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Edinburgh Galleries continued

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART 74 Lauriston Place. 32l (3000. Mon Thu l()am» 8pm1l5ri Sat l0am 3pm. Tralfamadore and Trilobites t'ntil Sat l5 May. A survey exhibition of work by (‘arla l’oindexter attd Key itt llaran.

ECA Fashion Show t'ntil l-‘ri l4 May. £l5. The annual lidinburgh (‘ollege ol Art lashion show leaturing the work ol 25 graduating lashion. perlormance costume and textile students. Recent successes inclttde Lyndsey Scott. who won tlte 'l‘opshop High Street lixcellence Award. and Yong llei bong. wintter ol tlte 2003 ’l'opshop (‘olleetion ol the Year and who has jttst lattnched a collection lor tlte shop’s Boutique range. For more information see www'


20a Dundas Street. 557 5002. Mon Fri llatn 5pm; Sat 10am lpm.

Robert John MacMiIlan t'ntit Tue 35 May. A show ol recent portraits by Robert John MacMillan inspired by classical techniques.


23 t'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat [0am 6pm .

Catherine Stewart - Copernican Notes l'ntil Sat 22 .May. An exhibition ol photo-etchings inspired by (‘opernicus' treatise itt which he established that the sun was the centre of planetary motion.

Norman Ackroyd - The Celtic Islands t'ntil Sat 23 May. [itchings ol the wild landscapes lrom the (‘eltie islands of Scotland and Ireland.


88 I.othian Road. 32‘) 5932.

Ticket to Ride t'ntil Sat 3‘) May. A short story in photographs ol solo journeys undertaken by Na/li 'I'abatabai across Britain.


45 Market Street. 325 2383. Mon Sat

l lattt 6pm; Sun noon 5pm.

(3 Nathan Coley Sat 33 May Stttt l8 Jul. A ntajor suryey ol the work ol I)ttndee-based artist Nathan ('oley. leaturing a newly commissioned work as well as key pieces limit his past career. Workittg itt a range ol media inclttding sculpture. photography. drawing. \‘ideo attd installation. he produces work tttade in arid about Scotland attd lurther alield. locttsittg on the way the \alues ol society are reflected in its built eny ironment. The show includes The Lump offlSttt‘ri/it‘e. 38/) Places o/illitrs'ltip, lit/I'H/Nll‘g/l 3004. cardboard model replicas ol every place ol‘ worship listed in lidinburgh's Ii'l/Ult' Pages and Lurker/tie (3003). a precise replica ol the witness box at the trail at Kamp yan Xiest iii the Netherlands. See leature and llitlist. NEW SHOW.

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Director’s Talk Thu 27 .May. 0pm. Free. The director ol the liruitmarket (iallery l’iona Bradley discusses the work ol Nathatt ('oley'.

Artist’s Talk Sat 32 .May. 2pm. l‘ree. Nathan ('oley talks about the work in his major solo show.


23a l)ttttdas Street. 550 2l8l. Mon l’ri llatn 6pm; Sat 10.30am 4pm.

Cats and Other Animals t'ntil Sat 2‘) May. Annual mixed exhibition ol animal paintings by regular gallery exhibitors from Scotland and abroad. Spring Mixed Exhibition (Part II) t'ntil Sat 2‘) May. The second part ol the gallery 's mixed spring show. leaturing works by gallery artists including landscapes. still lile. seascapes. lloral attd liguratiye paintings.


34 Abercromby Place. 558 ‘)872. Mon l-‘ri l()am 0pm; Sat l()am 4pm. Avant-Garde Printmaking from the 508 and 608 l’ntil Wed 3 Jttn. A selection ol printmaking lrottt the 50s attd 0le including works by Henry ('lille. l.e ('orbusier. Micltael Rotltettsteitt. Ben Nicolsott and (“Hold l‘illis.


(i (‘arlton 'l'ert‘ace. 550 4441. Tue Sat

lllam 5pm.

From Here to Eternity Wed 26

.May Sat 34 Jul. 'l’he lttgleby (iallery 's latest exhibition brings together works by tiy e international artists. The show includes a stone sculpture consisting ol blocks ol granite laid across the gallery floor by Richard Long; lt'agile leal prints by (iarry liabian Miller; Sitsan l)et'ges' starlield series ol cameraless images: photo etchings ol the sky at night by \ija (‘elmins attd an extraordinary light installation by James ’l‘ttrrell. Recommended. Nt—t'." Si {OX-1’.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph ('rescent. 235 5306.

.Mon Wed ck lit‘i 0.30am 5.30pm; 'l'hu noon 5.30pm; Sat ‘)..‘()am 2pm.

