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If The List was reviewing a restaurant and yOur writer contracted severe food poisoning, I'm sure you'd mention it yet in two pages about legal music downloads. yOu didn't mention that many of the services yOu looked at don't work wrth iPods. don't let you transfer tunes to another computer and. in some cases. expect yOu to buy an entire album when you only want a single song. Mark Robertson writes: ‘There's no reason not to embrace the future with open arms.‘ If the big-name sites are any indication. there's one very good reason: copy protection technology is being used by the record industry to dictate where. when and how you can listen to music. If that's the future. it's a future where the 'play' button becomes the 'pay'buhon.

Gary Marshall



Re: This was hardcore (493) Must The List indulge in that tired old trick of publishing pictures of naked women at the flimsiest opportunity? Your article describes a film. Wonder/and. which is about the sex industry. not pornography itself, and although I haven't seen it yet, I get the impression that it's a tragic story of despair and addiction. rather than a breast-fest. If anything, you c0u|d at least have published

a photo of John Holmes' supposedly enormous member. which was the main reason for his Success in the industry. But no. you took the easy route. and went for the boob job. Phwooar one more magazine for the wankpile.




What is happening to T in the Park? 2004's looked great until they started pulling in the likes of the Black Eyed Peas. Fair

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enough, there are going to be peeple there who enjoy that type of music. but to put them on the MAIN STAGE! Then we sat down to have a quick read of the paper on Friday to find that not only is Pink now making an appearence but so are Big Brovaz (or however the homies spell it). If it gets any worse it will just be like going to a Top of the Pops weekend. But they don't seem to be bothered. All they seem interested in is the fact that they are selling tickets faster than the prevrous year. Well. that's all well and good but this really is an adult festival. not a singing kettle concert. Lou Winchester and Eils Hanratty Edinburgh

KEEP MUSIC (A)LIVE Imagine a live music venue where yOur phone call is answered and the staff know when the first band will be on stage . . . Even better. you go to the gig and the first act near-as-dammit appears on time! You witness a superb three—band line-up performing wrth a quality sound mix. purchase a few beers from pleasant bar staff. chat a bit with a few of the not-up-their- own-arses band members then go home sonically satisfied. clutching the free CD you were presented with on entry. And all this for the price of a cheap pair of pants? (23. actually). Yes. dreams do come true. live music lovers. The event was Situation Normal. on Friday 7 May. And (most of) yOu missed but big time. Duke 69. Starry Wisdom Cult and Maya 29 were all excellent performers with quality songs. and their performances were deserving of a much larger crowd than those lucky enough to have made the effort to support this great new music night.

The live music scene in Edinburgh is often criticised for various reasons including lack of decent venues. poor SOund quality and over the top beer

prices but if more punters took the opportunity to suppon live music. that could easily change. Thanks to all the bands for a great night and good luck to Karen and Maya 29 with this promising new venture at Cabaret Voltaire. Satisfied Punter,

South Oueensferry


Re: Cult of the fortnight (493)

I followed your link to ‘Buy the Devil in Design' looking to see if the Devil could employ my idle hands. Imagine my disappointment when wwwblabworldcom was only a domain registration site. A subtle irony, misdirection. the work of God or editorial mistake?

Derek Cameron

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time. It's just the darker 5% I‘m not able to brush aside or laugh off so quickly.

PS I know Edinburgh's part of England: I just thought I'd try and catch people out.

PPS My pregnant belly sings the glories of another Eating 8 Drinking Guide diOICh yn Iawr! Andrew Jones Edinburgh

Re: Peace? No chance! (Letters, 493)

I find it difficult to agree with the staunch defence of polar division in some quarters of Scotland. It goes without saying that humour resides in difference. but taking ‘difference' to extremes leads to bigotry. jingoism, xenophobia and hatred. Is it really all about the banter? Latent and overt sectarianism is not 'banter'. The regularity of floral tributes with football colours attached to them in Glasgow centre is not ‘fucking hilarious'. English friends being subjected to torrent upon torrent of abuse for 90 minutes in a pub is not 'opinionated' or ‘individual': it's ignorant and offensive. Tying this down to 'a particularly strong sense of national identity' is somewhat erroneous: mereover. this sounds like historical apologism. Yes. a wonderfully playful sense of self-deprecation abounds over the British Isles. and I agree that life in Scotland is both fucking great and fucking hilarious. I find myself laughing at the lighter side 95% of the


An ideal drink for any occasion


Re: Backs to the wall (492) Was anyone else Outraged by the review in Scot/and on Sunday in which lain Gale claimed that Dundonians are not worthy of DCA's ‘difficult' Richard Wright exhibition? Having read your (excellent) article, I went to the show. I'm not very familiar with art or art history. but after spending a bit of time With the paintings it was clear to me that the whole thing is a conversation with the architecture of the building. I've never seen anything gurte like it. For lain Gale to claim that this kind of exhibition should only be shown in Edinburgh or Glasgow is an insult to journalism. to Dundee and to Richard Wright. Shame on Gale. and his snobbish ideas. Tanya Coates

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K. '4'




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