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ECLECTICA SUBSCIENCE Club 69, Paisley, 21 May


First birthdays are always a bit special. Fawning friends and family members fuss over how much you’ve grown and happily kiss and slobber over your ruddy cheeks. Meantime, you get on with the business of making milky sick and piddling your Pampers. It’s not much different in clubland and this month Subscience is the bonnie bairn getting to blow out its very first candle.

Last year local boys Tom 8, Steve Close, Don Craig and Stevie P decided to rub nasties at Club69 and in the company of a joyous gathering of clubbers, Subscience came bouncing into the world. With a healthy nod towards the values and tenets of their Rub-a- Dub patriarchs and a dash of reverence to the infamous Paisley basement, the Subscience residents have set out to have a party with passion one year of filling the dancefloor with everything from the KLF

to Jeff Mills.

Just as their first formative 12 months eschewed the glut of guests that clog up and bog down the local scene, tonight’s birthday bash sticks to its toy guns with proud parents Tom and Steve manning the decks. Their birthday wish? ‘A good old celebration, everyone getting pissed, dancing to whatever we feel like playing and hoping the girls’ toilets don’t get blocked.’ Your wish will be granted (plumbing not

withstanding). (Michael Donald)

\ocal attd commercial house and Room .i has I)a\e \\ ill) the part} anthems.

I Homecookin’ at the Belt). Illpm- 3am. l‘ree belore l 1pm; £5 alter. \Veekl}. l)Js Ste“ art .\lc('a|ltun and Joe lliggins keep the dance l'loorjtnnpin‘ all night long. mixing Rtin tracks \\itll the odd classic or old-skool laxourite. .\ nexs \enuc concept. bttt tlte same attitttde to ban ing a good time. so get on it.

I Homegrown at Bamboo.

Ill.5(lptll 5am. £8 (£(i). \Veekl}. Ste\ie Middleton. Dominic Martin. and Scotti B like to put on a hit oI a slum lor the Bamboo masses on at Sat. l’unk} hottse music and some top notch Rth.

I Jamboree at Reds. I lpn) 3am. £7 (£5). \\'eek'l_\. John I.}t)lts and Martin lleskelh ol' \'el\et Rooms tame mi\ up a blend ol' commercial Rth and soul.

I Club Kinetic at Queen Margaret l'nion. .\'e\t date the.

I Kevin Austin at ('amas (.v\rta). ltl.3(lptn 3am. £7. \\'eekl_\. ('ontinue dancing to the tnain room sounds ol' Itlllls‘. disco and clttb anthems \xhile the li\e entertaimnent take a \\ ell—deserx ed break.

I Life at I.ile (Corinthian). Illpn) 5am. £5. \Veekl}. .\ l'ormidable nigltl oI (link (or those \\ ho like their enterlaimnent mature. bttt still jamntin‘. Ross Macmillan presents a selection ol' soul. l'unk and disco augtnenled \\ itlt original loops attd samples to guarantee a llt‘“ take on l'amiliar sounds.

I Lite at Corinthian. 9pm 3am. £lbc. \Vcekl}. Bcautil‘ul 110“ modern bar and club at tltis gorgeous Ingram Street mega-\enue. The} ttl\\;t)\ pttt a lot into their \enues. so It} to make an el'l'orl.

\\ ill _\t)tl‘.’

I Lush at tltc l’oIo Lounge.

Illfillpn) 3am. £5. \Veekl). And} ‘s in llte 'l'roph} Room \sith ltits Iron) the (ills to tlte Hlls. \shile 'I‘on) pro\ ides an up-lront dance selection in the tnaitt room. Has to I‘L' lIlL‘ [)I‘L‘lllcsl gt!) L'ltlll II] [he til).

I Mas at Mas. llptn 3am. £8 (£(t). 33 Ma}. I‘ortnightl}. Some ol the lincst house I).ls around pttt the boompit_\- boomp ittto _\our Saturda} night.