New Image Makers t'nnl Sat 3‘) .May. Sell-portraits. portraiture. documentary and landscape photographs by third year students at liditiburgh ('ollege ol Art.


4 0 North Batik Street. The Mottttd. 230 4807. .Mon Sat ltlam (ipm; Sttn

noon 4pm.

Mixed Show t‘tttil Mon 34 May. Paintings by ('armen Ambro/ey iclt. (‘arolyn Bucltell attd l.i/ Mc('arthy. jewellery by Malcolm Appleby. wood by Angus ('lyne and glass by Mike llttnter.


58 Warrender Park Road. 33‘) 2o7o.

Wed Fri l()am (rpm; Sat l()am 5pm; Sun llam 5pm.

Eleonar Adair t'ntil Mon 3| .May. A new gallery lor lidinburgh. leaturittg recent works and contemporary lurniture by

1 RSA Anual Exhibition

3 April - 20 May 2004 Royal Scottish Academy Building, The Mound, Edinburgh Mon - Sat 10 - 5, Sunday 12 - 5

t: 01 31 225 6671 sponsored by Maclay Murray & Spens. image by Bill Scott RSA

lileonar Adair plus a changing selection ol' works by artists including painting. drawing. ceramics and photography.


65 The Sltore. l.eith. 553 5355. Tue l-‘ri

l lattt 5pm: Sat l lattt 4pm.

Mixed Exhibition l‘t‘i l-l Sat 2‘) May. A mixed show ol' paintings by Sattl Robertson. l)a\ id Scholield attd Richard Wiatt'ek. [this glass by limin Stanworth and jewellery by Andrea Bedlord. ln tlte rear gallery. there's a show ol new paintings by Deborah l’hillips.


28 30 l‘erry Road. 52‘) 55l7. .Mon ’I’hn Illam 8pm; l‘ri ltlam 5pm: Sat

‘)am lpttt.

Cover Story l'ntil l’ri 3l May. A selection lrotn met 50 book cox et's leatttring photographs by Paul 'l‘urner.


87 Brougltton Street. 558 8778. Wed Sat noon 0pm.

Mixed Show A cltattging selection ol work by 30th century artists. (’urrent stock includes works by Jo (ianter. Rob Maclattritt. Bruce Mcl.ean. Roland l‘t'aset'. l)ay id (irossat't. ('alum Nix en. l’hilip Reeyes attd John Piper.


liellot‘tl Road. 034 0300 (recorded inlormalion 333 3300). Mon Wed &

l-‘ri Sun l0am 5pm1lhtt lt)am 7pm. ('ale.

Lucian Freud: Etchings 1946-2004 t'ntil Sun l3 Jun. £3 1‘32); children under l2 tree. The lirst ex er t'lx' museum show dedicated to the lesser known printntakittg works by one ol the worlds' greatest realist paintings. Lucian l‘reud. The exhibition leatures ox er 0“ original etchings datittg lt‘om llte l‘)4()s. which were small itt scale attd xery detailed. mirroring his paintings at that time to the more item: more ambitious prints ol- the l‘LSlls onwards. l.ike llls paintings. many ol' the works locus on the lttttttatt ligut'e bttt also include studies ol nature. (fun/en in “inter beittg an impressix e exatttple. .Matiy ol the etchings relate to paintings attd \ ice \ersa attd his approach to the medium is similar to his paintings. handling the etching plate like a cattyas and drawing lt'om the sitter itt lt'ont ol him.

Ben Nicholson and the St Ives School t'ntil Sun l3 Jun. l-‘t'ee. An exltibitiott looking at the long attd prolilic career ol Ben Nicholson t l8‘)4 l‘)83t who is acknowledged l'ot' hay ittg had a greater inllttettce on the deyeloptnent ol abstract art than any other British artist. The show leatures oy er 50 works l'rom the gallery ’s permanent collection lrom throughout his career. as well as works by his St lyes ctintetnpot'aries. l‘rom his subtle delicate reliels lo semi-abstract still ltles and landscapes. highlights include Walton Wood ('ottage no I t l‘)o8t attd .lllllt' l‘m/ tg'l‘t't'll tub/('1 and blue \qllrll't’).

Print and Process: Printmaking and the St Ives School Mott I? May. l3.45pm. l't‘ee. Allons Bytautas lrom lidinbut'gh l’rintmakers gixes a talk. After Hours - From Abba to Gershwin Thu 20 May. (rpm. liree. As part ol the programme ol alter gallery hottt's eyents. llat‘mony 2l sing a selection ol tnodertt classics.


