5 to see


1 He’s not just a stand-up He’s also a fine poet. At last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, he gave us Stanza-Up Comedy, mirthtul yet maudlin tales about being male. Unapologetic (apart from the bits where he says sorry) and scathing (other than the tender moments), his lyrical work is distinctly of the non-academic variety. Seamus Heaney has yet to see him perform. 2 He’s not just a stand-up or a poet O'Neill has performed one- man shows about alcoholism (Off

My Face) and obsessions with Hollywood (It Was Henry Fonda’s Fault) and was largely responsible for one of last year’s biggest hits on the Fringe, 12

Angry Men.

3 He’s not just a stand-up or a poet or an actor or writer He’s also really rather ginger. His practically forgotten BBC sitcom The Fitz was

about an eccentric family of redheads.

4 His name It’s an anagram of One-Line Owl, which accurately suggests

comic intelligence.

5 He loves his footie My Son the Footballer earned him rave reviews in 2002, though his status as a Chelsea fan understandably relegates this column to ‘4 Reasons’. (Brian Donaldson)

I Jongleurs. Edinburgh. Fri 74 May

('anongalc. 55o 443]. ‘) ll.30pm. £ l. Laughs and lincs \\ ith host (iat‘) I)cath. \\ ho is joincd h} :\sll Dickinson. 50— uord slol‘} spccialist Stcphcn Barnah}. Jonathan Muirhcad and 'l‘riona Scull). The Thursday Show ‘l‘lic Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. ()pm. £(i (£5). In- }cr-l‘acc compct'c l‘i'ankic Bo} lc introduccs onc timc mcmhcr oi ('orls.‘ and lllc .ltllcc l’igs. l’ltil Nichol. topical local John l-‘lint. [an .\lacphcrson and

The Snatch Social The Liquid Room. ()c Victoria Strccl. 225 2504. 10.30pm 3am. £4 (£3.50). Scc Thu 13.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurs. l'(i(‘ Building. chlt‘cu Strcct. 03707 370707. 7pm. £12. Scc Thu 20.

The Stand 'llllL‘ Stand. 5.5.3 \Yootllttntls Road. 0370 ()00 (3055. ()pm. £7 (£0). Ahlc pattcr inistrcss Stisan .\lol‘l‘ison pla_\s host to thc \arious comcd} st) lcs ol liddic Bannon. that sick. sick man Barr} ('astagnola and John Ross.

The Vault Comedy Club 'l‘hc Vault. l I I0 l’ollokslia\\s Road. ()4‘) 0007. 9pm. £3. \\'cll—\crscd prcscnlcr and radio star l)cs .\lcl.can introduccs local \t'ondcr ho) John l‘lint. (iordon Brumon and John Mcllt'itlc.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurs. ()mni ('cntrc. (irccnsidc l’lacc. 03707 370707. 7pm. £12. A htmdlc ol laughs \\ ith .\'c\\ [calandcr .-\l l’itchci'. Sinug Rohcrts and thc smooth talkcr \\ ith a dark sidc. Joc llccnan. The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. ()pm. £7 (£(i). 'l'lic} sa} amthing can happcn in thc prcscncc ol~ ra\ ing (‘anadian Phil Nichol. \\ ho is supporch h} likcahlc local John l’lint. lan Macphcrson and “arm \\ ittcd host Janc Macka).

The Bedlam lmproverts Bullani 'l'hcatrc. I ll) llt‘islo l’lttL‘L‘. 22.5 9393. l0.30pm. £3.50 (£3). Scc l'ri l4.

Glasgow Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurs. l'(i(‘ Building. chl'rcxs

Strcct. 03707 370707. 7pm. £l5. 3LT Thu 20.

Madcap Comedy Club Thu Stutt- Bar. 143 Holland Strcct. 332 215‘). 0pm. £5 (£4). Bill)’ lionkcrs introduccs his comcd} linc-up l'or lhc c\cning. including hcll} laughs lrom .lcrr} (irant. And} Sir and l’clcr :\llk‘llL‘s()ll.