I Mish Mash. .\'e\t date the. once a

next \entte has been ol‘liciall} conlirntetl.

I Moda at Motla. 0pm 3am. l‘rec. \Veekl}. l-‘ine (ilasgou DJ (and l'ootballer) Barr} (iemmcl drops some c\plosi\c sounds at this beattlil'ul bar iii the ga} district.

0 Motel at MAS. llpm 3am. £5. l5 Ma}. Monthl}. Mash is tltc resident. \\clcoming the \er} line Mr Mike) Stirton ol Bug/ in the .'\llic at this neu Sat part} at the cit_\ centre nightspot. I)elit)itel} one lor he that}.

I Mr Scruff Club Night at Queen Margaret l'nion. 0pm 3am. UN. 33 Ma) old}. This night ol l'unk} musical \\eirtlness comes compliments ol e\er_\one's l‘a\ourite genre-spliccr. Mr Scrulil. and the \er} tasl_\ I’ingalhing. Hull) I\II(I\\ Il()\\ lt) l';llsc the \ llk‘ “hen the “CHI tlltlllllt‘sls the”. NIH HI H} /)(l\ s [H Um. .S't't' .‘lIIHl't'I' .I/t/t'ltmt' /)/:4\’.

I Opus at ()ptts. 3pm .iam. l’ree. \Veekl}. ‘I‘here's a li\ e s\\ ing band lt'ollt 3pm and then it gets lunkier \\ ith DJ Paul l'ron) \Vicked Soun/ pIa_\ ing ttnlil three it) the morning. ()I) _\es.

I Papacool at .'\tl lib. Next date tbc. I Rapture at Media. I lptn 3am. £lbc. \Veckl}. 7()s and fills classics lrotn .IittllL‘\ RII\\L‘II. :llltl gttL‘sl I).I\ L‘\t‘l‘_\ l\\() \sceks tttake this a (tin night ottt.

I Red and Gold Room at .r\t‘ta. Illpn) San). l’rce hcl'orc I Iptu: £3 alter. \Veckl}. Bill} Milligan mans the decks at this line night ol' I.atin house. It _\our He needs spicing up. look no Iurthet'.

I Rub Down at .‘\(I lib. I lpnt ~lan). £5 (£4). l5 Ma}. Monthly 'l‘hc last

bttt otte part} in the Rub l)o\\n series at .'\tl l.ih. as that charming \enuc clttscs lls tlt)t)t’s It) lllt‘ pull} l)t)l‘tlt‘s l'rotn the end ol' .lun. l’t'ince Boal) and the House Street Band [it‘l'llll'lll alongside I).I l)illion and l’ro \‘inal_\st Karim. Ionut) loolagc ol childbirth is part ol' the protected lilnt.

I Saturdays at Blanket at Blanket (lormct'|_\ Bed). Ill,,5ll|)ltl 3am. £7 (£5). 'I‘he l'ttnkiest Rth in the cit} rocks tlte big back bedroom on a Satttrtla} ilt Bctl \\ ith the legetttlat'}

Ra} ntond \\'ootls. .lin) tla Best and his musical antics keep )0“ anake it) tlte l'ront bedroom. making this ne\\ Sal

