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Edinburgh continued


33a Morningside Road. 220-1349. ll’. Ill Shadowlands L'ntil Sat l5 May. 7.30pm. £7 (£5). Adaptation] of William

Tickets: £9.50 (£6)

Wed 2 June at 7pm

Musselburgh, Brunton Theatre Thu 27 & Fri 28 May at 7.30pm

Box Office: 0131 665 2240 / Edinburgh, North Edinburgh Arts Centre

Tickets: £6 (£3.50 / £2.50) Box Office: 0131 315 2151 /

Glasgow, Tron Theatre

Thu 17 to Sat 19 June at 7.30pm Tickets: Thu-£8 (£5), Fri-£5, Sat-£12 (£6) Box Office: 0141 552 4267 /

Nicholson's humorous and poignant drama set in l‘)5()s ()xford. about ('S Lewis' relationship with Joy (iresham. Unforgettable Thu 27 Sat 2‘) May. 7.30pm. £8 Him. 'l‘empo .\ltisical Productions presents an ex ening of song

and dance from the l‘Blls. 40s and 50s as a tribute to the great performers of the time. including l’cggy l‘rank Sinatra. Doris Day and \at King ('ole.


“est Nicolsolt Street. (1(17 (LS-[(1.


Silencio Fri 33 May. b’pm lam. £3 (£2). Surreal and glamorous offerings as aluay s. courtesy of this innoyatiye performance piece featuring e\perimenta| music. theatre. spoken \yord. \isuals. comedy and more \yith surprise .\l(' and D] Daniel. (’rcatiyc

\ image/glam encouraged.


2‘) \iettlstttt Street. 529(1llilll. Ill. M ‘. \y.\|

Royal New Zealand Ballet: Romeo 8. Juliet 'I‘hu If» Sat 15 May. 7.30pm (Sal tnat 2.30pm). [S [33. Royal New Zealand Ballet: Romeo 8. Juliet ‘l'hu l3 Sat IS .\lay. 7.30pm (Sat mat Jillpini. £8 £32. ('hristopher llampson relocates Shakespeare's tragic romance to the leth century. in this stylish ncyy production. l’t‘ttlxoliey is incredible score still leads the nu}. and llampson's choreography is filled \yith traditional classic mo\es. But mm the young bloods are \yielding flick kni\cs. \yhilc .luliel and pals clutch film mags. as they cope \\ ith their adolescent angst. .-\ll beautifully performed by this e\citing Antipodean cottipany. Scottish Opera Thu 2? lfiilpm; lllarn; 7pm (Sat mat 3.30pm). U1 Ell: family llL'l'st‘l [3”. See (ilasgoyy. 'l‘heatrc Royal.

Sat 2‘) May.


lilm Rim. l.eith \Valk. 3|7 303‘). ll’. \\‘(‘. \\'.-\|

The Beauty of Queen Leenane l‘ntil Sat 15 .\la_\. l lam; S'pm: 5pm. U1 (L31). Students from (‘).\ll '(‘ perform

"-5 Martin .\lcl)ough's darkly comic tale of a mother and daughter stranded together in a cottage in (‘oncmarra

Junk l'ntil Sat l5 May. 2pm; I lam: Hpm. [(1 (H l. (‘ollaboratiye production by students at (‘).\ll ‘(’ about the journey betyyeen drugs. |o\c. bliss and despair. Magnificence t‘niil Sat l5 May. Spin: 5pm: 2pm: I lam. [(1 (Hi. When a group of squatters are raided by the

police. they decide it's time to protest against the bourgeois state they liye in. Tiny Dynamite t'nul Sat IS May. 5pm: 2pm: l lam: 8pm. 1“). Too friends go on holiday to escape painful memories. but lind themselves confronted by the past when a stranger arriyes on the scene.

The Crucible Tue 25 Sat 2‘) May. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). with. Students from the QMI'C perform Arthur Miller’s classic play about religious persecution in |7th century America.


l5a l’ennyyyell ('ourt. .HS 2l5l.

Wee Witches 'l‘hu l3 & liri l-l May. See Kids listings.

Manopause 3: Come Again! Wed I‘) May. 7pm. £5 (£2.50 £3.50). :\ comic piece of theatre deyised by three drama students from Queen Margaret l'niyersity ('ollege.

Upstairs in the Sky Thu 21) Sat 22 May. See Kids listings.

Emily’s House 111‘ 25 & \Ved 2(1 May. See Kids listings.

Spend a Penny Thu 27 Sat 3‘) May. Sec Kids listings.


IS 33 (ireenside Place. 0870 (1063-13-1. Ill. \\'(‘. \\'.’\|

Carmen Sun 23 May. 7.30pm. £14.50 £33.50. iii/et's elitssie operatic tale. in \yhich [no men are be“ itchcd and destroy ed by a dangerously sensual gypsy \yoman.


(‘lcrlx Street. (168 30“). ll’. ll, \\'(', \\'.'\| Marion and Maud’s Box of Delights l'ri l4 .\iay. 7.45pm. fill) tL’Is'i. .loin Marion and .\laud for an eyening of inusic. mirth and chat. replete \yith Big Band and full supporting cast.

Check out the

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RSAMD _E@§F9_BQY§I,...._-.. Tramway



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f Sarabhai and Darpana 3 Sarabhai and Darpana

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Scottish ()pcra

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Singing in the Rain

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