Music jazz listings

Friday 21 continued I The Sellars Brothers Quintet

Dundee Rep. lay Square. 01383 233530. 10.30pm. £3. Blue Note sounds in the

lo) er iiil‘luenced by greats such as l’i‘eddie Hubbard and ('urtis l‘uller. l’ai't ol Dundee .la/l l'ht‘SliHll.


I George McGowan and his Orchestra Merchants (‘ornciz 18 John Street. 5.53 381”. 3.30 5.30pm. l’i'ee. See Sat 15.

I Candiru Brel. 39 43 Ashton l.ane. 342 4066. 3pm. l-‘ree. Drummer Nick \Vesion leads this exciting new ia/z act. I Big Bob’s Jazz Band Bar lXS. Buchanan Hotel. 185 Buchanan Street. 553 7334. 5.5llplll. Free. See Sat l5.

I Konrad Wiszniewski Quartet ‘l'ron 'l’heati'e. 63 'l‘rongate. 553 4267. 8pm. £6 i£5l. See Thu 13.

I Eddie Toal and Quintet ()‘.\'ei|l‘s. 7| .r\|bion Street. 5520823. 0 l 1.45pm. Free. See Sat l5.


I Stephen Triffitt Celebrates Sinatra l’layhousc. 18 32 (ii'eensidc Place, (1870 ()1 103434. 7.30pm. See \Ved I0.

I Fionna Duncan Trio lleni'y \ Ja/l (’ellai'. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5300. 8.30pm. £6. Renowned \ocalisi Duncan presents a \aried repertoire olia/x with special guests liddie loal and Kenny l’aterson.

I 80QSt House Band 80 Queen Street Bar and Restaurant. 80 Queen Street. 226 5097. 0pm midnight. l‘i'ee. See Sat l5.

I Groove Diggaz llenry 's .la// (‘ellaiz 8 Morrison Street. 467 .5300. midnight. £0. .\ dose ol' the tank l'i'oiii lidinbtirgh's premiere heaxyw eight soul otlllil. leaturiiig \ocalisi 'l‘ony King and the talents ol' .\lartiii Kershaw on sa\.


I Konrad Wiszniewski Quartet .-\pe\ (‘in Quay llotel tk Spa. I \Vest Victoria Dock Road. ('ity Quay. 13.30pm. £(i (£51. See l‘llll l5.

0 Scottish National Jazz Orchestra Plays the Music of Oliver Nelson Dundee Rep. ’l‘ay Square. 01382 223530. 2.30pm. £10 i£0i. 'l‘he S.\'J()'s tribute to saxophonist and composer ()li\ er .\'e|soii \\ ill l'eatui'e his big band arrangements oi both original compositions iincltiding ‘Blues and the Abstract Truth 1 and ja/I standards gixen his distincthe trademark.

I Cathie Rae .-\pe\ ('in Quay lloiel tk Spa. I \Vest Victoria Dock Road. ('ity Quay. 5.15pm. £6 (£5 1. ('lassical ia/I \ocal repertoire sung by one ol’ Scotland's most personal singers.

I Magic Feet Dundee Rep. 'l'ay Square. 0| 383 223530. 6pm. £10 i£0i. See Sat 15. Part ol the Dundee Ja/l liestiyal. 0 Colin Steele Plays Kind of Blue .v\pe\ ('ity Quay llotel ck Spa. 1 West Victoria Dock Road. ('ily Quay. 8.30pm. £10 i£9i. See Thu 20.

I Niki King Dundee Rep. 'l'ay Square. 01383 223530, 9.30pm. £10 i£9i. 'l‘he sublime ja/l \ocalist showcases her work \\ ill] a seyen-piece band lo boot.


I Jazz Brunch ()\ygcn Bar (k (irill.

3 5 lnlii'iiiai‘y Street. 557 9007. 3 5pm. l-i'ee. See Sun I6.

I Konrad Wiszniewski Quartet llenry ’s .la// (‘ellaiz 8 .\loi‘rison Street. 467 5200. 8pm. £6 (£5). See Thu 13.

0 Colin Steele Plays Kind of Blue Henry 's .la// ('ellai‘. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £6. See Thu 30. I Edinburgh University Swing Dance Society Ro\btil'gli llolel. 38 ('harlotte Square. 240 5500. Annual summer hall in aid ol .-\l/heimer Scotland.

58 me LIST ,_


I Jesse Davis Quartet Apes (‘iiy Quay llotel ck Spa. l \Vest Victoria Dock Road. ('in Quay. 12.30pm. £10 (£0). New York saxophonist leads his quartet \\ ith passionate adyenttire and yibrancy.

I Bojan 2 .»\pc'.\ ('ity Quay llotel & Spa. 1 West Victoria Dock Road. (‘in Quay. 4pm. £10 (£01. Sensational l’aris- based pianist with inlltiences as diyerse as liuropean ja/x. Bi'a/iliaii rhythms and Balkan l'olk song whose last album has been picking tip praise in all the right plaL‘L‘S

I Preston Reed Apes (‘iiy Quay llotel tk Spa. | West Victoria Dock Road. ('ity Quay. 4.30pm. £10 (£0). This remarkable (iinan-based .'\merican guitarist plays the whole spectrum ()1 jax/ li'oni blues to romantic iinpi'essionism with his exciting percussi\e tise ol the instrument.