'l‘lte Mound. 034 0300 (recorded information 332 3300). Mon Wed is

lit Sttn ltlam 5pm; 'l‘hu ltlam 7pm. DY Cameron Etchings l‘nnl Sun (i Jtttt. Drawn lrotn the permanent collection. an exhibition ol prints by the best know It etcltct‘ ol' the (ilasgow School. Sir l)a\ id Young (’ameron t l805 l‘)45t. The show leatures ox et‘ 30 works including etchings ol towns itt Northern l‘rance attd Belgiutn. architectural studies and \ iews ol the Scottish Highlands.

After Hours - Director’s Choice Thu 13 May. 0pm. l‘it'ee. As part ol the programme ol' alter gallery hours ex ents. Sir 'l‘imothy (‘lillord. director-general ol tlte Natiottal (iallet‘ies ol Scotlattd. discusses one ol' his ltnottt‘tte works in the collection. lint/me .lluxt'y by (iioyanni Battisla 'l‘iepolo.

American Artists: John Singer Sargent l'i‘i 2l May. l3.45pni. tree. A season ol talks highlighting Attterican at't lroln the collection. l't'eelance lecturer Matthew Wellard discusses the work ol John Singer Sargent.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 03-1 0300 (recorded inlortttation 333 3300). .Mott Wed is

l‘ri Sun loam 5pm; 'l’hu lllam 7pm. ('at'e. Below Stairs: 400 Years of Servants’ Portraits t'nnl Mon 3| May. £4 (£3); under l2s lt'ee. Anne trench and (iiles Walet'lield curate this exhibition ol oxer ‘)t) paintings. drawings attd photographs. which locuses on the portraiture ol serxants lrom the early 17th century to the present day. l‘irst shown at the Natiottal l’ortrait (iallery itt London to great acclaitn. the display includes Kenneth Maclcay 's watercolour ol Queen Victoria’s set'yant John Brown arid the Scottish Natiottal (iallery 's recent purchase. The lulu/"y l’tm/ by Richard Wain.

0 Once Upon our Time: Portrait Miniatures By Moyna Flannigan Jim 13 May Sun 5 Sep. l‘ree. lidinburglt— based artist Moyna l‘lannigan. best known tor her lictional portraits. has been commissioned to create 50 new contemporary portrait miniatures painted itt watercolour attd gouache on \ellttnt. the works locus on unixersal themes ol youth arid age. rites ol passage attd dressing tip. and in the accotttpattying catalogue. writer 0in s Rose has penned a short \ igttette alongside each ol l’lannigan's tiny itnagined characters. See llitlist.

Portrait Miniatures from the National Galleries of Scotland 'l‘hu l3 May Stttt 5 Sep. to accompany .Moytta l’lanntgatt‘s contemporary miniatures. a display ol' ox er 7() ol the Natiottal (ialleries' most important portrait miniatures dating lt‘om the mid- loth century to present day.

Below Stairs at Newhailes Wed It) May. l3.45pm. l‘t‘ee. Artist Nicky Bird giyes a talk on the Below Stairs exhibition. American Artists: William Edward West Wed 30 May. l3.45pm. l~'t'ee. A season ol talks highlighting Atnerican art lt'om the collection. Stephen l.lo_\d discusses the work ol Williattt lidward “est.

After Hours - A Choral Concert Jim 27 May. opm. l‘ree. As part ol the programme ol alter gallery hours eyents. the ('hapter Home Singers pet'l’ot‘tn a selection ol' choral \xot‘ks.


'l'he liorum (iallet‘y. ()cean l)ri\e. 555 8888. .Mott l’ri loam 8.30pm; Sat

l0am 7pm; Sun llatn optn.

Fuse Sat 33 Sun 30 May. l'ttnctional and sculptural pieces made lrotn metal by line. a sell-lunding group ol established attd emerging artists. NE ‘.'. Si lt)‘.'..


34 Abet'cromby Place. 557 lll30. Mon l‘rt lllam 0pm; Sat lllam 4pm.

Calum Colvin Sat l5 May Wed 3 .ltttt. An exhibition ol('alum ('oly in's unique photographic works iti which the patttted image appears to be superimposed ox et' constructed eny ironments. 'x'i S- Joanne Thompson Sat I5 Sun 23 May. Jewellery by this tidtnburgh ('ollege ol Art graduate.

Colin Black - Illuminated .s‘at IS May the l Jun. New paintings composed ol mixed media attd collage.


78 (‘ommerctal Quay. l.eith. 555 “om. ’l'ue Sun Ilam 5pm.

New Paintings and Prints t'nnl t-‘n 35 Jun. lltllllel' line Art presents an