The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 0370 000 (i055. 9pm. £3. Scc l'it'i 2l hut with host .lanc Macka}.

The Vault Comedy Club The Vault. l I I0 l’ollokshatss Road. 64‘) 0007. 9pm. £3. SL‘L‘ l't'l 2l.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurs. ()mni (’cutt'c. (irccnsidc l’ltlL‘L'. 03707 370707. 7pm. £l5. 3LT l'il'l 2|.

The Stand ’l'hc Stand. 5 York l’ltlL‘L‘. 553 7272. 9pm. £3. Scc l’ri 2| hut with Susan .\lol'l'is()n as host.


Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service .lillL‘ Stand. 5.3.3 \Vootllnntls Road. 0370 (r00 (i055. 3.30pm. £4 (£3). John McBridc. (ilasucgian comcd) stalwart Ra) mond Mcarns and othcr gucsts (akc a pcu \\ ith dcad pan Irish comic Micllttcl Rcdtnond.

The Sunday Show The Vault. l l l() l’ollokslttms Road, 04‘) 0007. 0pm. £5. (‘omcd} to casc )ou into thc working (or not) \scck. \\ ith hard hitting local l’arrot. John Ross. Wood} and Cttlllt‘tl} mothcr Jo Jo Suthcrland.


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? The Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. Ipm. l‘rcc. Scc Stm In.

Bruce’s Sunday Social Club ’l‘lic Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. 3.30pm. £4 (£3). Join glccl'ull} \\ ickcd host Brucc l)c\ lin for an c\cning ol'jokcs and jihcs l'rom his gucsts Barr) ('astagnola. comcd} i'antcr Jamcs l'crguson and local stand-up rcgular John Scott.

Monday 24

Glasgow The Comedy Social 'l‘lic \‘uult. l I l() l’ollokshaus Road. 64‘) 0007. (rpm. lii‘cc. 3LT .\lon l7.


Red Raw 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. 3.30pm. £l. This u'cck‘ \Yoody and local radgc Jaincs l-"crguson takc cight ncxscomcrs through thcir paccs.

Tuesday 25


Classic Comedy Videos 'I’hc Vault. l I I0 l’ollokslia\\s Road. ()4‘) ()007. (rpm. l"rcc. Scc 'l‘uc l3.

Red Raw 'l‘hc Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. ()370 0”” (i055. 3.30pm. £2. Stand-tip rcgulars Jo Jo Suthcrland and .v\llcn (‘halincrs guidc a handlul ol‘ hcginncrs through thc \\ inding corridors ol comcd).


Melting Pot ‘l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. 0pm. £5 (£4). All hail thc coincd} rcl‘crcndum as ncu \srilcrs prcscnt thcir short comic thcatrc picccs. \\ ith thc \\ inncr dccidcd h} thc audicncc.

Wednesday 26


Dance, Monkey Boy, Dance The Vault. l I I0 l’ollokshatss Road. 04‘) 0007. 9pm. £0. Scc \Vcd l‘).

The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III Charity Appeal 'liltc Stand. 33.3 \Yoodlands Road. 0370 000 (i055, 0pm. £(i (£5 ), 'I‘hcrc ain’t no charit} in this nc\\ monthl} slum lrom thc hard talking c\angcli.st \\ ho is surc to rclic\ c thc (nonoton) ol' iniducck.


Capital Comedy: The Comedy Cave Nichol litlfidl‘tls. Nitltll') Strcct. 550 3042. ()pm. £2. Scc \ch l‘) but

\\ ith hcadlincr (‘hris (‘oopcr

The Stand lmprov The Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. 9pm. £4 (£3). .loin thc Stand l’la} crs as thc) cmhark on a qucst into coincd) ‘s grcal unknomr \Yith spccial gucsts l'rom thc circuit popping tip in procccdings. ansthing can happcn. and prohahl} will.


The Vault Comedy Club Karaoke Night ‘l‘lic \‘ault. l l l() l’ollokshatss Road. 04‘) 0007. (rpm. l'il‘L‘L'. 3LT llitl l5.

