Various venues. Glasgow, Fri 21-Sun 30 May

Glasgow has long been known as a great place for live music and these days are no different. Franz Ferdinand is the latest in a long line of great Glasgow bands, and their success looks likely to open the doors for many other acts as the record industry swarms to the rainy city.

And so to show off the best of that talent, a handful of promoters and venues have gotten together to produce 10 Days in May an alternative mini-festival that includes a number of high profile shows from the best Glasgow has to offer, as well as a handful of touring bands.

But it’s not just about the music. The festival is being produced in conjunction with One in Four, the charity that raises mental health awareness in Scotland. At all the festival events it will be providing a booklet on mental health issues which comes with a free CD of exclusive tracks from pretty much a who’s who of Glasgow indie over the years (Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai and many more).

Of the new local talent on show there are plenty of highlights. Mother and the Addicts, signed to .. the Delgados’ hugely influential Chemikal Terra Diablo make heavy weather of things Underground label, are a big, dumb, in-yer-face mulch of retro influences like Bowie and Beefheart hometown where they are big fans of the local people that totally deserve it.’ with a side dish of showbiz idiocy, and therefore music scene. 80 what is it that makes Glasgow a fertile pretty great. Expect them to become huge when ‘The bands coming out just now have all got breeding ground for new music? The heritage? the debut album appears later this year. different sounds,’ says singer Ian Fairclough. The support structure? The great live venues? It’s

At the other end of the rock spectrum are Terra ‘Glasgow’s never really had one sound, you know? in the genes? Something more prosaic, Fairclough Diablo. With a blistering and anthemic old school It’s great that everyone’s doing different things but reckons. post-grunge eponymous debut album out this still getting on with each other. There’s no bitching ‘I think it’s because it pisses down with rain all month, the hairy five-piece have been touring like or backstabbing. And it’s good that [the music the time,’ he says. ‘And there’s fuck all else to do.’ bastards, but can’t wait to get back to their business] focus is here, it’s going to help a lot of (Doug Johnstone)

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