Clubs listings

Edinburgh Saturdays continued

I Sophistifunk at (it): Izdinhurgh. I Ipin .‘am. f"; Weekly. Resident I).l .lohn IIuIchisnn plays lunked up Rth remi\es and house tunes In a beautilul crowd.

I Soulfuric Records Party at lloneycninh. IIUIIpIn 3am. L’III helnrc H.30me £12 after. l5 May The l'LWPt‘L‘lCII t’L‘L‘UI‘tI IIIIWL‘I Ittle'\ I)\ t‘l‘ Illt‘ llnneycnmh for the niqu w ith .lnlm ‘.ltilius‘ Knight. Shovell Il’.-\ and percussion) and l)a\ id .\ch"adyen.

I Sumo at Berlin Bierliaus.

0pm 3am. I‘rec before I Ipm: £5 alter. 22 May Snlcntusic's (icnll \I starts a new lidinhurgh residency iomed by lIarri. Martin Valentine and Steven Wanlcss for a journey through linusc. soaring vocals and singing boogie.

I Tease Age at (‘iIrus (‘lnlx

I lpm 3am. I‘ree before ll.ill])Ill. L5. Weekly This indie stalwart dishes tip merything from swinging (ills hits to baggy Manchester laws as well as .l host of current .\‘.\l/; chart hnthei’ers. I Thee Jailhouse aI Ic\ Int ls’nw l'ninn. I Iptn lain. U. 22 May Monthly Righteous rock and old school IllL‘laI III II classic .\( .xI)( A. \IIIIIII'IIL‘HII and Sa\nn \cm. plus a leu oi the new contenders that meet the grade: :\lltllt)\ltl\k‘ that kinda thing.

I 2Hot at Iign. Im.~l$ ‘LlSptn. ‘5. Weekly New under lSs night nl hip hop and urban ls’th ll.I\as \\ llll Richie Rultnnc. I).l I)i//Ic. .la_\. Sonny. .le/ and Iiincec l’i‘nliscc Istrict age restriction of I3 I“).

I Ultragroove at (‘altai'ct \nllatrc. Illsillpin lam. LS «for 22 May lidinhurgh's peerless real hnuse party scr\cs tip track} grnnves. snullul vocals and tribal tunes as resident (iarcth Snnuncn Me is inined h} I‘.lll\ Ila Viking. llnl‘hcs. I)nItt I'ilattagan atltl I.cnn liastcr. I'I'I' l/II\ (III/I n/i/\ '.l /,/\I' (1121/ IIII/t/I'i'y gr! /III/I [tr/I I' I IIII'\ /u but IiiiI/III'g/il.

I VEGAS! at Izgo. \c\t date 5 Jun. I Wiggle at lagn. I Ipm 3am. U). 22 May Monthly. Maggie t\ .\Ian .lny need no introduction and Illl\ l\ their new night nI' gay Inn and Il'Ullc'S. 'I‘rendy Wendy and .Ion I’Ieascd play tracks that are a little bit camp. a little bit cutting edge but a whole Intta Iun. Downstairs I).l Dale and Michelle “Ill be deploy mg KNIT. hip hop. indie and chart tunes and how could we lnrgcl the lowly I’enn} l’nrnstar on hand In meet and greet the punters.’

Chan & Party

I Cavendish/Diva .n Cavendish/Una. lllpni Fain. l'i‘cc hel'nre lem: to alter. Weekly lhe fully i‘elurhished space Ilt)\l\ a night nl all the grnnv iest hits trnin the (ills ‘le. with current chart laws on the top lilt)tll'. ()\cl‘ 25s Ulll_\.

I Edinburgh’s Biggest Party at Mood. ‘lpin iam. I-rce helnrc Ilpin: £3 alter Ili’cc In Incinhcrsi. Weekly ('hart. party and will hits from D] Martin.

I Subway West End at Subway West Iztld. ()pni iain. I'I'cc I‘t'IUIL‘ ‘lpin; [5 after I (I). \Veckly (hart. dance and cheesy Iuncs all night long halt}.

I The Subway at Subway

7pm 3am. L'l. Weekly Sec I'l'l.

I Supernova at I(c\I)ItIIIIIII, lllfillpin iant. U) lit-lore midnight: L7 alter I H £5). Weekly ('harl and party hits all night long.

Edinburgh Sundays


I <any excuse> at Pine ('onnetl. I()pni iam. I‘ree. Weekly Back 2 Mine sI_\ le sets Iron) a selection nl ladinhuigh favourites. l‘unky. chilled. uplilting vibes. Hits the - any excuse - prntnntets are also nlfering a lrcc ‘phnne In sick In \\I)I'I\ \t'l'\ let". III) \ltil) Illtsl ;l\l\ IIlL' I).l ). IlI)l surprising when all drinks are Ll

80 THE LIST‘ ..

Guy Ornadel guests at Colours, Sat 15 May

I Audio Tourism at I’ivn Bar (’lub. 0pm 3am. l‘i'ec. Weekly ('nlnurs resident (ia\ Ilnustnn plays out a selection nl chilled and grnnvy heals. I BootyLUSI-lous aI Medina. Illpin .iallt. L2 hclnre midnight: £3 alter. In May I’nrtnightly More of a Sunday Social than a Illll nn glam allatr \\ ith I).l l)alc I.ush. Sinnnonc Black and occasional guest sttpastas inning tip RNB. hip hop. soul and Iunk.

I Chocolate Sundae at I-aith. llpni Kain. L71I£.§i,\\'eeklylheRth and hip hop Sunday session returns with DJ Paul ‘l-n\_\' I-n\ hack in t'lltll'gt‘.

