix dy ing grandlathcr and take ox er hix poxition ax the hard man in the town. I'l/Ht/lutlxt'. Int/inlmrg/i.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 l 18).... (Quentin 'l‘arantino. l'S. 200-1) l‘ma 'l‘hurman. Daxid (‘arradinc. Daryl Hannah. Michael Madxen. Samuel l. Jackxon. ‘l-linin. 'lltl'anlino'x rollicking rampage ol‘ rex enge changex gear for itx concluding part. .-\ dialogue-hcaxy w extern bathed in the xpirit of B moxiex and exploitation mox‘iex. thix ix a thrilling. perplexing eiid to a great pxcudo l‘eminixt rill on \iolenee and rexenge. It ix alxo \ery nice to xee ('arradinc back in a lilm dexerx ing ol' hix talentx. (iv/rem!


i.) ." ' Max .=‘~; 3-: THE LIST 31