Jongleurs Comedy Club .longlcurs. l'(i(‘ Building. chl'rcxt Strch 03707 370707. 7pm. £7. chp )001‘ lingcr on thc comcd} pulsc \\ ith lllc sll'ccl“ lsc \\ il ol Rtttli l.ick\\ootl. Joc llccnan. .\lark .\laicr and rclrcshingl} manic Stu \Vho‘.’

The Thursday Show ‘l‘lic Stand. .335 \Yootllttntls Road. 0370 000 (i055. 9pm. £o (£5). (‘omcdy hard man Raynond .\lcarns introduccs ‘hcr \\ ith thc dull \oicc li'oin Ix’t'i/ Dwarf”. aka llattic lla_\ridgc. pltis local comcd} hcrocs (iracmc Thomas and John \lclll'ltlt‘.


Big Word Performance Poetry: EdRush Special 'l'hc 'l‘ron. ‘) lluntcr Squarc. High Strcct. 22o 003I. ‘) llpm. £3 (£2 ). .\l('s Jcm Rolls and Jcnn) Lindsa) kccp thc \crsc rolling at this lidinhurgh Rush l‘cstival Spccial. (iucsts includc (‘hristophci' 'l'ss ig. 'l'im 'l‘urnhull. Michacl .\lc(iill.

Cowgate Central Comedy Club (‘otsgatc (’cnlral ('omcd} ('luh. \Vilkic llousc. llastics ('losc. ('(mgatc. 225 0744. 0pm. £7 (£5). .\'c\\ comcd) night with cra/_\ coinpcrc Brucc l)c\lin. \shosc gucsts includc Hill l)c\\at‘. John Him and thc \\ ickcd-tongucd Rcwrcnd ()hadiah Stcppcimollc lll.

Reg Anderson’s Night of Comedy .'\canthus. l7 \Vascrlc} liridgc. 550 2353. 0pm. l-‘rcc.

listings Comedy


Daniel Kitson The Lover, Thinker, Artist and Prophet returns. See panel. Collier Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 74 May.

Owen O’Neill The mercurial Ulsterman brings us his marginally melancholic mirth- making. See panel. Jongleurs. Edinburgh, Fri 74 May

The Phil Kay Show He's here. he's there. he appears to be every-blinking-where. Here comes the scatty surrealist with a rescheduled show. The Vault. Glasgow, Thu 20 May

Piranha Performance Poetry Show To be frank. we're not sure just how good this will be. but it bears the finest title of the fortnight. And it’s hosted by a Mr Gary Death. The Canons' Gait. Edinburgh, Thu 20 May

The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III Charity Appeal Not quite a charity appeal but you know what those money-launderin' preachers are like. The Stand. Glasgow, Wed 26 May.

Hattie Hayridge The blonde lass with the quiet voice yet savage delivery should be familiar to you Holly from Red Dwarf. Which probably really annoys her now. The Stand. Glasgow. Thu 27 May.

Cowgate Central Comedy Club All hail this new comedy night including Bill Dewar. John Flint and the wicked Reverend Obadiah (pictured). Wi/kie House, Edinburgh. Thu 27 May

Stmdcrland mirthstcr ch l'ronts this rcgular slot. \\ ith ahlc support in tickling thosc l'unn} honcs from his gucsls John Scott. (iary l.ittlc and l‘rank ('urtain.

The Thursday Show 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. 0pm. £(i (£5). Rangc across thc plains of comcd} \\ ith thc ruhhcr—laccd Roh l)ccring. angr} man Jamcs l‘crgusson. .»\llcn ('halmcrs and no nonscnsc compcrc l-‘rankic

Bo} lc.

The Snatch Social 'l‘hc Liquid Room. ‘lc Victoria 3ll'L‘L‘l. 22.5 2.504. 10.30pm 3am. £5. Spccial l'ourth hirthda} cclchration \sith thc l'-u-u utah Saints. (ict out )our “hitc glm cs and \VlllSllL‘.

‘31.: THE LIST 69

5.3 .‘ . l\.‘=tl\ .