I Cosmic! at the ('cllai' Bar.

Itlpnt .iatn. [2. \Vcckly I).l loin ()kc plays funky l'rcnch linusc with a touch nl Htls kitsch. 'I'hnugh it does come

\\ III] a ‘strictly Inr dancci's’ wanting. I DKY at Studio 2-1. IIpIn 3am. L'ISI) L2 Weekly I)l\'\' strides confidently into its third year with





resident l).ls Jordi. (iareth and Dave playing rock. goth. metal. industrial and punk. Theme nights and free gifts combine In keep things interesting. week in. week out.

I El Barrio at Iil Barrio. l()pm 3am. I-‘ree. Weekly. See 'l‘hu.

I Hocus Pocus at the (‘ellar Bar. lt).3()pm 3am. l-‘ree. 23 May. l‘nrtnightly. Selection of dancefloor \oodoo and funk from I’apa Matthew and I’apa Muslin. 2-for-l on all drinks. all night a bonus.

I Kayos at ()pium. l Ipm 3am. liree. Weekly Metal and rock I)Js (‘laire Moffat and John from Ilogshead keep the crowds a moshing.

I Mai-Tai at (‘ityz lidinburgh.

I lpm Sam. £3 {-1. Weekly. Sunday dancing shenanigans with specials on Mai-'l'ai cocktails and free fortune C(ll)l\lC\.

0 Missing at ('abaret Voltaire. 10.30pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. New club night following the same format as 'I‘rouhle . . . Iformerly at the Bluenote). Willi a team made up of I)Js and promoters from (let-'l'ogether. Departure Lounge. Say Sambal. Sonica. I)frnt Drum and Big Beat. yoti can be sure e\er_\ genre of electronic. jazz influenced music will he represented. .loined by the impressiye technical e\cellence of I).\l(' (‘hampion 2()().‘~ I)J Dopey I In May ).

I Salsa Romantica at ligo.

o llpm. ES In»). In May. You’ll never

guess what kind of music they play here eh'.’ Yep. hot Latin rhythms. with a beginners’ class at 6pm (under the tutelage of some of Scotland’s best dance coaches) then I)Js James (‘omb. Nano Fernandez. l)r Salsa and guests spinning the best in Latino sounds from 7pm (not forgetting the light buffet. surprises. cabaret and demos on offer). I Sugar Groove at Massa. l()pm~3am. £3. Weekly (not 30 May). New Sunday nighter for the Massa crew as we get a sultry mix of sexy smooth grooves. urban cuts and R&B.

I Tackno at Massa. l().3()pm~ 3am. £7 (£5 members). 3() May. Monthly. It's back to the floor for Trendy Wendy and her inimitable party mix of kitsch classics. This time around time it‘s time to get feral as Animal Tackno brings out the beats in you. (irrrr.

I Taste at the Liquid Room.

I Ipm—3am. £5 before I 1.30pm: £8 alter (£6 members). Weekly. The capital's infamous Sunday night session continues to sew up Sunday nights in the capital. Fisher 8.; Price supply a progressive mix of house and garage in the main room. While Martin Valentine and Steve Waneless wow the mixed/gay crowd with funky ITS house gems through the back.

Chart & Party

I Devils’n’Angels at Cavendish/Diva. ltlpm 3am. £tbe. Weekly. Saucy fun at this newly refitted club. with a heaven and hell theme. lieel free to dress to suit and boogie to chart dance all night long.

I Mood Live at Mood. ‘)pm--3am. l‘ree before I Ipm: £2 after (free to members). Weekly. Mood opens its doors to a selection of the country's top covers bands. while I)Js spin hits from across the years.

I Subway West End at Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. liree before 9pm: £3 after (£2). Weekly. See Thu.

I The Subway at Subway.

7pm 3am. £1. Weekly. See liri.

Edinburgh Mondays


I Audio Tourism at l’ivo Bar (‘lub. 9pm 3am. liree. Weekly. A selection of tip-front jam and other funky choons from llobbes (Trouble . . .).

I CC Blooms at (‘(‘ Blooms. II).3()pm 3am. l’ree. Weekly. Things mellow out (or so they claim) at this gay club. with an upbeat disco selection.

I Cuban Crisis at l’aith.

l Ipm Jam. £2 I£l ). Weekly. l’aith gives Tokyoqu the chance to pull a few funky liouse tunes out of the bag. mixed with a sprinkling of hip hop and R&B cuts.

I El Barrio at lil Barrio. lllpm 32111]. Free. Weekly. See Thu.

I 62 at (‘itrus (‘lub. |().3()-3am. liree before I I.3()pm; £3 after. Weekly. Light alternative of indie. emo. electronica and Io-li.

I Latin Quarter at Medina.

9pm --3am. liree. Weekly. Release your Latin party spirit every Mon. With free salsa lessons from Peter Rogers at 9pm then salsa and world beats from James (‘ombe until closing.

I Mawake at ()pium. l Ipm 3am. I7 May. Monthly. l-‘rench rock night with punk. metal. ska. industrial and a little savoir fare.

I Selected Popcorn at Subway. 10.30pm 3am. l-‘ree before midnight: £2 after. 2-1 May. Night of everything from indie and Britpop classics to lock rock. riffs almighty. emo and country. In other words Blur. Beta Band. Pavement. l’ran/ l‘erdinand. .-\t the Drive-In and Joy Division all melded into a coherent whole. Plus it's a local club for local people with a half hour each night devoted to the best bands in the Ilcighholtt‘hood. alongside \‘istlals and other film works.