I Sweet Chorus: A Tribute to Stephane Grappelli Dtmdee Rep. 'l‘ay Square. 0l382 333530. 4.30pm. £10 i£0i. leading ja/x guitarist John litheridge's quartet pay s tribute to legendary \ iolinisi Stephane (irappelli in an eyening o1 music that ranges lrom the Beatles to Reinhardt's \uages.

I Esbjorn Svensson Trio Dundee Rep. lay Square. 01383 333530. 8.30pm. £15 i£l4i. State ol' the art contemporary acoustic ja/l ll'illll this may popular Swedish trio. with lisbiorn on keyboards. Dan Berglund on bass and .\lagnus ()strom on drums and percussion. l’art ol' Dundee .la// l't‘slthl.

St Andrews

I Campbell Considine and Stewart Harrison Duo New l’icttti‘e House. North Street. 0l334 474902.

1 3pm. Free. See Stiii 16.

Monday 24

Glasgow I 4 Jazz Biirnbrae. .\1i1nga\ ie. 042 5051. 8pm. l‘ree. See Mon 17.


I Jam Session 80 Queen Street Bar and Restaurant. 80 Queen Street. 336 51107. 3.51) 11.511010. liree. See .\loll l7.

Tuesday 25


I Bill Kyle’s Sh" Hot Jazz Quartet ()xygen Bar k (irill. 3 5 llilil'lllal'} Street. 557 9007.

9pm midnight. l’rec. See Tue 18.

Wednesday 26


I Millar—Spencer-Travis Henry ‘s .la/I ('ellai'. 8 .\lorrison Street. 467 .5301). S3llpitl. £5. Sa\oplioitisl .\lillal'. l‘eiider Rhodes and synthesizer play er Spencer. and drtiiiinier and percussionist. 'l'i'ax is play original compositions specially written for their new weekly residency at Henry‘s.

I Fleamarket Funk (‘ahai'ei Voltaire. 3o 38 Blair Street. 3306170. 1 1pm 3am. £2. See \Ved 10.


I The George Penman Jazzmen .‘ylei'eliauts House. 7 West (ieorge Street. 334 0757. 12.45pm. £5 l£3 £4.50i. Vintage New Orleans law. I The Michael Deans Quartet Beer (are. (‘andleriggs 552 0815.

9 l |.45pm. l‘ree. See Thu 13.


I Ross Milligan Time Cube llenry 's .lal/ ('ellai'. 8 .\lori'ison Street. 467 5300. 8.30pm. £5. (iuitai'ist Ross Milligan leads a lixely quartet leatui‘ing l’atil Harrison on piano. Brian Shiels on bass and .v\l_\n ('osker on drums.

. “d

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Norman Chalmers.


I Beneche St Andrew's in the Square. oil Saltmarket. St Andrew‘s Street. 548 6020. 8pm. £6 (£4). Irish and Scots music and song on accordion. iiddle and guitar ii‘om l'ormer (‘eltic ('onnections' ()pen Stage award winners.


I Fraser Fifield Trio l’aisley Arts ('enti'e. New Street. 887 Hill). 7.30pm. £5 t£3). l’iper. soprano sas. and low whistle play er lrom Salsa (‘eltica backed by ja/ly electric guitar.


I Both Sides of the T'vveed .\lacRobert. l'niyersiiy ol' Stirling. (11780 4()(i(i(i(i. Spill. £3 (£4). Seasoned Scots singer/song“ riter and guitarist Dick (iatighan joins lill‘L‘L'S with lellow linglish \etei'an Allan la} loi‘.


I Eliza Gilkyson Royal ('oncert llall: Straihclyde Stiite. Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 8pm. £0 (£71. ('lassy bluegrass and beyond from the singer

w ho gtiested on the Bob Dylan tribute album. l’art o1 Big Big ('niuiiry.

I Donovan Royal (‘oiicert llall. Satichiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £27.50. £35. £22.50. £20. Reliye the ()0s w ill] the trip popslet'.


O Fife Traditional Singing Weekend 2004 File Animal Park. Bii'nie Loch. (‘ollessie. by l.adybank. lnl‘ormaiion and tickets limit 0133 830773. l-‘riday bullet supper lroni 6.30pm. liyening concert and .siiigaround 8pm. The second o1 what will be an annual weekend deyoted lo singers and songs. mainly lroni the liast of Scotland. btit including Arniagh singer Roisin White. Song collectors. enthusiasts and tradition bearers participate in singarotinds and sessions. concerts and workshops. (iuests include lili/abeth Stewart. Jock Duncan. Duncan \Villiamson. Ron Bissel. (ioi'doti liaston and (ieordie .\ltii'ison. Restaurant. Bar. l‘i‘ee camping and carayans. Download the lull brochure from w w wlil‘esing2004.


I Asylum Street Spankers Ramshorn 'I'heatre. Ingram Street. 552 3489. 8pm. £8 (£6). Sotili'ul rockers coy er blues. ja/z and country. l'rom the musical hotbed ol‘ .-\ustin. Texas. and ari‘iye as part oi li’i'e Iii/4 (’uimlri‘.


I Rosie Thomas, Iron and Wine and Sufijan Stevens (‘abaret Voltaire. Blair Street. 320 3334. 7pm. £8. lidinburgh’s Lonesome Highway presents three rootsy Seattle

Richard Thompson plays the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Wed 19 May