night otte ol the most popular it) the CH). I Seduce at Archaos. I Ipm 3am. £8 (£(i). Weekl}. ('harl} dance and R&B. not to mention an unhealth} smattering ol' cheese on this huge Saturda} nightcr. I Sensoria at .v\d |.ib. l lptn 4am. £5 (£4). 33 Ma}. Monthl}. l’ost ptutk and ncu utnc lt'Ultt 'l'am (Kl) le ol' l)cath l)isco. 'I‘his t)nc\ l'or lans ol‘ the White Stripes. Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Rapture. among others. You get the plL‘ltll'd.’ . Shack ttl lllL‘ Shack. Ill.5(lpllt 3.30am. £7 (£5). \Veekl}. (iracnte I‘erguson pla}s lo the cum d \\ ill) a line litte in Shack l‘a\ourites. so hit the dancel‘loor and get mo\ ing. \\ ill _\ott’.’ I The Shed at tlte Shed. I()..i()pn) 3am. £(i. \Veekl}. Demand is high (or this one. so get there earl}. 'I‘uneage deplo} ed b_\ liuan Neilson and .r\nd_\ Robertson. I Shine On at (‘orinthiatr l lpm 3am. £tbc. \Veekl}. (iordon Miller and Ross Macmillan rock the joint alter a session in the lite bar. l,ots ol lttnk and Itltl all round as tltc residents take in the genres the} “ant. Smirnoff Experience Central at (‘('.’\. \oon .ian). I’rcc (register bel‘ore Ma_\ l5). l5 Ma} onl). .-\ \\ IltlIL‘ tltl} ()l tltlllc‘c l'cltllL‘tI C\L'Ill\ organised b} Sittirnol'l' and designed to put the scene ‘back on the map‘. the da} starts \\ ill) a record lair \\ itl) some tleliciottsl} rare \ in_\l on slttm, then (herds 'Ii\ccctIa‘. an audio-\ isttal c\pericnce that promises to e\pantl tlte mind. .v\n e\clttsi\e shou ing ol the nen dance culture l'eatttre liln) .lltltWI/‘U l'olltm s. then a seminar oil the production ol electronic mttsic. an open demo session l'rom .ipn) to 4.30pm. and thet) the \entis slltm case. with the up

listings Clubs

and coming Scottish dance acts. The hands (Motortnark. Little Buddha. lloboken. the Magniliccnts and I’oliccchiel‘) perl'orm from 0pm to 3am. .S't't' prt'l'it'n'.

Smirnoff Experience Central at King 'I‘ut’s \Vah \Vah llttt. 8pm midnight. £7 tcotnbined ticket single gig and linale £l5). I5 May only. More ct'a/iness on this \'()tlI\il-sputtsnl'CtI da} of dance. as Slam. l‘rench duo the Youngsters and (ilasgtm producer .-\le.\ Smoke take met the music \enue and l)lt)\\ the spot up ill a live stylec. .S‘t't' /)I't't’it’)t'.

0 Smirnoff Experience Central at The (iarage. 7.30pm 10.30pm. £7 (combined ticket single gig and linale £l5). I5 Mil} (ml). Mtlslcttl open- mindedness reigns here. as accomplished M(‘ 'I'_\. dancehall and dub collcclch Border ('rossing attd the initttitable l’aul (‘au le} drop bombs to start the night. 571' [)rt't‘it'n;

Smirnoff Experience Central at (ilasgou School ot’:\rl. 9pm 3am. £7 (combined ticket single gig and linale £l5). l5 Ma} onl}. .\'o doubt plenty ol the clear alcoholic llutd \\ ill be sunk at this \\ ild part}. as dark disco dtto Blackstrolw pla} Ii\c. :\Ist), In itch and \Vilkes are deconstructing )our musical boundaries and spinning alongside none other than Mr Mark Moore. pret loltsl} ol S-Iixpress. (tag line up. See preview. 0 Smirnoff Experience Central at (i3. 7pm [0.30pm. £7 (combined ticket single gig and linale £l5). I5 Ma}; lielecticism all round here. as London Iileku'icit} pla} their great last soul music at the \enue hidden behind the (iarage. (‘};tt)tilit‘ are also in the place. read} to slit)“ us uh} their \sild drum & bass is touted l’or big things in 3()()-I. .-\J and the Beekeeper are also on hand with the l‘rustrated beats and nicked M('ing. I.i\e sa\ comes as standard. .St't' [)I‘t’l'lt’ll'.



VALID FROM: 13/05/04 UNTIL: 26/05/04



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